First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1877/78 (Ordered by Average)

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TJ Grierson (Auck)20260    
MJ Godby (Cant)36280    
H MacNeil (Ot)321180    
TG Eden (Nel)000117-?0.0011
J Wigzell (Nel)00074-?0.0000
IJ Salmon (Well)00043-?0.0000
JB Lockett (Well)00043-?0.0000
WC Kennedy (Well)00032-?0.0000
JW Blacklock (Well)00022-?0.0000
JAN Salmon (Well)00022-?0.0000
JTB Armitage (Well)00011-?0.0000
WA Fordham (Well)00011-?0.0000
A Cargill (Ot)121622-63.0000
HW Moore (Cant)284311-33.0000
DA Ashby (Cant)52070100176-275.8820
DJF Lynch (Auck)250268997-319.8810
W Frith (Cant)320367773-311.0000
WF Neilson (Cant)6824232-2114.0000
WF Buckland (Auck)124145742-2114.2500
WW Robinson (Auck)163135843-3614.5000
ETA Fuller (Cant)153116243-5415.5000
C Frith (Cant)188117832-3126.0000
WG Dixon (Ot)10175521-427.5000
WL Rees (Auck)4602811-1628.0000
GH Paramor (Ot)17879333-7631.0000
A Glen (Ot)8473411-2434.0000
TTL Austin (Ot)9245011-3750.0000





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