Bowling in Sheffield Shield 1951/52 (Ordered by Wickets)

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G Noblet (SAus)260261754397-2919.33 20
AK Walker (NSW)174429730285-3726.07 10
CL McCool (Qld)179126732286-6026.14 30
JW Wilson (SAus)200867746286-5726.64 10
LJ Johnson (Qld)173651552267-4321.23 20
WA Johnston (Vic)95515392237-11417.04 31
AK Davidson (NSW)98718396226-1318.00 10
SJE Loxton (Vic)124020555214-5626.42 00
JS Manning (SAus)162441680214-8432.38 00
CR Smith (Qld)127715573207-5828.65 10
VN Raymer (Qld)232485705203-1935.25 00
RR Lindwall (NSW)66515201197-4510.57 10
CW Puckett (WA)108622469186-3526.05 10
TF Brooks (NSW)7149354165-5422.12 10
BL Bowley (SAus)137428541163-1733.81 00
RH Price (WA)95216439155-7029.26 10
R Benaud (NSW)106112557123-11146.41 00
DT Ring (Vic)64114327106-4132.70 10
RG Archer (Qld)360913285-4516.50 10
WA Dick (Vic)6741619883-3824.75 00
JC Hill (Vic)4661414874-9521.14 00
SG Barnes (NSW)298713163-6821.83 00
DR Allen (Vic)416618462-1830.66 00
BT Considine (Vic)408620363-3233.83 00
HR Gorringe (WA)320415353-9230.60 00
JB Iverson (Vic)5121321453-9042.80 00
RG Flockton (NSW)504327953-3855.80 00
CW Langdon (WA)12134742-411.75 00
GF Cormack (Vic)216310542-4926.25 00
M Dillon (Vic)392514943-7937.25 00
NC Blundell (Vic)216016243-8940.50 00
KD Mackay (Qld)5601017742-1544.25 00
TM Outridge (WA)352518142-5545.25 00
KR Miller (NSW)484621943-6254.75 00
IWG Johnson (Vic)5601331842-4879.50 00
RB Sarre (WA)14315733-3919.00 00
KA Archer (Qld)256511432-1638.00 00
JP Cordner (Vic)442417132-3757.00 00
JW Burke (NSW)5041517431-2258.00 00
MK Fitchett (Vic)384620632-5268.66 00
WP Dunn (WA)4981224732-9682.33 00
R Harvey (Vic)11808022-2940.00 00
HN Dansie (SAus)7214411-2244.00 00
CV Holten (Vic)8005311-1253.00 00
LG Chapman (Qld)19218011-4480.00 00
PL Ridings (SAus)192111011-27110.00 00
JR Burton (SAus)192111811-118118.00 00
RR Frankish (WA)232312911-55129.00 00
JH de Courcy (NSW)8010    
AR Morris (NSW)16050    
AR Edwards (WA)8050    
HWH Rigg (WA)8070    
DST Williams (WA)16070    
EA Toovey (Qld)80100    
AH Carrigan (Qld)400120    
AL Hassett (Vic)240240    
RN Harvey (Vic)400240    
A Eneberg (SAus)480300    
GB Hole (SAus)28015680    





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