First-class Bowling in England for 1836 (Ordered by Average)

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J Cobbett (Eng,MCC,Play,Sth)000437-?0.0031
J Bayley (Eng,MCC,Play,Sth)000426-?0.0040
S Redgate (Eng,Nth,Play)000397-?0.0052
T Barker (Yor,Eng,MCC,Nth,Play)000297-?0.0021
CG Taylor (CU,MCC,Gent)000285-?0.0020
A Mynn (Kent,Gent,MCC,Sth)000265-?0.0010
JH Kirwan (CU)000239-?0.0031
JC Ryle (OU)000226-?0.0021
J Dearman (Yor,Nth)000207-?0.0031
W Pilch (Norf)000197-?0.0031
AA Farmer (CU)000196-?0.0011
GTW Sibthorp (OU)000175-?0.0010
J Broadbridge (Sx)000104-?0.0000
C Wright (Norf)000104-?0.0000
AJ Lowth (Gent)00095-?0.0010
CJ Harenc (Kent,MCC)00076-?0.0010
GE Dawson (Yor)00075-?0.0010
J Strange (MCC,Gent)00074-?0.0000
B Good (MCC,Eng,Nth)00062-?0.0000
FP Fenner (CTC,Nth)00063-?0.0000
R Price (OU)00064-?0.0000
C Creswell (Nth)00054-?0.0000
J Taylor (Sx,Sth)00053-?0.0000
WP Bolland (MCC)00053-?0.0000
TM Adams (Kent)00042-?0.0000
TR Barker (Yor)00043-?0.0000
R Mills (Kent,Play,Sth)00042-?0.0000
M Daplyn (Norf)00033-?0.0000
F Pilch (Kent,Norf,Eng,MCC,Nth,Play)40833-?0.0000
DB Edwards (CTC)00021-?0.0000
T Marsden (Eng,Nth)00022-?0.0000
G Jarvis (Eng,Nth,Play)00022-?0.0000
C Goring (OU)00022-?0.0000
N Darnell (Gent)00011-?0.0000
W Bagge (Norf)00011-?0.0000
WP Mynn (Kent,MCC,Gent)00011-?0.0000
W Clifford (Kent,Play,Sth)00011-?0.0000
RJP Broughton (CU,MCC)00011-?0.0000
A Spinks (Norf)00011-?0.0000
EH Grimston (OU,Gent)00011-?0.0000
JF Fagge00011-?0.0000
G Millyard (Sx,Sth)0021195-?5.2510
WR Hillyer (Kent,MCC,Sth)8009206-?9.0010
FW Lillywhite (Sx,Sth)0025519-?25.0062





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