First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1981/82 (Ordered by Average)

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KJ Hughes (Aus)121311-33.00 00
DA Dempsey (Cant)121911-09.00 00
AR Border (Aus)12355243-2013.00 00
RJ Hadlee (NZ,Cant)2546128867596-2614.69 70
MH Toynbee (CD)15176843-3417.00 00
EJ Chatfield (NZ,Well,NIs)2378135868515-2917.01 20
J Dyson (Aus)1801811-1818.00 00
DC Aberhart (CD)123679455245-4618.95 20
GC Bateman (Cant)95857323175-6219.00 10
BL Cairns (NZ,ND)2228113816416-1919.90 30
JM McIntyre (Auck)117488379194-6319.94 00
ATR Hellaby (Auck)4983017284-1721.50 00
PE McEwan (Cant)3591317383-2521.62 00
SL Boock (Ot)142284592276-9521.92 10
JV Coney (NZ,Well,NIs)69636247113-5422.45 00
ADG Roberts (ND)4023013662-1222.66 00
BP Bracewell (Ot)91339393174-4123.11 00
SJ Maguiness (Well)85631398174-4223.41 00
SM Carrington (ND,NIs)121640611265-6923.50 10
JG Bracewell (Ot)143474660287-923.57 20
GB Troup (NZ,Auck)163361827344-2924.32 00
LW Stott (Auck)157576657275-11524.33 10
CW Dickeson (ND)144084498205-5924.90 10
SR Gillespie (ND)103253402164-6425.12 00
JA Williams (Well)113046555224-2625.22 00
DK Lillee (Aus)4742318373-1326.14 00
MC Snedden (NZ,Auck,NIs)2051731050404-1526.25 00
PW Hills (Ot)49219289114-7126.27 00
IT Donnelly (Auck)224610644-7026.50 00
DJ White (ND)57221319126-4526.58 10
SJ Gill (CD)3842016363-6027.16 00
B Yardley (Aus)90250462174-8027.17 00
EJ Gray (Well,NIs)159786661244-5827.54 00
DG Farrant (Cant)20498431-728.00 00
BW Cederwall (Well)3811119874-6528.28 00
PJ Holland (Well)14458531-828.33 00
JR Thomson (Aus)6543923884-5129.75 00
GP Howarth (NZ,ND)4332415052-530.00 00
TM Alderman (Aus)82137362123-3530.16 00
DA Stirling (CD)343921376-7530.42 10
ND Pollock (ND)17479332-4831.00 00
JM Parker (ND)4803111-3131.00 00
B Abernethy (Ot)4681925184-8531.37 00
SR McNally (Cant)132059558174-5732.82 00
MF Gill (CD)89134496156-5733.06 10
MD Jamieson (CD)5702620362-4433.83 00
JFM Morrison (NZ,Well,NIs)252177022-5235.00 00
GK Robertson (CD)6003024873-5735.42 00
RI Leggat (Cant)10837222-4636.00 00
LS Pascoe (Aus)174311032-5336.66 00
VR Brown (Cant)222107522-3137.50 00
BR Blair (Ot)5302824262-6840.33 00
DW Stead (Cant)122869534133-3941.07 00
DR O'Sullivan (CD)181585748174-8844.00 00
GC Osborne (Ot)13884511-1045.00 00
AJ Farrant (Cant)14484511-2645.00 00
WG Hodgson (CD)6604711-3447.00 00
WP Fowler (Auck)12009522-6647.50 00
SN Bateman (Cant)10875411-5454.00 00
GS Chappell (Aus)210105811-3058.00 00
RJ Bright (Aus)2521015621-6678.00 00
WK Lees (Ot)6100    
RW Anderson (CD)12110    
BG Cooper (ND)6010    
PJ Rattray (Cant)6040    
JR Wiltshire (CD,NIs)6040    
IDS Smith (NZ,CD)1040    
GN Edwards (CD)12140    
GJ Dawson (Ot)3070    
AJ Hunt (Auck)180140    
RT Latham (Cant)200150    
JG Wright (NZ,ND,NIs)421150    
JF Reid (NZ,Auck)321210    
GP Wheeler (Well)602300    
MD Crowe (NZ,Auck,NIs)1478590    
RA Pierce (CD)1689760    
DJ Walker (Ot)1385780    
SJ Scott (ND)17471100    





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