First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 2002/03 (Ordered by Average)

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MH Richardson (NZ,Auck)180711-37.00 00
JDP Oram (NZ,CD)58135183154-4112.20 00
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)41625137114-3512.45 00
CZ Harris (Cant)4811311-1313.00 00
Z Khan (Ind)32612151115-2913.72 20
DR Tuffey (NZ,ND)63934240174-1214.11 00
MDJ Walker (Well)2415135810456-11418.00 20
AJ Penn (Well)139872523296-3318.03 10
IE O'Brien (Well)154283631346-10318.55 20
SB O'Connor (Ot)2246136786425-5518.71 20
MJ Mason (CD)2120120787406-5619.67 21
AR Adams (Auck)174106132-2820.33 00
AB Agarkar (Ind)177710454-5020.80 00
KP Walmsley (Ot)185084777376-7421.00 10
SB Bangar (Ind)16276332-2321.00 00
SE Bond (NZ,Cant)72429384184-3321.33 00
CD McMillan (NZ,Cant)2341110952-2321.80 00
TK Canning (Auck)24601331011465-6221.97 10
JEC Franklin (Well)110035523226-4023.77 10
SB Styris (NZ,ND)306814363-2823.83 00
Harbhajan Singh (Ind)336516772-2023.85 00
IG Butler (ND)116544597255-4423.88 10
GS Shaw (Auck)44410263115-7323.90 10
WC McSkimming (Ot)161688640265-4024.61 10
AM Schwass (CD)135673542205-3827.10 10
BE Hefford (CD)1926118684254-5327.36 00
KD Mills (Auck)64332290103-5529.00 00
WA Wisneski (Cant)106535558195-6929.36 20
GW Aldridge (ND)5282423683-12629.50 00
JAH Marshall (ND)9926121-530.50 00
GL West (ND)65023383124-5831.91 00
A Nehra (Ind)3951419463-3432.33 00
CR Pryor (Auck)1950701023315-5933.00 10
GR Stead (Cant)8423311-3233.00 00
HT Davis (Auck)100753407124-9333.91 00
JAF Yovich (ND)162061816245-4934.00 20
MR Jefferson (Well)5222020463-3834.00 00
JD Ryder (CD)6613511-535.00 00
JM McMillan (Ot)108644530154-5635.33 00
JM How (CD)216510733-7335.66 00
SL Stewart (Cant)12637221-1236.00 00
AJ Redmond (Cant)88533480133-6836.92 00
HJ Shaw (Cant)14477621-2338.00 00
GP Sulzberger (CD)2047102851224-5238.68 00
CL Cairns (Cant)14427822-1039.00 00
AC Barnes (Auck)4982523562-1339.16 00
AM Ellis (Cant)6262435494-8139.33 00
RJ Nicol (Auck)306716242-2640.50 00
MG Orchard (ND)5102229372-2541.85 00
LJ Hamilton (CD)166175799194-3642.05 00
CS Martin (Cant)179278807194-6942.47 00
BP Donkers (Cant)99648515123-3742.91 00
BP Martin (ND)126555560135-4843.07 10
MJ Horne (Auck)3241813132-5843.66 00
BGK Walker (Auck)94232547124-7745.58 00
ND Morland (Ot)154881645142-1746.07 00
SL Andrews (ND)228139521-447.50 00
JS Patel (Well)5582524052-4548.00 00
DL Vettori (NZ,ND)3781414632-5648.66 00
PJ Wiseman (Cant)207890937194-12249.31 00
T Yohannan (Ind)2581110521-2752.50 00
MR Gillespie (Well)3481615831-2952.66 00
NT Broom (Cant)10865311-853.00 00
PG Fulton (Cant)3001516031-553.33 00
LJ Woodcock (Well)6443523341-1058.25 00
Mohammad Wasim (Ot)13875911-259.00 00
TR Anderson (CD)9016811-6868.00 00
AJ McKay (Auck)2821016121-2180.50 00
DJ Reddington (Ot)174108211-2782.00 00
BJ Nielsen (Auck)9186334142-8885.25 00
GR Todd (CD)252819321-2596.50 00
AD Turner (Well)4141920722-56103.50 00
GR Loveridge (CD)150210811-52108.00 00
JW Wilson (Ot)7142040232-49134.00 00
MN Hart (ND)234313611-24136.00 00
CD Cumming (Ot)5763319111-28191.00 00
NKW Horsley (ND)12110    
HJH Marshall (ND)6030    
MD Bell (Well)1030    
MHW Papps (Cant)6040    
JW Sheed (Ot)12090    
AJ Hore (Ot)9090    
SC Ganguly (Ind)120110    
CJ Cornelius (Cant)421190    
TG McIntosh (Auck)382280    
AM Wilkinson (Ot)721530    
DG Sewell (Ot)1565570    
GD Irwin (ND)1367630    
PJ Franks (Cant)22891210    





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