First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1993/94 (Ordered by Average)

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Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pak)6100    
KR Rutherford (NZ,Ot)6100    
PW Dobbs (Ot)6040    
NR Mongia (Ind)6040    
Saeed Anwar (Pak)6040    
VG Kambli (Ind)6060    
MD Bailey (ND)18180    
NS Sidhu (Ind)300100    
AD Jadeja (Ind)181110    
LG Howell (Cant,NZAc)240110    
AJ Bradley (ND)302110    
SWJ Wilson (CD)120130    
CJW Finch (Ot)422150    
GP McRae (CD)240180    
M Prabhakar (Ind)722220    
CD Ingham (CD)60230    
SP Fleming (NZ,Cant,NZAc)300240    
RJ Kennedy (Ot)1145400    
JE Spice (ND)542410    
GR Stead (Cant)1207440    
CW Ross (ND)17413500    
AR Roberts (Well)1084560    
Basit Ali (Pak)1203680    
PJ Wiseman1140770    
Akram Raza (Pak)22213810    
AC Barnes (Auck)303622-23.0000
JTC Vaughan (Auck)41026117104-2711.7000
LK Germon (Cant,NZAc)1001211-1212.0000
RG Petrie (Well)11834333-4314.3300
CW Flanagan (Cant)97563335236-3014.5621
JBM Furlong (CD)9573022-3015.0000
MF Sharpe (Cant)73231299194-5915.7300
MW Priest (Cant)1568102458286-7216.3510
CM Brown (Auck,NZAc)87151330206-5016.5011
Wasim Akram (Pak)118055486297-11916.7521
SW Brown (Auck)4022016295-5618.0010
JW Wilson (Ot)5162914484-2918.0000
C Pringle (NZ,Auck)105950397227-5618.0421
W Watson (Auck)80840296164-3018.5000
AJ Gale (Ot)118760445226-7520.2220
DJ Nash (NZ,Ot,NZAc)138163537266-3020.6530
Aamer Sohail (Pak)7834321-921.5000
MC Goodson (Well,NZAc)156488539256-4821.5620
RL Hayes (ND,NZAc)101147415194-4121.8400
RR Rotch (Well)16296733-6722.3300
GR Jonas (Well)87443340154-4822.6600
Waqar Younis (Pak)90232490216-7823.3310
MB Owens (NZ,Cant)91244380163-3123.7500
NJ Astle (Cant)7055721492-1223.7700
SJ Roberts (Cant)102039454195-7023.8910
DK Morrison (NZ,Auck)81331407174-5223.9400
BG Cooper (ND)4762414662-1424.3300
CZ Harris (Cant)234117332-2324.3300
ML Su'a (Auck)80733444186-5624.6620
JD Wells (Well)68041297126-5924.7510
RK Chauhan (Ind)3841217573-9725.0000
DN Patel (Auck)85148316126-4326.3310
Mushtaq Ahmed (Pak)10217933-7926.3300
DJ Leonard (CD)64822345133-1826.5300
KP Smith (ND)6664224295-3926.8810
GE Bradburn (ND)115851489184-9927.1600
EJ Marshall (Ot)102239469175-2727.5810
HT Davis (Well,NZAc)172368861315-3727.7710
MJ Stephens (ND)90850394145-10128.1410
MH Austen (Well)226155821-629.0000
RP Wixon (Ot)164198471165-8329.4320
SB Doull (NZ,ND)100826553185-6630.7210
RA Smith (Ot)4792318562-1630.8300
JM Paul (Ot)3721915553-3431.0000
RG Morgan (ND)5402428593-7431.6600
Ashfaq Ahmed (Pak)303916053-7132.0000
SW Duff (CD)162270583184-11132.3800
MN Hart (NZ,ND)152059738225-6633.5410
DM Cooper (CD)7203411-3434.0000
WA Wisneski (CD)6701731095-11534.4410
RP de Groen (NZ,ND)85237420125-8935.0010
RM Ford (Cant)6124217852-1835.6000
CD Lee (Auck)74733373103-3437.3000
Shoaib Mohammad (Pak)14447821-1139.0000
J Srinath (Ind)8103132284-6040.2500
GR Larsen (Well)4502316142-4040.2500
Kapil Dev (Ind)18058221-2941.0000
MJ Pawson (CD)15648422-1842.0000
A Somani (ND)2681112832-1442.6600
SA Ankola (Ind)2821112932-4443.0000
SA Thomson (NZ)444730272-4643.1400
DJ Hartshorn (CD)140766585134-12445.0000
LJ Doull (Well)5643522552-2145.0000
CL Cairns (NZ)14439022-7545.0000
Ata-ur-Rehman (Pak)4921532173-5045.8500
PD Unwin (Cant)7322930262-9450.3300
BS Oxenham (Auck)8135211-4852.0000
DC Blake (CD)9423542182-2952.6200
A Kumble (Ind)7684122942-3757.2500
SLV Raju (Ind)7043023342-1458.2500
MJ Haslam (Auck,NZAc)7754030552-2861.0000
Aamer Nazir (Pak)504932553-2065.0000
Asif Mujtaba (Pak)175126711-3867.0000
RK Brown (CD)216117711-2477.0000
RG Twose (CD)7982735341-2488.2500
Saleem Malik (Pak)186411811-71118.0000
MJ Sears (Well)2701112011-24120.0000





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