First-class Bowling in Australia for 1903/04 (Ordered by Average)

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W Bruce (Vic)6050    
H Strudwick (MCC)30260    
SE Gregory (Aus,NSW)12080    
CB Jennings (SAus)6080    
VS Ransford (Vic)300170    
GKB Bailey (Tas)301210    
GH Drummond (MCC)300210    
AFA Lilley (Eng,MCC)421230    
TA Tabart (Tas)481240    
C Hill (Aus,SAus)180250    
TW Hayward (Eng,MCC)845270    
DA Gee (NSW)421270    
JT Tyldesley (Eng,MCC)481280    
PF Warner (Eng,MCC)603280    
JH Savigny (Tas)120290    
EL James (Tas)420360    
H Hale (Tas)180380    
JT Howlett (Vic)1207620    
AE Evans (SAus)1204720    
WT Grounds (NSW)11412863-11.3300
RM Osborne (Vic)273129795-3710.7710
A Cotter (Aus,NSW)73719404306-4013.4620
HJ Hill (SAus)15484533-2715.0000
W Rhodes (Eng,MCC)26671151055658-6816.2372
FE Chancellor (Tas)3041113986-11717.3710
JW Lewis (Qld)3003722-2418.5000
H Trumble (Aus,Vic)137862528287-2818.8520
EG Arnold (Eng,MCC)2155102884464-819.2100
DL Miller (Qld)228715485-4619.2510
AH Christian (Vic)3151413775-2419.5710
LC Braund (Eng,MCC)167958729378-4319.7030
J Fitzgerald (Qld)186512163-5220.1600
LW Pye (NSW)288138443-4921.0000
AE Knight (Eng,MCC)8424322-3421.5000
MA Noble (Aus,NSW)192387809377-10021.8620
AJ Bowden (NSW)84723398185-7022.1110
T Byrne (Qld)58821334155-7422.2620
A Fielder (Eng,MCC)83542323143-3523.0700
HB Griffith (Qld)254816373-3423.2800
GHS Trott (Vic)4848306135-3923.5310
AJY Hopkins (Aus,NSW)207492935395-4923.9730
GH Hirst (Eng,MCC)219188882365-3724.5020
N Claxton (SAus)104429515205-5625.7520
CE McLeod (Aus,Vic)79124344137-3426.4610
EAC Windsor (Tas)81028430164-10626.8700
BJT Bosanquet (Eng,MCC)1642231009376-4527.2720
WP Howell (Aus,NSW)207098854314-4327.5400
A McBeath (NSW)140277498183-4027.6600
TS Warne (Vic)13229133-9130.3300
RBC Rees (SAus)81921395136-8030.3811
AE Relf (Eng,MCC)77244304103-4830.4000
DRA Gehrs (Aus,SAus)6006221-1831.0000
A Henry (Qld)328918764-4931.1600
DR Smith (Tas)360625084-11131.2500
RE Foster (Eng,MCC)4223411-3434.0000
FJ Laver (Aus,Vic)113446556163-3134.7500
NY Deane (NSW)3602110532-6635.0000
ADW Fisher (NSW)2761410832-4136.0000
GG Black (NSW)12067322-4136.5000
JV Saunders (Aus,Vic)141752736204-11036.8000
CJ Eady (Tas)248912033-4040.0000
H Hay (SAus)5522130072-2042.8500
PH Coombe (SAus)6624511-2245.0000
WW Armstrong (Aus,Vic)11214936283-1045.2500
FB Johnson (NSW)4681122852-5245.6000
JF Giller (Vic)15039622-5948.0000
FT Hack (SAus)169310222-3951.0000
JH Pellew (SAus)6615311-1953.0000
BW Farquhar (NSW)8415911-4059.0000
AG Addison (Tas)6006411-6464.0000
JPF Travers (SAus)11585149172-7470.1400
FB Collins (Vic)3541514522-3572.5000
JC Reedman (SAus)396923732-2879.0000
M Ellis (Vic)17478711-3387.0000
HJ Fry (Vic)11429011-2490.0000
GD Paton (Tas)2521011911-21119.0000
VT Trumper (Aus,NSW)264415211-38152.0000
G Giffen (SAus)450926311-129263.0000





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