Most Wickets in County Championship

3151AP Freeman
3112W Rhodes
3022CWL Parker
2678TWJ Goddard
2542D Shackleton
2418AS Kennedy
2171FJ Titmus
2105WE Hollies
2095GH Hirst
2080JC White
2032JT Hearne
2032C Blythe
2030WE Astill
2014MW Tate
2012DJ Shepherd
2009RTD Perks
1979EG Dennett
1873DL Underwood
1860JA Newman
1813N Gifford
1712GAR Lock
1683JB Statham
1669G Geary
1647DVP Wright
1645GR Cox
1609C Cook
1578FE Woolley
1578HL Jackson
1571S Haigh
1555R Illingworth
1551GG Macaulay
1533T Richardson
1522JB Mortimore
1518MS Nichols
1517TG Wass
1513PGH Fender
1512TPB Smith
1490C Gladwin
1488FS Trueman
1449TE Bailey
1431NI Thomson
1428AE Relf
1415CF Root
1415AW Wellard
1397JA Flavell
1397TW Cartwright
1380JK Lever
1375JWHT Douglas
1373GS Boyes
1367W Bestwick
1361J Mercer
1356JW Hearne
1349VWC Jupp
1349TB Mitchell
1346BA Langford
1343W Mead
1312JC Laker
1307K Higgs
1304H Verity
1300AW Mold
1297RK Tyldesley
1297PI Pocock
1281AR Gover
1280JH Wardle
1278EE Hemmings
1257J Langridge
1244CT Spencer
1241AV Bedser
1231WE Bowes
1218W Voce
1213R Smith
1196JC Clay
1181SJ Staples
1175H Dean
1173PJ Sainsbury
1171JE Emburey
1170R Howorth
1167JM Sims
1157H Larwood
1154DC Morgan
1150AS Brown
1149WS Lees
1126S Santall
1124RD Jackman
1120JA Young
1114F Barratt
1108TL Richmond
1108JH Mayer
1096JW Hitch
1091E Smith
1084JD Bannister
1076FJ Durston
1074RA Sinfield
1071DR Smith
1070J Briggs
1062FW Tate
1061JR Gunn
1061PF Jackson
1057JE Walsh
1056R Tattersall
1054KC Preston
1053AE Moss
1048EW Clark
1039E Robson
1036A Fielder
1029GJ Thompson
1016A Jepson
1016DW White
1008JH King
1005RO Jenkins
1004HA Smith
1000WH Lockwood
1000MP Bicknell





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