Seedhill, Nelson - Highest Team Totals in Lancashire League matches

336-4Nelson v Colne2008ll20578
309-3Nelson v Lowerhouse1994ll18115
298-4Haslingden v Nelson1991ll17607
283-3dAccrington v Nelson1901ll1607
277-5Enfield v Nelson2012ll21272
265-4Todmorden v Nelson2010ll20990
265-5Nelson v Rawtenstall2009ll20780
264-3Nelson v Lowerhouse2002ll19473
264-6Ramsbottom v Nelson1995ll18323
263-4dNelson v Burnley1895ll580
260-8Enfield v Nelson2002ll19564
258-5Nelson v Colne2010ll20918
256-3East Lancashire v Nelson2010ll20933
255-5Nelson v Accrington1992ll17706
253-3East Lancashire v Nelson2009ll20858
251-3Nelson v Lowerhouse1990ll17332
249-3Lowerhouse v Nelson1990ll17332
248-4Nelson v Colne2013ll21613
248-6Nelson v Colne2011ll21144
248-6Nelson v Bacup2013ll21592
247-6Nelson v Church1993ll17980
245-5dNelson v Burnley1919ll4529
245-5Nelson v Rawtenstall2003ll19646
244-3Rawtenstall v Nelson2003ll19646
244-4Nelson v Rishton1991ll17539
244-6Nelson v Rawtenstall1994ll18036
244-6Bacup v Nelson2013ll21592
244-9Rishton v Nelson1991ll17539
243-5Rawtenstall v Nelson1991ll17602
242-6Burnley v Nelson2009ll20766
241-3dNelson v Todmorden1930ll6533
241-5Church v Nelson2004ll19856
241-6Nelson v Church1991ll17469
240-4Todmorden v Nelson1983ll16154
240-8Nelson v Accrington1995ll18302
239-3dNelson v Enfield1946ll9276
239-5dNelson v East Lancashire1921ll4958
238-4Nelson v Accrington1999ll19002
238-6Haslingden v Nelson1995ll18196
237-5Nelson v Colne1995ll18253
237-6dNelson v Church1902ll1865
235-3Nelson v Lowerhouse1996ll18479
235-4dNelson v Accrington1950ll10049
234-2dBurnley v Nelson1899ll1265
231-4dNelson v Haslingden1933ll7096
231-5dRamsbottom v Nelson1935ll7495
230-3Bacup v Nelson1979ll15367
230-7Burnley v Nelson2002ll19589
229-5Nelson v Ramsbottom1961ll12041
229-5Enfield v Nelson1991ll17586
229-6dNelson v Lowerhouse1935ll7463
229-7Nelson v Burnley1995ll18337
228-8dNelson v Bacup1919ll4513
228-8dRamsbottom v Nelson1961ll12041
227-7Ramsbottom v Colne1991ll17593
227-8dColne v Nelson1949ll9881
227-8Colne v Nelson2010ll20918
226-8Nelson v Burnley1991ll17483
225-2dNelson v Accrington1948ll9647
224-3dNelson v Todmorden1962ll12247
224-5dNelson v Todmorden1919ll4536
224-7Nelson v Haslingden2013ll21626
223-5dAccrington v Nelson1913ll3904
223-6dNelson v Accrington1963ll12402
222-4dNelson v Church1937ll7856
222-5Nelson v Bacup1979ll15367
222-7Haslingden v Nelson2001ll19366
222-8dNelson v Lowerhouse1896ll701
222-8dColne v Nelson1922ll5097
222-8Lowerhouse v Nelson1989ll17205
221-2Nelson v Colne1993ll17840
221-6Haslingden v Nelson1996ll18371
221-7Nelson v Colne2005ll20152
220-3dNelson v Bacup1904ll2238
220-6Nelson v Rishton2003ll19680
220-6Burnley v Nelson2008ll20606
220-8Enfield v Nelson1997ll18647
219-6Burnley v Nelson1995ll18337
218-6Nelson v Lowerhouse2010ll20997
217-6dNelson v Bacup1953ll10705
217-8dNelson v Colne1901ll1668
217-8Burnley v Nelson1977ll14927
217-9Nelson v Rishton1922ll5201
217-9dBurnley v Nelson1935ll7511
217Nelson v Haslingden1995ll18196
216-4Ramsbottom v Nelson1989ll17259
216-6Nelson v Accrington2008ll20649
216-7Nelson v Rishton2010ll20969
216Nelson v Enfield1997ll18647
215-3Todmorden v Nelson2005ll20035
215-6Rishton v Nelson1986ll16676
215-6Enfield v Nelson1989ll17191
215-6Nelson v Church2010ll21017
215Nelson v Ramsbottom1995ll18323
213-7dBacup v Nelson1935ll7405
212-2Nelson v Accrington1983ll16110
212-2Nelson v Accrington1991ll17512
212-3Nelson v Burnley2008ll20606
212-6dNelson v Colne1899ll1305
212-8East Lancashire v Nelson1991ll17455
212Nelson v East Lancashire2010ll20933
211-5dNelson v Church1905ll2351
211-5Haslingden v Nelson1993ll17895
211-6Accrington v Nelson1983ll16110
211-6Nelson v Todmorden2005ll20035
211-7Nelson v Ramsbottom1986ll16551
211-8dHaslingden v Nelson1901ll1702
210-2dNelson v Colne1939ll8215
210-2dNelson v Enfield1949ll9824
210-4dRamsbottom v Nelson1913ll3841
210-7Nelson v Enfield1919ll4575
210-7dRamsbottom v Nelson1938ll7953
210-7Nelson v Church1999ll19031
210-8Nelson v Lowerhouse2003ll19718
209-2dNelson v Colne1998ll18778
209-5Burnley v Nelson2007ll20429
209-7Nelson v Church1990ll17266
209-8Nelson v Lowerhouse1995ll18290
208-6Bacup v Nelson1982ll15906
208-8Colne v Nelson1989ll17140
208-8Accrington v Nelson1991ll17512
208-8Accrington v Nelson1992ll17706
208-9Nelson v Colne1989ll17140
208Nelson v Church1922ll5053
207-2Nelson v Rawtenstall1933ll7150
207-4Rishton v Nelson1982ll15920
207-5dNelson v Rishton1892ll2
207-5dNelson v Rishton1925ll5696
207-9Nelson v Rawtenstall1991ll17602
207Nelson v Todmorden1900ll1420
206-4Nelson v Todmorden1996ll18493
206-4Church v Nelson2006ll20178
206-5dNelson v Accrington1892ll124
206-5dNelson v Lowerhouse1898ll1062
206-5Nelson v Rawtenstall1993ll17861
206Rawtenstall v Nelson1994ll18036
205-3dNelson v Colne1952ll10431
205-4Bacup v Nelson1990ll17363
205-5dNelson v Colne1916ll4338
205-5dNelson v Colne1950ll10058
205-5Enfield v Nelson2005ll20042
205-6dNelson v Todmorden1951ll10323
205-6Todmorden v Nelson1996ll18493
205-7Lowerhouse v Nelson2003ll19718
205-9Nelson v Ramsbottom1989ll17259
205Lowerhouse v Nelson1995ll18290
204-0dNelson v Bacup1942ll8668
204-2dNelson v Bacup1939ll8168
204-3dNelson v East Lancashire1968ll13324
204-3Lowerhouse v Nelson1992ll17667
204-4Rishton v Nelson1978ll15097
204-5Nelson v Todmorden1988ll16967
204-5Haslingden v Nelson2004ll19842
204-6Nelson v Ramsbottom1991ll17491
204Church v Nelson2011ll21158
203-2Nelson v Accrington1996ll18428
203-3dNelson v Church1950ll10116
203-5dNelson v Bacup1901ll1615
203-5dAccrington v Nelson1942ll8654
203-5Nelson v Bacup1990ll17363
203-5Nelson v Rishton1997ll18686
203-7Nelson v Lowerhouse1992ll17667
203-8dNelson v Rawtenstall1901ll1639
203-8dNelson v Ramsbottom1929ll6389
202-4dEast Lancashire v Nelson1948ll9721
202-4Bacup v Nelson1986ll16711
202-5dNelson v Colne1960ll11841
202-5Rishton v Nelson1997ll18686
202-6Accrington v Nelson1996ll18428
202-7Nelson v Todmorden1981ll15797
202-9Nelson v Lowerhouse1924ll5528
201-3Nelson v Rishton1993ll17946
201-4Nelson v Enfield2005ll20042
201-5dLowerhouse v Nelson1892ll67
201-7Nelson v Rawtenstall1992ll17637
201-8dNelson v Colne1915ll4195
201Nelson v Accrington1915ll4245
201Nelson v Bacup2009ll20749
200-2Nelson v Church1977ll14948
200-4Nelson v Accrington2002ll19541
200-5dNelson v Lowerhouse1929ll6342
200-6dNelson v Haslingden1911ll3446
200-6East Lancashire v Nelson1960ll11858
200-6Nelson v Bacup1987ll16796
200-9Nelson v Accrington1987ll16895





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