First-class Bowling in England for 1860 (Ordered by Average)

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RW Monro (OU)16220    
A Gillow (Kent)24420    
R Iddison (Nth)24340    
GHW Ewbank (Sx)16140    
HB Biron (Kent)8040    
JH Marshall4040    
W Napper (Sx)18250    
J Watts (Kent)488100    
T Hearne (Eng,Sth)160110    
R Hankey (MCC,Gent)363120    
JM Dolphin (OU)363130    
W Little201140    
J Bickley (Nt)364160    
G Parr (Nt,AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)440250    
G Griffith (Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)564270    
W Hodson (Sx)361300    
RB Earle520440    
J Lillywhite (Sx)1209510    
CDB Marsham (Gent)28036920    
FR Reynolds (CTC)00074-?0.0000
W Buttress (CTC)00075-?0.0010
RB Ranken (OU)00054-?0.0000
ET Daubeney (OU)00021-?0.0000
RA Bayford (CU,Sy)00022-?0.0000
G Chatterton (MCC,Nth)00011-?0.0000
TE Bagge (CU,Gent)00011-?0.0000
C Brampton (MCC,Nt)2563850176-184.1621
C Robinson100152044-205.0000
A Haygarth (MCC,Sx,Eng)183965126-375.4121
HM Plowden (CU)1501244126-295.5010
W Goodhew (Kent)6431422-147.0000
GM Kelson (Kent)220315176-227.2810
F Brandt (OU)196333854-227.6000
C Wright168214666-387.6610
SA Leigh364911-99.0000
J Jackson (Nt,AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)300430810031099-349.20115
E Willsher (Kent,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)2796347681808-169.3251
JB Payne195117585-369.3710
T Hayward (CTC,AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)1254115423509-309.4051
J Grundy (MCC,Nt,Eng,Nth,Play)1578185484608-429.6841
RHB Marsham (Eng,Gent)39232138147-509.8511
G Wigzell (Kent)3651011-1010.0000
JH Heartfield (Sy)40050121126-2810.0810
GF Tarrant (AEE,Nth)61649194196-2810.2110
R Lang (CU,Gent)2723183125-1010.3710
G Bennett (Kent)121496461496-2610.4762
RC Tinley (Nt,AEE,Eng,Nth)158385687658-2810.5662
WS Norton (Kent)291309797-5710.7710
W Martingell (MCC)1481367105-4611.1610
GR Atkinson7243533-3511.6600
W Slinn4526210693-1411.7700
J Lillywhite (MCC,Sx,Eng,Play,Sth)1128117374307-4712.4610
HH Stephenson (Sy,AEE,Play,Sth)54838238197-5812.5220
WF Traill (Kent,OU,Gent)813101239236-3512.5731
AJD Diver (AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)5202622-2613.0000
W Caffyn (Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)2528273899697-4413.0272
J Walker10428164-5513.5000
AB Rowley (Gent)52435193146-2113.7811
T Lockyer (Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)3202712595-3713.8810
C Pontifex96151411-514.0000
H Osborn (Sx)4851411-1414.0000
GT Estridge (Sy)216010576-4415.0010
G Wells (MCC,Sx,Sth)84972319219-10515.1910
GF Helm (Sx)6453322-3316.5000
DR Onslow (CU,MCC,Sx)196207043-1617.5000
FP Miller (Sy,Gent)117266527304-6417.5600
HW Fellows (MCC)9843722-218.5000
D Buchanan (MCC)157176106-?19.0010
RJ Terry (Kent)2801911-719.0000
EB Fawcett (CU,Sx,Gent)44745172256-?19.1131
J Makinson (Gent,Nth)39321192104-6819.2000
WH Benthall (CU,Gent)4802021-2020.0000
W Mudie (Sy,Sth)16468643-4221.5000
T Sewell (Kent,Sy,Sth)66666217153-2421.7000
A Walker17214622-3523.0000
J Southerton (Sx,Sth)144117132-4423.6600
H Stubberfield (Sx)56253237103-1323.7000
CH Ellis (Sx)4422511-1625.0000
VE Walker (Eng,Gent)4482421273-4830.2800
H Perkins5604411-4444.0000
RP Carpenter (Eng,Nth,Play)128124911-2049.0000
G Lee172195011-3250.0000
WB Reed (Sx)2842310321-851.5000
J Dean (MCC,Sx)11266732-?67.0000





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