First-class Bowling in Canada for 2013 (Ordered by Average)

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D Daesrath (Can)12130    
Khurram Khan (UAE)12090    
NR Kumar (Can)240180    
Rohan Mustafa (UAE)300190    
Mohammad Azam (UAE)180230    
AS Hansra (Can)602280    
PM Seelaar (Neth)300360    
Ahmed Raza (UAE)541380    
Nasir Aziz (UAE)962450    
Salman Nazar (Can)723510    
MJG Rippon (Neth)420550    
Raza-ur-Rehman (Can)15988164-813.5000
JOA Gordon (Can)38914226166-4314.1210
TJ Heggelman (Neth)6614122-4120.5000
Amjad Javed (UAE)10517233-7224.0000
HS Baidwan (Can)3511616974-6924.1400
MR Swart (Neth)6614921-124.5000
H Patel (Can)5422811-2428.0000
VJ Kingma (Neth)135212044-8930.0000
Arshad Ali (UAE)8418022-8040.0000
DLS van Bunge (Neth)4804311-4343.0000
C Pervez (Can)15038722-4543.5000
PA van Meekeren (Neth)12658921-3144.5000
PA Desai (Can)13275011-650.0000
H Osinde (Can)13865211-2052.0000
PW Borren (Neth)7825711-5757.0000
Mohammad Naveed (UAE)12037911-7979.0000





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