Edgbaston, Birmingham - Five Wickets in an Innings in List A matches

7-32RGD WillisWarwickshire v Yorkshire1981a2951
6-15AA DonaldWarwickshire v Yorkshire1995a9292
6-20N GiffordWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1985a4484
6-21SM PollockWarwickshire v Leicestershire1996a9802
6-27MH YardySussex v Warwickshire2005a16799
6-32Khalid IbadullaWarwickshire v Hampshire1965a57
6-32AI KallicharranWarwickshire v Oxfordshire1984a4113
6-32PA StrangNottinghamshire v Warwickshire1998a11207
6-33NMK SmithWarwickshire v Sussex1995a9274
5-11Shahid AfridiPakistan v Kenya2004a16141
5-12AA DonaldWarwickshire v Wiltshire1989a6116
5-13DJ BrownWarwickshire v Worcestershire1970a397
5-15AD MullallyLeicestershire v Warwickshire1996a9875
5-16DJ BrownWarwickshire v Glamorgan1978a2249
5-18JK LeverEssex v Warwickshire1972a828
5-18GJ CosierAustralia v England1977a1942
5-18A SymondsKent v Warwickshire2001a13721
5-19AC SmithWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1972a809
5-19CM OldWarwickshire v Scotland1984a4041
5-19MAV BellWarwickshire v Leicestershire1994a8618
5-20GS ChappellAustralia v England1977a1942
5-21AG HurstAustralia v Canada1979a2438
5-21AF GilesWarwickshire v Norfolk1997a10581
5-22EE HemmingsWarwickshire v Nottinghamshire1974a1133
5-22DJ BrownWarwickshire v Essex1979a2359
5-22PJ NewportWorcestershire v Warwickshire1987a5246
5-23AH WilkinsGlamorgan v Warwickshire1978a2249
5-23DA ReeveWarwickshire v Essex1988a5675
5-23SL WatkinGlamorgan v Warwickshire1990a6650
5-23GC SmallWarwickshire v Minor Counties1997a10458
5-23IJ HarveyGloucestershire v Warwickshire2003a15155
5-23GB HoggWarwickshire v Essex2004a15983
5-24Azhar MahmoodSurrey v Warwickshire2004a15879
5-25AA DonaldWarwickshire v Lancashire1997a10469
5-26NM McVickerWarwickshire v Lincolnshire1971a521
5-26GC SmallWarwickshire v Middlesex1997a10530
5-27RGD WillisWarwickshire v Lancashire1976a1699
5-28TA MuntonWarwickshire v Gloucestershire1991a7171
5-28AA DonaldWarwickshire v Staffordshire1992a7624
5-28PJ MartinLancashire v Warwickshire1999a11978
5-29GC SmallWarwickshire v Surrey1980a2689
5-29DW SteynWarwickshire v Leicestershire2007a18230
5-31NM CarterWarwickshire v Durham2002a14324
5-32IJ HarveyGloucestershire v Warwickshire2001a13408
5-36PA SmithWarwickshire v Worcestershire1993a8200
5-36AF GilesWarwickshire v Worcestershire1996a10010
5-36SM PollockSouth Africa v Australia1999a11980
5-37RGD WillisWarwickshire v Derbyshire1983a3633
5-37AA DonaldWarwickshire v Sussex1997a10656
5-38LR GibbsWarwickshire v Hampshire1971a541
5-38DJ BrownWarwickshire v Essex1973a1054
5-38PA SmithWarwickshire v Glamorgan1994a8720
5-38FD StephensonSussex v Warwickshire1995a9274
5-38SM PollockWarwickshire v Derbyshire1996a9841
5-40HR MoseleySomerset v Warwickshire1975a1505
5-43DR BrownWarwickshire v Northamptonshire2004a15937
5-45C PringleNew Zealand v England1994a8635
5-47C LethbridgeWarwickshire v Northamptonshire1982a3362
5-47MA ParkerScotland v Warwickshire2011a21344
5-49PS JonesDerbyshire v Warwickshire2006a17431
5-50VA HolderWest Indies v England1976a1811
5-51DR PringleEssex v Warwickshire1991a6990
5-60AN HayhurstSomerset v Warwickshire1991a7146





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