First-class Bowling in Scotland for 2006 (Ordered by Average)

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AR White (Ire)12110    
JP Bray (Ire)241110    
NRP Scholtz (Nam)420260    
PJK Mooney (Ire)660570    
DR Brown (Sco)11683755-377.4010
CM Wright (Sco)18696773-149.5700
RT Lyons (Sco)13085154-1010.2000
WK McCallan (Ire)6012222-2211.0000
D Langford-Smith (Ire)14446965-6511.5010
PJC Hoffmann (Sco)252139375-1413.2810
DT Johnston (Ire)16858453-1216.8000
GM Hamilton (Sco)5421711-1717.0000
DB Kotze (Nam)12655333-5317.6600
SF Burger (Nam)7215022-5025.0000
G Goudie (Sco)8135021-425.0000
JF Mooney (Ire)7433711-3737.0000
JAR Blain (Sco)9024111-4141.0000
G Snyman (Nam)16269222-9246.0000
MC van Zyl (Nam)9016111-6161.0000
KB Burger (Nam)13277111-7171.0000
JD Nel (Sco)180410011-60100.0000





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