First-class Batting and Fielding in New Zealand for 1975/76 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
GM Turner (NZ,Ot)112041244177*77.755515 
GP Bilby (Well)58138794  55.28042 
NM Parker (Cant)812439875  49.750411 
PH Sharma (Ind)24114262*47.33012 
BG Hadlee (Cant)8141582107  44.76143 
M Amarnath (Ind)59230883  44.00022 
BL Cairns (NZ,CD)916353892  41.38051 
ADG Roberts (NZ,ND)10163528104*40.612011 
MG Burgess (NZ,Auck)10163518103*39.84139 
JV Coney (Well)6111395106  39.50217 
GA Newdick (Well)7132424112*38.54122 
MJ Harris (Well)711137683  37.600213 
BE Congdon (NZ,Cant)11183555110*37.00157 
RE Redmond (Auck)6110395123  35.90213 
LW Downes (CD)815728789*35.8702242
PG Coman (Cant)8141456103*35.07123 
JFM Morrison (NZ,Well)813141987  34.91026 
RW Morgan (Auck)610227784  34.62034 
TW Jarvis (Auck)59030276  33.55035 
SMH Kirmani (Ind)58316149  32.2000103
S Amarnath (Ind)480257124  32.12113 
MJF Shrimpton (CD)815144898  32.00033 
JD Riley (Auck)712232080  32.00016 
MJE Wright (ND)812328569*31.6601162
SM Gavaskar (Ind)6111313116  31.30117 
DB Vengsarkar (Ind)5100310130  31.00102 
IA Rutherford (Ot)9160480121  30.00125 
KJ Wadsworth (NZ,Cant)11141390117  30.0010321
LG McAlevey (Ot)2316048  30.00000 
Madan Lal (Ind)583149101*29.80106 
GN Edwards (CD)815044087  29.33044 
JF Reid (Auck)79317657*29.3301143
HC Sampson (Ot)918149790  29.23047 
AEW Parsons (Auck)611225852*28.66014 
BP Patel (Ind)611030981  28.09032 
BF Hastings (NZ,Cant)9140388114  27.71125 
KN Puna (ND)36211039  27.50004 
RW Anderson (Ot)918146269  27.17038 
JG Wright (ND)510026768  26.70023 
RW Fulton (ND)814231881*26.50014 
GR Viswanath (Ind)510123883  26.44022 
BD Smith (Well)711223361  25.88014 
DW Stead (Cant)811124665  24.600211 
DP Lloyd (ND)57017031  24.28001 
R Sudhakar Rao (Ind)2409734  24.25002 
B Dunning (ND)711123673  23.60027 
RW Smith (Well)711025057  22.72022 
RW Hutchison (CD)713127145  22.58002 
RJ Hadlee (NZ,Cant)912320053*22.22013 
BJ McKechnie (Ot)915228751  22.07014 
JM McIntyre (Auck)2212214*22.00000 
JW Warrington (Auck)36013180  21.83011 
RA Pierce (CD)713028070  21.53026 
DW Neal (CD)36012947  21.50002 
JM Parker (NZ,ND)1118136570  21.47018 
EJ Chatfield (Well)7746018*20.00000 
WK Lees (Ot)916129672  19.7302225
KO Campbell (Ot)815323457*19.50019 
CMH Atkinson (CD)1203929  19.50001 
EAS Prasanna (Ind)5627728  19.25006 
HJ Howarth (NZ,Auck)9957221  18.000012 
DH Payton (CD)713022535  17.300014 
DR Hadlee (NZ,Cant)1013118434  15.33002 
BA Edgar (Well)2414616  15.33003 
RW Ormiston (CD)47010631  15.14002 
CW Dickeson (ND)8939034*15.00007 
RO Collinge (NZ,ND)9727439  14.80001 
GD Alabaster (Ot)3515820  14.50003 
AJP Stimpson (ND)5735718*14.25001 
S Venkataraghavan (Ind)3405532  13.75004 
RS Cunis (ND)7718229  13.66004 
DR O'Sullivan (NZ,CD)914413039*13.00001 
T Vaikvee (Well)5625216*13.00002 
JR Wiltshire (Auck)2413921  13.00001 
AB Jordan (CD)81056323*12.60002 
CM Kuggeleijn (ND)2312515*12.50003 
EJ Gray (Well)3506124  12.20002 
AD Gaekwad (Ind)1202417  12.00000 
GB Thomson (Ot)913410234*11.330011 
P Krishnamurthy (Ind)2312113  10.500011
AJ Hill (CD)1202113  10.50001 
RA Penhearow (ND)22197  9.00000 
BW Cederwall (Well)11099  9.00000 
SB Cater (Well)3504340  8.60002 
GB Troup (Auck)331176*8.50001 
SL Boock (Cant)7944221  8.40003 
RI Thomas (CD)7824822  8.00001 
BS Bedi (Ind)4503430  6.80002 
DEC McKechnie (Ot)71208121  6.75002 
AR Hounsell (Cant)6613127*6.20003 
LW Stott (Auck)7512213*5.50001 
CJ Ross (Well)773217*5.25002 
PJ Petherick (Ot)9118144  4.66005 
GJ Williams (Ot)12099  4.50000 
MJ Coles (Well)55374  3.50001 
IR Snook (CD)360198  3.16000 
RC Matthews (Auck)65295  3.00004 
ED Solkar (Ind)11033  3.00000 
PR Morris (Ot)56385  2.66002 
BS Chandrasekhar (Ind)56375*2.33002 
GV Giles (ND)12011  0.50000 
RJ Hunter (Auck)22000  0.00002 
DG Trist (Cant)22000  0.00003 
LRJ Eckhoff (Ot)11000  0.00000 
H Unka (ND)21000  0.00000 
J Freeman (ND)11000  0.00001 
RJ Webb (Ot)11000  0.00001 
DW Bracewell (Cant)3332320* 000 
RJ Griffiths (ND)11111* 001 
SJ Harris (ND)10      0 
RD Bennett (Auck)10      0 





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