The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Centuries in List A matches

189*MJ GuptillNew Zealand v England2013a22656
178  JM VinceHampshire v Glamorgan2017a25568
171  JM VinceHampshire v Yorkshire2018a26493
167*SM ErvineHampshire v Ireland2009a19813
158  CC BenhamHampshire v Glamorgan2006a17625
150  HM AmlaSouth Africa v England2012a22117
150*MA CarberryHampshire v Lancashire2013a22634
148*MA CarberryHampshire v Scotland2012a21997
143  SR WatsonAustralia v England2013a22832
141*JM BairstowEngland v West Indies2017a25730
136  SM ErvineHampshire v Leicestershire2011a21442
131  JM VinceHampshire v Scotland2011a21490
126*IR BellEngland v India2007a18340
126  IR BellEngland v West Indies2012a22014
125  MM AliWorcestershire v Hampshire2009a19749
122  CC BenhamHampshire v West Indies A2006a17572
121*MA CarberryHampshire v Ireland2009a19813
121  NJ O'BrienNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2011a21374
120*DA KenwayHampshire v Zimbabweans2003a15173
118  KS WilliamsonNew Zealand v England2015a24134
116  TP AlsopHampshire v Surrey2016a24788
115  DA KenwayHampshire v Somerset2003a15125
115*JWA TaylorNottinghamshire v Hampshire2012a21990
115  CA IngramGlamorgan v Hampshire2017a25568
114  N PothasHampshire v Middlesex2007a18186
114  K AliGloucestershire v Hampshire2007a18376
114  NRT GubbinsMiddlesex v Hampshire2017a25519
113  JHK AdamsHampshire v Scotland2011a21490
112*JC HildrethSomerset v Hampshire2008a18962
111  CC BenhamHampshire v Gloucestershire2007a18376
111  AJA WheaterHampshire v Lancashire2015a24218
111  RR RossouwHampshire v Essex2018a26422
110*WS KendallHampshire v Middlesex2002a14514
110  LRPL TaylorNew Zealand v England2015a24134
110  T WestleyEssex v Hampshire2016a24738
109*IJL TrottEngland v New Zealand2013a22656
109  JM VinceHampshire v Somerset2018a26476
108*CC BenhamHampshire v Leicestershire2009a19768
107*DJ ThornelyHampshire v Kent2006a17430
107*EJG MorganEngland v Pakistan2010a20774
106*SR WatsonHampshire v Lancashire2005a16784
105  APR GidmanGloucestershire v Hampshire2008a18964
105  CL WhiteAustralia v England2009a19952
105*NJ O'BrienLeicestershire v Hampshire2014a23457
105  JL DenlyKent v Hampshire2016a24834
105*JJ WeatherleyHampshire v Kent2018a26438
104  A FlintoffEngland v Sri Lanka2004a16150
104*M van JaarsveldKent v Hampshire2010a20733
103*JP CrawleyHampshire v Middlesex2002a14277
103*JD FrancisHampshire v Northamptonshire2002a14576
103*EJG MorganEngland v Australia2010a20621
103  JM VinceHampshire v Sussex2015a24162
102*B ZuiderentSussex v Hampshire2001a13463
102  JP CrawleyHampshire v Durham2003a15148
102  RS MortonWest Indies A v Hampshire2006a17572
102  AN CookEngland v India2007a18340
102  AG PrinceLancashire v Hampshire2015a24218
101  Younis KhanPakistan v England2006a17594
101  BA StokesEngland v South Africa2017a25618
100*GA LambHampshire v Northamptonshire2005a16649
100  SM ErvineHampshire v Yorkshire2005a16794
100  JP CrawleyHampshire v Derbyshire2006a17561
100  JP CrawleyHampshire v Worcestershire2009a19749
100  MJ LumbHampshire v Middlesex2009a19827
100  AG PrinceLancashire v Hampshire2013a22634
100  PD TregoSomerset v Hampshire2018a26476





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