First-class Bowling in Australia for 1887/88 (Ordered by Average)

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EE Bean (Vic)6020    
H Moses (Aus,NSW)12050    
RS Houston (Vic)16170    
EG Phillips (SAus)80100    
PM Lewis (Vic)241130    
FH Walters (Vic)445160    
BCE Kemp (SAus)200210    
E Evans (NSW)606240    
JT Duffy (Vic)722320    
H Thorpe727360    
DF Cotter (Vic)18611600    
W Logan (Vic)1168730    
TP Horan (Vic)16814730    
JD Edwards82011-00.0000
J Slight (Vic)30422-42.0000
W Attewell (Eng)2980425590557-1510.7242
GA Lohmann (Eng)2667364755637-4311.9872
CTB Turner (Aus,NSW)426747314411068-3913.59135
J Briggs (Eng)1485205434306-4014.4621
AD Pougher62979189124-4015.7500
R Peel (Eng)2980371822495-1816.7720
G Giffen (SAus)113988466278-6517.2541
RC Allen (NSW)7673621-418.0000
JM Preston86692309174-1618.1700
JJ Ferris (Aus,NSW)2369232937477-4919.9320
WA Richardson (NSW)2161112664-1821.0000
W Bates5515519493-3621.5500
CA Smith4765715373-1121.8500
H Trumble (Vic)71859309147-5222.0710
JW Trumble (Vic)914100318144-4722.7100
JJ Lyons (SAus)50433284125-7523.6610
J Worrall (Aus,Vic)5935122495-3324.8810
WW Read (Eng)8455221-1626.0000
GHS Trott (Vic)1369108687267-21626.4210
AE Stoddart (Eng)4524518772-3126.7100
FR Spofforth (Vic)2421311743-6729.2500
J Beaumont1916248668223-3430.3600
PG McShane (Aus,Vic)80866413125-10334.4110
W Bruce (Vic)4784520862-2034.6600
J Musgrove (SAus)4023318053-5036.0000
JR Wood (NSW)4525315043-6537.5000
TW Garrett (Aus,NSW)1412155462123-7438.5000
JT Rawlin93713422152-8744.2000
R Abel11694611-2346.0000
SP Jones (Aus,NSW)3913118842-5747.0000
C Letcher (Vic)138154711-747.0000
WR Robertson (Vic)5043824152-7948.2000
HF Boyle (Vic)4844819542-1848.7500
G Ulyett (Eng)8854911-3249.0000
H Donnan (NSW)2201510222-2851.0000
WS Wearne (NSW)6445611-3956.0000
J Noel (SAus)4222517933-5659.6600
T Turner (Vic)4343613421-6267.0000





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