First-class Bowling in Australia for 1933/34 (Ordered by Average)

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RG Gregory (Vic)20027354-5014.60 00
AF Kippax (NSW)14436043-1015.00 00
WC Andrews (Qld)7606142-3715.25 00
GH Bennett (NSW)20856244-6215.50 00
SO Quin (Vic)2401611-1616.00 00
SAJ Smith (Vic)80814358208-4417.90 20
MG Waite (SAus)13908042-2320.00 00
PJ Beames (Vic)340814875-5221.14 10
CV Grimmett (SAus)3373681441667-5721.83 71
SG Francis (WA)138747484225-4922.00 20
HH Alexander (Vic)5668226103-2522.60 00
WJ O'Reilly (NSW)260081860389-5022.63 32
CL Jeffery (Tas)251216174-7023.00 00
CJ Hill (NSW)149868376163-4023.50 00
PM Hornibrook (Qld)27589444-4323.50 00
RK Oxenham (Qld)195072541236-4823.52 11
HJ Plant (Vic)5171019684-2524.50 00
LO Fleetwood-Smith (Vic)2677301385538-11126.13 41
DD Blackie295710543-6926.25 00
MW Sievers (Vic)3841311142-1827.75 00
TW Wall (SAus)221335951345-4727.97 21
F Mair (NSW)7569336124-6928.00 00
TW Leather (Vic)70610285103-5028.50 00
RA Halcombe (WA)11215722-5728.50 00
JR Jones (WA)111318496174-5929.17 00
AJ Ditchburn (WA)101826372124-6731.00 00
HI Ebeling (Vic)245051938305-6631.26 20
HC Chilvers (NSW)233654854276-6231.62 10
AO Burrows (Tas)400516752-4233.40 00
EHG Vernon (Vic)7206821-234.00 00
TJ Trembath (Vic)7236342104-7734.20 00
GA Combes (Tas)296513843-5434.50 00
RJ Bryant (WA)4961418052-1936.00 00
GTH James (Tas)76810373104-4637.30 00
JM Walsh (Tas)116913560155-13437.33 10
H Ironmonger (Vic)170458539146-6538.50 10
SJ McCabe (NSW)6481023462-3339.00 00
JR Davey (SAus)5681120052-2840.00 00
BJ Tobin (SAus)97614482123-2040.16 00
AG Chipperfield (NSW)669536593-2940.55 00
FHK Collins (SAus)8091428972-2941.28 00
HJT Theak (NSW)6471125163-4341.83 00
EJ Cleary (Vic)5921422651-2645.20 00
JW Rothwell (Tas)455136284-9245.25 00
FM Brew (Qld)7286463103-3246.30 00
RJ Sartori (WA)416618742-7646.75 00
PK Lee (SAus)158328614134-6047.23 00
LS Darling (Vic)536629062-1448.33 00
NR Hack (SAus)14424911-3349.00 00
WH Howell (NSW)166962503105-9750.30 10
AH Tait (Qld)461826052-3852.00 00
M Inverarity (WA)320122041-655.00 00
RV Thomas (Tas)643635265-1458.66 10
SFM Yeates (Qld)488336163-4760.16 00
RC Rowe (NSW)9416111-3661.00 00
SWL Putman (Tas)419032652-11565.20 00
LE Nagel (Vic)5281020132-4667.00 00
HS Gamble (Qld)8641740662-7567.66 00
DG Bradman (NSW)8006911-3069.00 00
EC Bensted (Qld)7121035952-5371.80 00
AL Pearsall (Tas)9608211-8282.00 00
AD McGilvray (NSW)5761318221-1891.00 00
LO Cordner (Vic)192110211-102102.00 00
LD Kemp (Vic)248410311-32103.00 00
RM Levy (Qld)104010311-6103.00 00
LJ Nash168010511-48105.00 00
EH Bromley (Vic)400522722-39113.50 00
EL McCormick (Vic)464225921-55129.50 00
JHW Fingleton (NSW)8100    
WA Brown (NSW)8040    
RS Whitington (SAus)8040    
MJ Combes (Tas)8050    
FJ Alexander (WA)8060    
IS Lee (Vic)16080    
HC Nitschke (SAus)7090    
WM Woodfull (Vic)80100    
LJ Junor (Vic)80110    
FC Thompson (Qld)80110    
RR Wright (SAus)320120    
AH Allsopp (Vic)400190    
CL Badcock (Tas)160200    
AG Zimbulis (WA)320270    
AC Newton (Tas)640270    
GG Cook (Qld)320320    
AJ Ryan (SAus)1121370    
BL Cohen (Vic)641370    
FA Davis (Tas)961410    
GW Hawkins (Vic)560420    
RC Raymond (Qld)960570    
DJA Fitzmaurice (Vic)2566660    
ERH Wyeth (Qld)1524900    





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