First-class Bowling in Australia for 1884/85 (Ordered by Average)

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BCE Kemp (SAus)8090    
HCS Hiddleston (NSW)160100    
PS McDonnell (Aus,Vic)120110    
J Briggs (Eng,Shaw)323130    
J Noel (SAus)321170    
HJH Scott (Aus,Vic)362180    
GR Browning (Vic)604240    
G Alexander (Aus)403240    
AC Bannerman (Aus,NSW)484240    
WH Cooper (Aus)724260    
C Bannerman (NSW)1008360    
GJ Bonnor (Aus,NSW,Vic)12014470    
JU Rundell (SAus)192244165-316.8310
JE Barrett (Vic)29637112116-4910.1821
WA Tobin (Vic)112133732-1712.3300
W Barnes (Eng,Shaw)1129148344266-3113.2310
TP Horan (Aus,Vic)40947164126-4013.6610
GE Palmer (Aus,Vic)937118298216-2614.1931
W Bates (Eng,Shaw)70596206145-2414.7120
W Flowers (Eng,Shaw)1194158332228-3115.0920
W Attewell (Eng,Shaw)2109332428285-1915.2810
G Ulyett (Eng,Shaw)996126361204-5218.0500
E Evans (Aus,NSW)3012913074-6718.5700
FR Spofforth (Aus,NSW)1216131469256-9018.7631
SP Jones (Aus,NSW)53051227125-5418.9110
H Moses (NSW)4431911-1919.0000
JJ Lyons (SAus)3641911-1919.0000
R Peel (Eng,Shaw)2654346673357-2719.2220
WR Robertson (Aus,Vic)4254616685-4620.7510
JW Trumble (Aus,Vic)970107343166-8421.4310
G Giffen (Aus,SAus)108497484217-11723.0431
AP Marr (Aus,NSW)4725217573-7525.0000
W Bruce (Aus,Vic)1206116507204-3025.3500
TW Garrett (Aus,NSW)1235155399146-6528.5010
PG McShane (Aus,Vic)4764521773-931.0000
F Downes (NSW)5956225984-4932.3700
HF Boyle (Aus)2882811632-9538.6600
TA Caterer (SAus)124154211-4242.0000
J Worrall (Aus,Vic)3684116943-4742.2500
S Morris (Aus,Vic)3602519642-6649.0000





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