First-class Bowling in Australia for 1914/15 (Ordered by Average)

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W Cullen (NSW)150123954-207.80 00
AJY Hopkins (NSW)8634955-179.80 10
WJG Woodbury (Vic)7113333-3311.00 00
JCLS Wall (NSW)174105754-4411.40 00
FA Baring (Vic)3002322-2311.50 00
RB Minnett (NSW)35621157138-5012.07 11
RS Stephens (Vic)3002522-1712.50 00
H Myers (Tas)10236455-6412.80 10
AA Mailey (NSW)3845169136-6213.00 20
EA McDonald (Vic)57618252195-2213.26 21
HW Hart (Vic)254159576-2313.57 10
L Best (NSW)2501411-1214.00 00
EA Bull (NSW)11425942-814.75 00
JW McAndrew (Qld)55012251177-5114.76 20
WW Armstrong (Vic)69345217145-3415.50 10
EP Barbour (NSW)3713222-3216.00 00
LA Minnett (NSW)246148254-2316.40 00
H Ironmonger (Vic)164181631367-6917.52 31
WM Allen (Vic)3721813574-2319.28 00
TJE Andrews (NSW)63817312164-4519.50 00
FM Farrar (NSW)11453922-1619.50 00
RJ Junor (Vic)11446433-6421.33 00
JD Scott (NSW)5311820394-2022.55 00
WO Cooper (SAus)16039342-3323.25 00
C Kelleway (NSW)85943318135-3524.46 10
JA Randell (NSW)45610268104-7326.80 00
AW Wright (SAus)63623295114-5326.81 00
VJ Souter (Vic)3731516362-827.16 00
HB Willsmore (SAus)255313653-7527.20 00
WJ Whitty (SAus)114340514186-10328.55 11
CB Barstow (Qld)4868323114-4229.36 00
H Cranney (NSW)3603111-3131.00 00
PHVW Shawe (Tas)15949533-9531.66 00
J Ryder (Vic)5341225583-8831.87 00
JA Downey (Qld)240019363-6932.16 00
ER Mayne (SAus)3421017352-3434.60 00
JP Flynn (NSW)3962514042-4335.00 00
WS Stirling (SAus)444925073-5235.71 00
AP James (SAus)98640467133-5635.92 00
BJ Folkard (NSW)210710932-6336.33 00
TJ Matthews (Vic)8443811-038.00 00
JW McLaren (Qld)198211732-6639.00 00
TD Carroll (Tas)11417922-7939.50 00
PD Rundell (SAus)144210422-5452.00 00
AG Moyes (SAus)15075911-2059.00 00
HH Davis (NSW)6006311-4463.00 00
SW Ayres (Qld)204114022-4370.00 00
PH Coombe (SAus)15037911-7979.00 00
JS Redgrave (Qld)12609011-9090.00 00
C Kiernan (Vic)18220    
LA Cody (Vic)12050    
HL Collins (NSW)18070    
NE Brown (Vic)180110    
NM Gregg (NSW)120160    
CG Macartney (NSW)965210    
RH Powell (Tas)360240    
W Rowe (Qld)480440    
RA Davis (Tas)1022650    
AKE Watt (Tas)12001000    





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