First-class Bowling in Australia for 1945/46 (Ordered by Average)

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JA Workman (AusSer)80611-66.00 00
RA Hamence (SAus)160711-77.00 00
JI Murfett (Tas)401811-88.00 00
J Epstein (WA)12063333-3311.00 00
CP Christ (Qld)4001210884-3013.50 00
WJ O'Reilly (NSW)126520474336-4314.36 10
IWG Johnson (Vic)109619374236-2716.26 21
FAW Freer (Vic)138250384227-2917.45 20
ERH Toshack (NSW)217970659354-3018.82 00
GE Tribe (Vic)180825761409-4519.02 32
RR Lindwall (NSW)153616793335-4224.03 10
KR Cumming (WA)19327433-7424.66 00
JC Hill (Vic)304158232-4827.33 00
B Dooland (SAus)150312871316-11528.09 30
CL McCool (Qld)180881009357-7428.82 31
DH Fothergill (Vic)19208731-1229.00 00
RS Ellis (SAus,AusSer)144622755246-14431.45 30
WT Walmsley (NSW)15216321-2031.50 00
KR Miller (AusSer)280219164-4931.83 00
G Noblet (SAus)94022354113-4432.18 00
JL Mann (SAus)88221356113-2732.36 00
J Pettiford (AusSer)376025984-15032.37 00
MU Herbert (WA)12016522-6532.50 00
CG Pepper (AusSer)10404620195-8732.63 10
GTH James (Tas)132010233-6534.00 00
FC Bennett (SAus)240213741-2034.25 00
EGA Morse (Tas)216117254-11334.40 00
GG Cook (Qld)124022417126-13034.75 10
WA Johnston (Vic)130230421124-4335.08 00
AS Young (Qld)295315542-2938.75 00
PL Dixon (Qld)122414434114-4739.45 00
MW Sievers (Vic)5321120952-3941.80 00
D Watt (Qld)219016943-3042.25 00
SG Barnes (NSW)439221452-4942.80 00
CW Puckett (WA)20018622-8643.00 00
KJ Grieves (NSW)16819321-1046.50 00
CL Jeffery (Tas)5604711-1147.00 00
HA Price (Qld)152014633-8048.66 00
EE Crossan (NSW)15244911-2049.00 00
AL Hassett (AusSer)9605011-2750.00 00
DG Ellis (Tas)168015133-5650.33 00
MG Waite (SAus)10201940584-1150.62 00
WF Cockburn (Vic)15235411-3054.00 00
RG Williams (AusSer)8815411-3154.00 00
ARC McLean (SAus)376227153-11454.20 00
AH Carrigan (Qld)693733463-1755.66 00
KC Gulliver (NSW)840447083-4958.75 00
WE Alley (NSW)224311821-1959.00 00
DR Cristofani (AusSer)792547583-3559.37 00
JA Ellis (Qld)552529953-5259.80 00
DK Carmody (AusSer)14426411-064.00 00
PL Ridings (SAus)808546073-6765.71 00
EA Williams (AusSer)512527842-4069.50 00
TE Klose (SAus)6001429942-7874.75 00
AF Lovett (Tas)152115321-2476.50 00
VN Raymer (Qld)7691929331-2097.66 00
CFT Price (AusSer)312115711-52157.00 00
KW Stackpole (Vic)16120    
GE Tamblyn (Vic)8050    
WA Brown (Qld)16090    
GR Woolmer (NSW)480180    
KS Jeffreys (WA)320190    
RS Whitington (AusSer)321240    
RM Stanford (SAus,AusSer)240250    
GW Lockie (Qld)640340    
RJ Craig (SAus)640500    
AG Cheetham (AusSer)961500    
AW Roper (AusSer)1121760    
VC Austen (SAus)1521770    





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