Other matches played on Steels Lane, Oxshott Village (27)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
12th June 1985 Club Cricket Conference Inter-League Competition 1985 First RoundSouth Thames Cricket League v Wandsworth Cricket Leaguemisc256934
5th August 1996 Other matches in England 1996  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc394929
4th August 1997 Other matches in England 1997  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc395155
3rd August 1998 Other matches in England 1998  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc395392
2nd August 1999 Other matches in England 1999  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc395637
7th August 2000 Other matches in England 2000  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc395883
6th August 2001 Other matches in England 2001  Oxshott Village v The Forty Clubmisc396110
5th August 2002 Other matches in England 2002  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc396350
4th August 2003 Other matches in England 2003  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc396593
13th June 2004 Evening Standard Challenge Trophy 2004 Second RoundMaori Oxshott v Stanmoremisc60089
2nd August 2004 Other matches in England 2004  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc396843
1st August 2005 Other matches in England 2005  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc397112
31st July 2006 Other matches in England 2006  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc397304
20th May 2007 Evening Standard Challenge Trophy 2007 First RoundMaori Oxshott v Old Whitgiftiansmisc60340a
10th June 2007 Evening Standard Challenge Trophy 2007 Second RoundMaori Oxshott v Brondesburymisc60363a
30th July 2007 Other matches in England 2007  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc397504
28th July 2008 Other matches in England 2008  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc397746
27th July 2009 Other matches in England 2009  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc412670
11th August 2009 Castle Cover Southern Counties Over-50s Championship 2009  Surrey Over-50s v Hampshire Over-50smisc186131
26th July 2010 Other matches in England 2010  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc398099
29th July 2010 Kreeda Home Counties Over-50s Championship 2010  Surrey Over-50s Second XI v Berkshire Over-50s Second XImisc186079
12th August 2010 Castle Cover Southern Counties Over-50s Championship 2010  Surrey Over-50s v Hampshire Over-50smisc186152
24th July 2011 Other matches in England 2011  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc199765
10th August 2011 D & M Southern Counties Over-50s Championship 2011  Surrey Over-50s v Hampshire Over-50smisc186171
16th August 2011 Spitfire National Over-60s Championship 2011 9th Place Play-off Quarter-FinalSurrey Over-60s v Wiltshire Over-60smisc186650
23rd July 2012 Other matches in England 2012  Maori Oxshott v The Forty Clubmisc398300
24th July 2012 D & M Southern Counties Over-50s Championship 2012  Surrey Over-50s v Gloucestershire Over-50smisc263901
26th June 2013 Other matches in England 2013  Surrey Women v Marylebone Cricket Club Womenwmisc22847
15th August 2013 DMS Sports Home Counties Over-50s Championship 2013  Surrey Over-50s Second XI v Buckinghamshire Over-50s Second XImisc336592
24th July 2014 DMS Sports Home Counties Over-50s Championship 2014  Surrey Over-50s v Hertfordshire Over-50s Second XImisc413303





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