First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1917/18 (Ordered by Average)

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FA Midlane (Auck)6040    
FC Hutchison (Ot)6040    
LG Taylor (Auck)6060    
W Brook-Smith (Auck)12080    
AW Alloo (Ot)12190    
RH North (Cant)12090    
LAC Gordon (Cant)543140    
ANC Snedden (Auck)241140    
KH Tucker (Well)542160    
LG Hemus (Auck)120170    
EG Perrin (Cant)180260    
GB Heley (Sthd)420280    
W McMath (Auck)600330    
N Conradi (Ot)420350    
THV Dickel (Ot)1205380    
EA Bennett (Well)420450    
MH Dind (Well)271921-14.5000
WR Patrick (Ot)18977886-369.7510
WA Hay (Ot)55224192188-7010.6621
AW Thomas (Cant)47127153123-212.7500
DJ McBeath (Ot)62140204156-5213.6010
J Gray (Cant)3372211287-4414.0010
AWS Brice (Well)76432346247-6014.4121
BA Marris (Well)234713393-1914.7700
D Reese (Cant)210510475-5214.8510
RJ Coates (Auck)11864533-4515.0000
JN Crawford (Well)52318242165-4715.1231
H Simpson (Auck)15637754-7315.4000
CW Garrod (Well)4111315097-5916.6610
HN Lambert (Well)6024122-2620.5000
SG Smith (Auck)271718795-11220.7710
TO Livingston (Ot)4741719494-3321.5500
AV Poole (Sthd)192810444-10426.0000
JS Hiddleston (Well)62413354134-8427.2300
RC Blunt (Cant)48610273104-6027.3000
RJ Read (Cant)73435344124-4328.6600
JN McEwin (Cant)187012744-5431.7500
JA Doig (Sthd)222413244-13233.0000
FS Middleton (Auck)14027421-137.0000
CCR Dacre (Auck)6004311-1543.0000
SEV Brown (Sthd)5404611-4646.0000
WB Howell (Cant)21689721-2048.5000
DR Garrard (Auck)7207911-7979.0000





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