Leinster League Premier Division 2018 - Four Wickets in an Innings

7-28J CarrollLeinster v PembrokeObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1723
6-8P MehtaMerrion v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1766
6-9S BahadurLeinster v PhoenixObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1761
6-30N ShankarMerrion v LeinsterAnglesea Road, Dublinlein1758
5-16M NofalNorth County v The HillsThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1735
5-16M NofalNorth County v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1750
5-26MC SorensenThe Hills v LeinsterThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1767
5-35L ClintonThe Hills v LeinsterObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1741
5-37S DuttClontarf v YMCAClaremont Road, Dublinlein1744
5-40FB TuckerPembroke v ClontarfCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1749
5-55DCA DelanyClontarf v MerrionCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1737
4-7JJ GarthPembroke v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1736
4-15S BlackPhoenix v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1772
4-16AJ PienaarClontarf v The HillsThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1756
4-22R StrydomPhoenix v ClontarfPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1731
4-24DCA DelanyClontarf v The HillsCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1722
4-29JL BarnesYMCA v North CountyClaremont Road, Dublinlein1733
4-29ASA CoughlanNorth County v PembrokeThe Inch, Dublinlein1743
4-31EJ RichardsonNorth County v PembrokeSydney Parade, Dublinlein1765
4-33T Rooney MurphyThe Hills v YMCAThe Vineyard, Dublinlein1729
4-37D VernonPhoenix v ClontarfCastle Avenue, Dublinlein1757
4-41M NevilleMerrion v LeinsterObservatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublinlein1730
4-41HT TectorYMCA v North CountyThe Inch, Dublinlein1759
4-42P LawsonPembroke v MerrionSydney Parade, Dublinlein1727
4-45A CloughLeinster v PhoenixPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1728
4-70D VernonPhoenix v North CountyPhoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublinlein1750





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