Headingley, Leeds - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

4NRD ComptonYorkshire v Middlesex2007a18320
3AW GreigWest Indies v England1973a1056
3PJ SharpeMinor Counties North v Yorkshire1974a1104
3BS BediEngland v India1974a1228
3K HiggsYorkshire v Leicestershire1975a1483
3K StevensonYorkshire v Hampshire1979a2483
3KP TomlinsYorkshire v Gloucestershire1986a4881
3A NeedhamYorkshire v Middlesex1988a5743
3PE RobinsonHampshire v Yorkshire1991a7013
3MD MoxonWarwickshire v Yorkshire1991a7055
3SA KellettNorthumberland v Yorkshire1992a7625
3RA KettleboroughLancashire v Yorkshire1996a10015
3D ByasWorcestershire v Yorkshire1998a11124
3C WhiteDurham v Yorkshire1998a11215
3MP VaughanWorcestershire v Yorkshire1999a12064
3MP VaughanLancashire v Yorkshire2000a12659
3D ByasGloucestershire v Yorkshire2000a12743
3DP FultonYorkshire v Kent2001a13528
3MG BevanYorkshire v Leicestershire2002a14256
3DI StevensYorkshire v Leicestershire2003a15182
3PA JaquesSussex v Yorkshire2005a16591
3JC TredwellYorkshire v Kent2005a16765
3MP VaughanDerbyshire v Yorkshire2007a18386
3R ClarkeYorkshire v Derbyshire2008a18960
3JA RudolphGloucestershire v Yorkshire2009a19773
3AW GaleKent v Yorkshire2011a21370
3OE RobinsonGlamorgan v Yorkshire2013a22805
3DP SibleyYorkshire v Surrey2016a24884
3WL MadsenYorkshire v Derbyshire2017a25548
3TC FellYorkshire v Worcestershire2018a26426
3T Kohler-CadmoreNorthamptonshire v Yorkshire2018a26482
3WG JacksIndia A v England and Wales Cricket Board XI2018a26490





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