First-Class Matches played on Molyneux Park, Alexandra (28)

7th January 1979 Shell Cup 1978/79  Otago v Central Districtsf32399
31st December 1979 Shell Trophy 1979/80  Otago v Aucklandf32882
27th December 1980 Shell Trophy 1980/81  Otago v Wellingtonf33388
27th December 1981 Shell Trophy 1981/82  Otago v Northern Districtsf33897
6th January 1983 Shell Trophy 1982/83  Otago v Wellingtonf34448
31st December 1983 Shell Trophy 1983/84  Otago v Aucklandf34998
28th December 1984 Shell Trophy 1984/85  Otago v Wellingtonf35545
14th January 1986 Shell Trophy 1985/86  Otago v Northern Districtsf36153
18th January 1987 Shell Trophy 1986/87  Otago v Canterburyf36795
13th January 1988 Shell Trophy 1987/88  Otago v Northern Districtsf37329
14th January 1989 Shell Trophy 1988/89  Otago v Central Districtsf37893
10th January 1990 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Otago v Northern Districtsf38488
4th January 1991 Shell Trophy 1990/91  Otago v Central Districtsf39100
2nd January 1992 Shell Trophy 1991/92  Otago v Northern Districtsf39732
29th December 1992 Shell Trophy 1992/93  Otago v Northern Districtsf40300
4th March 1994 Other First-Class matches in New Zealand 1993/94  Otago v New Zealand Academyf41008
17th January 1996 Shell Trophy 1995/96  Otago v Aucklandf42205
10th February 1997 Shell Trophy 1996/97  Otago v Northern Districtsf42926
22nd March 1997 Shell Trophy 1996/97  Otago v Aucklandf43014
12th March 1999 Shell Trophy 1998/99  Otago v Central Districtsf44313
23rd March 2000 Shell Trophy 1999/00  Otago v Wellingtonf45059
2nd January 2001 Shell Trophy 2000/01  Otago v Canterburyf45492
23rd February 2001 Shell Trophy 2000/01  Otago v Central Districtsf45659
12th February 2002 State Championship 2001/02  Otago v Central Districtsf46387
12th March 2002 State Championship 2001/02  Otago v Canterburyf46501
17th March 2003 State Championship 2002/03  Otago v Wellingtonf47205
20th February 2004 State Championship 2003/04  Otago v Canterburyf47811
7th March 2004 Sri Lanka A in New Zealand 2003/04  Otago v Sri Lanka Af47848





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