The Rose Bowl, Southampton - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3NC JohnsonSussex v Hampshire2001a13584
3AD MascarenhasMiddlesex v Hampshire2002a14277
3WS KendallSussex v Hampshire2003a15095
3DJG SammyBangladesh v West Indies2004a16148
3JL LangerHampshire v Somerset2007a18226
3CC BenhamLeicestershire v Hampshire2009a19768
3IR BellIndia v England2011a21502
3ML TurnerHampshire v Derbyshire2013a22690
3AB LondonBangladesh A v Hampshire2013a22737
3JS GattingSussex v Hampshire2015a24162
2WS KendallWorcestershire v Hampshire2001a13476
2WS KendallEssex v Hampshire2001a13511
2DG CorkHampshire v Derbyshire2001a13601
2CT TremlettDerbyshire v Hampshire2001a13601
2WS KendallGlamorgan v Hampshire2001a13641
2LR PrittipaulLancashire v Hampshire2001a13666
2PN GoverIreland v Hampshire Cricket Board2001a13711
2NC JohnsonGloucestershire v Hampshire2002a14286
2MW GoodwinHampshire v Sussex2002a14391
2RA SmithLancashire v Hampshire2002a14415
2J WoodHampshire v Lancashire2002a14415
2MJ ChiltonHampshire v Lancashire2002a14415
2CB KeeganHampshire v Middlesex2002a14514
2MW GoodwinHampshire v Sussex2003a15075
2SD UdalMiddlesex v Hampshire2003a15082
2SM KatichSomerset v Hampshire2003a15125
2JP CrawleyScotland v Hampshire2003a15234
2N HussainHampshire v Essex2004a15855
2DA KenwayEssex v Hampshire2004a15855
2AD MascarenhasEssex v Hampshire2004a15855
2GA LambLancashire v Hampshire2004a15982
2RDB CroftHampshire v Glamorgan2004a16046
2BV TaylorGlamorgan v Hampshire2004a16046
2SC GangulyKenya v India2004a16135
2U AfzaalHampshire v Northamptonshire2005a16649
2SD UdalNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2005a16649
2CT TremlettNorthamptonshire v Hampshire2005a16649
2JP CrawleyGlamorgan v Hampshire2005a16676
2KJ LatoufMiddlesex v Hampshire2005a16831
2SP FlemingHampshire v Nottinghamshire2005a16859
2SD UdalKent v Hampshire2006a17430
2JTA BruceKent v Hampshire2006a17430
2CG TaylorHampshire v Gloucestershire2006a17458
2HJH MarshallHampshire v Gloucestershire2006a17458
2GA LambGlamorgan v Hampshire2006a17496
2CL WhiteHampshire v Somerset2006a17532
2Mohammad HafeezEngland v Pakistan2006a17594
2PD CollingwoodPakistan v England2006a17594
2GA HickHampshire v Worcestershire2006a17606
2MJ PowellHampshire v Glamorgan2006a17625
2GA LambGlamorgan v Hampshire2006a17625
2M KartikHampshire v Middlesex2007a18186
2MJ LumbIreland v Hampshire2007a18215
2ME TrescothickHampshire v Somerset2007a18226
2Azhar MahmoodHampshire v Surrey2007a18267
2JP CrawleyWarwickshire v Hampshire2007a18276
2JS AhmedHampshire v Essex2007a18306
2SK WarneNottinghamshire v Hampshire2007a18313
2JP CrawleyWarwickshire v Hampshire2007a18361
2SM ErvineGloucestershire v Hampshire2008a18964
2CC BenhamWorcestershire v Hampshire2008a18999
2MA CarberryLancashire v Hampshire2008a19088
2LA DawsonSussex v Hampshire2008a19103
2SM ErvineWorcestershire v Hampshire2009a19749
2MA CarberryMiddlesex v Hampshire2009a19827
2LA DawsonYorkshire v Hampshire2009a19870
2JR HopesEngland v Australia2009a19952
2K AliNottinghamshire v Hampshire2010a20550
2NFI McCallumHampshire v Scotland2010a20601
2SCJ BroadAustralia v England2010a20621
2GR BreeseHampshire v Durham2010a20694
2DR BriggsLeicestershire v Hampshire2010a20707
2PD CollingwoodPakistan v England2010a20774
2LA DawsonDurham v Hampshire2011a21421
2V KohliEngland v India2011a21502
2CS MacLeodHampshire v Scotland2012a21997
2EJG MorganWest Indies v England2012a22014
2ND McKenzieSomerset v Hampshire2012a22087
2JHK AdamsSomerset v Hampshire2012a22087
2ZS AnsariHampshire v Surrey2012a22091
2D ElgarEngland v South Africa2012a22117
2JHK AdamsDurham v Hampshire2013a22628
2GJ BaileyLancashire v Hampshire2013a22634
2Marshall AyubHampshire v Bangladesh A2013a22737
2MDT RobertsBangladesh A v Hampshire2013a22737
2JM VinceEssex v Hampshire2013a22747
2CP WoodEssex v Hampshire2013a22747
2GG WhiteHampshire v Northamptonshire2014a23466
2MNW SpriegelHampshire v Northamptonshire2014a23466
2AM RossingtonHampshire v Northamptonshire2014a23466
2JE RootNew Zealand v England2015a24134
2WR SmithMiddlesex v Hampshire2015a24182
2AM LilleyHampshire v Lancashire2015a24218
2KR BrownHampshire v Lancashire2015a24218
2MR MarshEngland v Australia2015a24241
2RS BoparaHampshire v Essex2016a24738
2AJ BlakeHampshire v Kent2016a24834
2TG HelmHampshire v Middlesex2017a25519
2LE PlunkettWest Indies v England2017a25730
2JM VinceEssex v Hampshire2018a26422
2JL DenlyHampshire v Kent2018a26438
2T Kohler-CadmoreHampshire v Yorkshire2018a26493
2GK BergYorkshire v Hampshire2018a26493





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