First-class Bowling in Australia for 1923/24 (Ordered by Average)

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CB Willis (Vic)8070    
TJE Andrews (NSW)240170    
FC Thompson (Qld)240180    
EL Bowley (SAus)240190    
AF Kippax (NSW)480230    
HRG Poon (Qld)640290    
PD Rundell (SAus)320370    
JT Murray (SAus)560390    
EC Bensted (Qld)480430    
LF Freemantle (Vic)1121620    
GH Allan (Tas)800670    
HS Gamble (Vic)19836595-387.2210
CV Grimmett (Vic)17719898-8610.8810
HJ Richardson (Vic)21477054-3414.0000
C Kelleway (NSW)68816190135-4014.6110
AKE Watt (Tas)10906344-4515.7500
HI Ebeling (Vic)298411675-5916.5710
JL Keating (Vic)200210966-7218.1610
CE Lucas (Tas)10115532-3818.3300
HW de Gruchy (Vic)13625633-5218.6600
ATE Punch (NSW)3431208105-3320.8010
DE Pritchard (SAus)4112111-421.0000
CG Macartney (NSW)5071814873-3621.1400
AO Burrows (Tas)15208542-2821.2500
HSTL Hendry (NSW)121218406184-2822.5500
WA Wilkinson (Vic)16826933-5223.0000
VS Ransford (Vic)16027132-1223.6600
AEV Hartkopf (Vic)11908639265-5624.5710
PAP Ohlstrom (SAus)5602511-2525.0000
AC Newton (Tas)256010342-3625.7500
PH Wallace (Vic)119717496195-9926.1010
NL Williams (SAus)9454699266-4026.8831
WJ Whitty (SAus)6087271105-4927.1010
AE Liddicut (Vic)142435439166-6527.4310
AT Gray (NSW)216311143-3427.7500
BL McCoy (NSW)12015721-2328.5000
J Ryder (Vic)472721174-8130.1400
HFT Heath (SAus)360521475-4330.5710
C Griffiths (Qld)6086310106-7131.0011
RJB Townsend (SAus)100821452144-3332.2800
CS Everett (NSW)512625986-5432.3710
WJ Johnson (Vic)9633511-2735.0000
JCLS Wall (NSW)5381121764-6736.1600
AJ Richardson (SAus)84010376102-5737.6000
JD Scott (NSW)744834095-10737.7710
AA Mailey (NSW)143216682187-13337.8810
TA Carlton (Vic)3281311632-2538.6600
EGC Wainwright (SAus)248211833-5239.3300
PM Hornibrook (Qld)117110648156-16043.2010
RK Oxenham (Qld)562730973-7044.1400
AN Thatcher (NSW)464028463-7647.3300
W Rowe (Qld)264515033-5950.0000
LE Oxenham (Qld)8815611-1956.0000
CB Barstow (Qld)544231842-10979.5000
HM Fisher (SAus)440232242-6080.5000
SW Ayres (Qld)6408611-2986.0000





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