Fielding in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1975/76 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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KI Collins (Cant)38311
GE Kemble (ND)3718
B Hooper-Smith (CD)3437
CM Kuggeleijn (ND)37 7
SJ McCullum (Ot)3336
PE McEwan (Cant)36 6
DA Dempsey (Cant)35 5
AR Hewson (Well)3235
PN Bentley (Well)24 4
JM Chitty (ND)34 4
CW Dickeson (ND)24 4
WL Eddington (Cant)34 4
TB Horne (CD)34 4
RW Ormiston (CD)34 4
JF Reid (Auck)3224
IA Rutherford (Ot)34 4
DH Barker (Auck)33 3
GC Bateman (Cant)23 3
MM Burtt (Cant)23 3
MJ Child (ND)33 3
PB Clayton (ND)33 3
BA Edgar (Well)33 3
MF Gill (CD)33 3
RG Hewer (CD)33 3
RJ Hill (Ot)33 3
GJ Jones (Auck)33 3
K Paul (ND)23 3
A Puna (ND)33 3
RH Vance (Well)23 3
JG Wright (ND)23 3
MA Bracewell (Ot)32 2
D Bull (Cant)32 2
MD Cruickshank (ND)32 2
LJ Forde (Cant)32 2
EJ Gray (Well)32 2
GS Lynch (Well)32 2
GK MacDonald (CD)32 2
BJ McKechnie (Ot)32 2
PD Meads (Auck)32 2
TL Powell (Well)32 2
KN Puna (ND)22 2
BD Ritchie (Cant)22 2
GJ Roberts (Well)32 2
CJ Ross (Well)32 2
GB Smith (Cant)32 2
PN Webb (Auck)32 2
GR Willacy (CD)22 2
PM Boock (Ot)21 1
MJ Brooke (ND)11 1
G Cook (CD)31 1
SR Gillespie (ND)21 1
D Gin (Ot)31 1
NP Henderson (Auck)21 1
CG Marks (Cant)21 1
WS Martin (Ot)31 1
JA Robertson (Auck)31 1
MG Schrafft (Auck)31 1
AW Short (CD)21 1
JP Topp (Well)21 1
P Worley (CD)21 1





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