First-class Bowling in Australia for 1902/03 (Ordered by Average)

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FT Hack (SAus)0000    
FW Richardson (Tas)6060    
H Graham (Vic)18180    
B Grant (Vic)181100    
SE Gregory (NSW)363180    
R MacDonald (Qld)300190    
ER Crouch (Qld)180200    
WA Hewer (SAus)180210    
W Bruce (Vic)210260    
C Hill (SAus)180260    
AE Evans (SAus)420290    
R Mitchell (Vic)1448420    
A Jarvis (SAus)1384600    
J Marsh (NSW)14476253-2312.4000
GD Paton (Tas)3531711295-6612.4410
H Hale (Tas)10254532-2815.0000
H Hay (SAus)242713799-6715.2210
TA Tabart (Tas)3011611-1016.0000
WW Blundell (Vic)250196742-2616.7500
LN Rainey (Vic)11983422-917.0000
EE Bean (Vic)192115632-1518.6600
W Hoare (Qld)3361317294-4019.1100
LW Pye (NSW)120848444234-3119.3000
WW Armstrong (Vic)128254448235-2019.4710
A McBeath (NSW)158290568295-11019.5820
WP Howell (NSW)143585527269-5220.2621
FB Collins (Vic)121831634317-6120.4530
JV Saunders (Vic)130735666328-10620.8141
GJ Thompson85226406199-8521.3611
JC Reedman (SAus)4001220993-2323.2200
NY Deane (NSW)24089343-5823.2500
FJ Laver (Vic)110544466196-1724.5210
G Giffen (SAus)94329493208-11024.6521
EM Dowson4141019883-6224.7500
P Carew (Qld)176013453-1726.8000
HP Kirkwood (SAus)354622283-2827.7500
TS Warne (Vic)5702425095-8027.7710
AJY Hopkins (NSW)321916963-928.1600
A Henry (Qld)69620311115-4028.2710
TH Howard (NSW)4582020175-7728.7110
T Byrne (Qld)63611379135-10029.1510
VT Trumper (NSW)23098932-3329.6600
MA Noble (NSW)96548366125-7830.5010
J Fitzgerald (Qld)7206122-1830.5000
FE Chancellor (Tas)11426222-3931.0000
CJ Eady (Tas)3601313843-9534.5000
AJ Bowden (NSW)4382217553-9335.0000
JPF Travers (SAus)177766772225-5435.0910
N Claxton (SAus)372725072-1635.7100
AE Trott68915482126-8840.1610
BJT Bosanquet421134286-15342.7510
M Ellis (Vic)2141112932-2143.0000
H Howson (Vic)294188622-4343.0000
E Jones (SAus)80432436104-13443.6000
HB Griffith (Qld)264618142-1545.2500
RW Waters (SAus)3411616033-5353.3300
CJ Burnup192413221-1566.0000
JA Cuffe (NSW)198136711-3967.0000
S Hargreave4451319221-3296.0000





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