First-class Bowling in India for 1908/09 (Ordered by Average)

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PM Heath (Eur)12050    
RP Meherhomji (Par)301100    
NM Dinshaw (Par)664250    
JS Warden (Par)258586116-217.8121
JSW Milne (Eur)3248121135-219.3010
KA Date (Hin)13225354-1710.6000
KE Cooper (Eur)17365652-411.2000
FDH Joy (Eur)64827330287-2411.7832
BP Shivram (Hin)10825542-2513.7500
EE Coombs (Eur)9644232-3114.0000
MB Vatcha (Par)36212158115-5714.3610
PA Erasha (Hin)216410574-5115.0000
JG Greig (Eur)15676343-3315.7500
KB Mistry (Par)5162221093-3723.3300
SF Madon (Par)138124822-3524.0000
BP Baloo (Hin)13285122-5125.5000
WB Talpade (Hin)11455221-2626.0000
JT Turner (Eur)13135621-1028.0000
WOM Mosse (Eur)5423111-1931.0000
KM Mistry (Par)17496322-3131.5000
HE Cheetham (Eur)15637022-3835.0000





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