Cricketer Cup Matches played on Arundel Castle Cricket Club Ground, Arundel (6)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
7th August 2016 The Cricketer Cup 2016 FinalOld Cranleighans v Old Malvernianscrcup1525
6th August 2017 The Cricketer Cup 2017 FinalOld Eastbournians v Old Wellingtonianscrcup1556
12th August 2018 The Cricketer Cup 2018 FinalOld Cranleighans v Old Malvernianscrcup1586
11th August 2019 The Cricketer Cup 2019 FinalOld Tonbridgians v Oundle Roverscrcup1616
9th August 2020 The Cricketer Cup 2020 Finalnot known v not knowncrcup1616af
8th August 2021 The Cricketer Cup 2021 FinalOld Millfieldians v Oundle Roverscrcup1651
7th August 2022 The Cricketer Cup 2022 FinalBradfield Waifs v Old Millfieldianscrcup1684
13th August 2023 The Cricketer Cup 2023 Finalnot known v not knowncrcup1717





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