First-class Bowling in West Indies for 1912/13 (Ordered by Average)

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N Betancourt (WI,Trin)6010    
CA Browne (Bar,WI)6020    
CV Hunter (BG,WI)120160    
M Cipriani (Trin)603170    
CD Phillips (WI)180200    
HA Croal (BG)420330    
SM Worme (Bar)723340    
LS Constantine (Trin,WI)1143430    
FE de Gannes (Trin)723510    
G John (Trin,WI)61135229176-9313.4710
PEF Cressall (BG)3001411-1414.0000
JA Small (WI,Trin)4563013697-4915.1110
E Humphreys (MCC)150554670407-7516.7551
NRS Archer (Bar)3481812874-2118.2800
SG Smith (MCC)132060532296-4518.3410
PF Ouckram (BG)168310454-2920.8000
JE Chabrol (BG)245314874-3121.1400
JCS Rogers (Trin,WI)67426325156-8221.6610
WSH Fields (Bar)3261415875-5822.5710
AE Relf (MCC)122955506225-3223.0010
SD Hinds (BG)4021318683-4023.2500
RC Ollivierre (WI)68525304135-6823.3810
VS Pascall (Trin,WI)61527238104-8323.8000
HW Ince (Bar,WI)252612553-3425.0000
G Challenor (WI,Bar)48520272104-7027.2000
A Jaques (MCC)240614552-3129.0000
WO Gibbs (Bar,WI)5291726393-729.2200
SG Fairbairn (MCC)60014373123-5531.0800
MHC Doll (MCC)3981129195-5232.3310
GAM Docker (MCC)210016952-6633.8000
AG Gomes (BG)168210533-4335.0000
CP Cumberbatch (Trin,WI)3121213131-843.6600
WC Smith (MCC)5762526852-11653.6000
OH Layne (BG,WI)12626111-6161.0000
APFC Somerset (MCC)402725442-4563.5000
FEWG Austin (Bar)204112921-4864.5000
A Cipriani (Trin,WI)214410511-58105.0000





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