First-class Batting and Fielding in Australia for 1914/15 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
NF Callaway (NSW)110207207  207.00102 
FW Hyett (Vic)221110108*110.00104 
CB Willis (Vic)1108282  82.00011 
J Ryder (Vic)5104445151  74.16135 
WE Pite (NSW)1105656  56.00011 
RL Park (Vic)482311134  51.83112 
S Lord (Tas)12010378  51.50011 
FC Yeomans (Vic)1104848  48.00000 
W Bardsley (NSW)481334103  47.71115 
NE Brown (Vic)1104545  45.00000 
WO Cooper (SAus)1214125  41.00000 
C Kiernan (Vic)2208159  40.50010 
H Cranney (NSW)36120275  40.40012 
CG Macartney (NSW)350191103  38.20102 
AJY Hopkins (NSW)1213733*37.00000 
CE Pellew (SAus)48028797  35.87025 
WW Armstrong (Vic)58027271  34.00037 
DM Steele (SAus)480268100  33.50110 
MJ Hartigan (Qld)24012988  32.25010 
HO Smith (Tas)1206464  32.00011 
L Best (NSW)1213124*31.00000 
RV Minnett (NSW)1206151  30.50011 
FA Baring (Vic)47021180  30.14017 
JF Sheppard (Qld)36017641  29.33007 
WJ Whitty (SAus)36211739*29.25003 
BL Cohen (Vic)1102929  29.00000 
HH Davis (NSW)35014360  28.60010 
C Kelleway (NSW)47115643*26.00004 
LA Cody (Vic)34010348  25.75001 
WS Stirling (SAus)48019854  24.75012 
JM Taylor (NSW)48019669  24.50012 
JA Prout (Qld)2417343  24.33000 
ER Mayne (SAus)48018568  23.12012 
EA Bull (NSW)2306926  23.00001 
SW Ayres (Qld)36013674  22.66015 
GC Campbell (SAus)48115537*22.140044
TJE Andrews (NSW)611024352  22.09014 
HG Pratten (NSW)48017153  21.37011 
FM Farrar (NSW)2306227  20.66005 
AT Ratcliffe (NSW)611218159  20.1101106
JD Scott (NSW)3517945*19.75000 
TJ Matthews (Vic)47013265  18.85012 
HL Collins (NSW)1203736  18.50001 
AG Moyes (SAus)48014261  17.75016 
W Arnold (Tas)1203530  17.50000 
WM Allen (Vic)2305241  17.33001 
RB Minnett (NSW)2305127  17.00003 
GEJ Healy (Vic)1101616  16.00000 
PD Rundell (SAus)2406336  15.75002 
HB Willsmore (SAus)48012339  15.37004 
JW McAndrew (Qld)3626025*15.00001 
AA Mailey (NSW)2313018  15.00001 
VJ Souter (Vic)58011730  14.62008 
VS Ransford (Vic)2405833  14.50001 
W Carkeek (Vic)4727125*14.2000111
AP James (SAus)4819323  13.28006 
FE Headlam (Tas)1202619  13.00000 
EA McDonald (Vic)3413715*12.33000 
LA Minnett (NSW)1211211*12.00002 
JK Farquhar (Qld)2303417  11.330022
J Thomson (Qld)2404545  11.25001 
JA Randell (NSW)3514417  11.00005 
W Cullen (NSW)1101111  11.00000 
H Ironmonger (Vic)5835220  10.40002 
W Rowe (Qld)3615219  10.40001 
HHG Bracher (Vic)2404016  10.00000 
FC Thompson (Qld)1202018  10.00000 
JW McLaren (Qld)3605926  9.83000 
H Myers (Tas)1201919  9.50000 
EP Barbour (NSW)1201811  9.00000 
GA Poeppel (Qld)1201613  8.00000 
BJ Folkard (NSW)1201616  8.00000 
JS Redgrave (Qld)1201411  7.00000 
RH Powell (Tas)12176  7.00000 
MD Hotchin (Vic)2302013  6.66000 
RF Middleton (SAus)240269  6.50001 
AKE Watt (Tas)1201212  6.00001 
JP Flynn (NSW)241176*5.66002 
AW Wright (SAus)362227  5.50001 
JM Bolton (Qld)120119  5.500011
AE Brown (Vic)3502519  5.00000 
RA Davis (Tas)1201010  5.00002 
WJG Woodbury (Vic)11055  5.00003 
TD Carroll (Tas)12088  4.00000 
PHVW Shawe (Tas)12143*4.00000 
ELA Butler (Tas)12077  3.50000 
CB Barstow (Qld)361159  3.00002 
JA Downey (Qld)24199  3.00002 
NM Gregg (NSW)12044  2.00001 
HW Hart (Vic)11022  2.00001 
RJ Junor (Vic)11011  1.00001 
WJ Thompson (Qld)12011  0.50000 
PH Coombe (SAus)12100*0.00000 
JCLS Wall (NSW)11000  0.00002 
EL Waddy (NSW)11000  0.00000 
RS Stephens (Vic)11000  0.00001 





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