County Ground, Hove - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

17-67AP FreemanKent v Sussex1922f10397
16-100JEBBPQC DwyerSussex v Middlesex1906f6926
15-77AE RelfSussex v Leicestershire1912f8591
15-87AW MoldLancashire v Sussex1894f4119
15-98GA LohmannSurrey v Sussex1889f3399
15-100JE WalshLeicestershire v Sussex1948f17902
15-119RG MarlarSussex v Lancashire1955f21072
15-142H BaldwinHampshire v Sussex1898f4984
15-170GC ViljoenDerbyshire v Sussex2017f58009
14-58MW TateSussex v Glamorgan1925f11185
14-75AE RelfSussex v Derbyshire1908f7402
14-110GE PalmerAustralians v Sussex1882f2473
14-130E PeateYorkshire v Sussex1881f2452
14-159AW MoldLancashire v Sussex1892f3789
14-162J WoottonKent v Sussex1886f3033
14-190BJT BosanquetMiddlesex v Sussex1904f6495
13-58MW TateSussex v Middlesex1932f13998
13-60GTS StevensMiddlesex v Sussex1920f9713
13-62FW SwarbrookDerbyshire v Sussex1975f30704
13-70J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1875f1897
13-70W MeadEssex v Sussex1902f5983
13-77FS TruemanYorkshire v Sussex1965f25882
13-79JD LewrySussex v Hampshire2001f45931
13-85FR SpofforthAustralians v Cambridge University Past and Present1884f2823
13-86GM LoudenEssex v Sussex1922f10335
13-102MW TateSussex v Gloucestershire1925f11247
13-115JB KingGentlemen of Philadelphia v Sussex1897f4696
13-115CH ParkinLancashire v Sussex1924f11064
13-118R PeelYorkshire v Sussex1889f3427
13-122Abdul QadirPakistanis v Sussex1982f34136
13-123JH CornfordSussex v Somerset1938f16072
13-134W AttewellNottinghamshire v Sussex1881f2419
13-138JA NewmanHampshire v Sussex1923f10629
13-140Mushtaq AhmedSussex v Worcestershire2004f48096
13-145H VerityYorkshire v Sussex1931f13684
13-146LC BraundSomerset v Sussex1905f6622
13-148GOB AllenMiddlesex v Sussex1934f14743
13-153EH BowleySussex v Derbyshire1929f12830
13-201R FillerySussex v Gloucestershire1876f1952
13-218EG DennettGloucestershire v Sussex1905f6616
13-225Mushtaq AhmedSussex v Worcestershire2007f50220
12-40E O'ShaughnessyKent v Sussex1879f2228
12-41TG WassNottinghamshire v Sussex1902f5856
12-46A ShawNottinghamshire v Sussex1873f1781
12-55R KilnerYorkshire v Sussex1924f11071
12-57J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1879f2228
12-57MW TateSussex v Essex1923f10524
12-58F MartinKent v Sussex1890f3526
12-58MW TateSussex v Northamptonshire1931f13586
12-59FG RobertsGloucestershire v Sussex1891f3607
12-68J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1878f2136
12-73AW RidleyHampshire v Sussex1875f1903
12-78JC LakerSurrey v Sussex1958f22449
12-85W WrightNottinghamshire v Sussex1885f2918
12-91JT HearneMiddlesex v Sussex1892f3805
12-91JC WhiteSomerset v Sussex1924f10860
12-93AE RelfSussex v Nottinghamshire1909f7639
12-95AF WensleySussex v Derbyshire1931f13568
12-95JK LeverEssex v Sussex1983f34722
12-96FW TateSussex v Somerset1901f5559
12-96WE BowesYorkshire v Sussex1932f14069
12-100J SouthertonSussex v Kent1872f1719
12-100FA TarrantMiddlesex v Sussex1907f7134
12-105KT MedlycottSurrey v Sussex1988f37707
12-112TG WassNottinghamshire v Sussex1907f7140
12-120TL RichmondNottinghamshire v Sussex1919f9350
12-124A SmithSussex v Surrey1876f1991
12-125AE RelfSussex v Warwickshire1910f8015
12-135FW TateSussex v Somerset1902f5807
12-135RG MarlarSussex v Lancashire1952f19796
12-138IDK SalisburySussex v Yorkshire1992f40144
12-155F ParrisSussex v Kent1894f4139
12-156RG MarlarSussex v Derbyshire1955f21098
12-166FJ ShacklockNottinghamshire v Sussex1892f3757
12-166ML CumminsWorcestershire v Sussex2016f57253
12-179T RichardsonSurrey v Sussex1895f4360
12-183RFH Darwall-SmithOxford University v Sussex1937f15805
12-195HRJ TrumpSomerset v Sussex1994f41189
12-222WA HumphreysSussex v Cambridge University1895f4263





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