Seddon Park, Hamilton - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in Test cricket

3BA YoungIndia v New Zealand1993/94t1255
3RS MahanamaNew Zealand v Sri Lanka1996/97t1359
3SP FlemingIndia v New Zealand1998/99t1438
3AN CookNew Zealand v England2007/08t1866
3SP FlemingEngland v New Zealand2007/08t1866
3AN CookNew Zealand v England2007/08t1866
3LRPL TaylorBangladesh v New Zealand2009/10t1953
3RT PontingNew Zealand v Australia2009/10t1957
3DJG SammyNew Zealand v West Indies2013/14t2109
3JA RavalPakistan v New Zealand2016/17t2237
2MJ GreatbatchPakistan v New Zealand1992/93t1207
2MB OwensPakistan v New Zealand1992/93t1207
2KR RutherfordPakistan v New Zealand1992/93t1207
2Aamer SohailNew Zealand v Pakistan1992/93t1207
2RK ChauhanNew Zealand v India1993/94t1255
2SP FlemingIndia v New Zealand1993/94t1255
2CM SpearmanZimbabwe v New Zealand1995/96t1322
2NJ AstleZimbabwe v New Zealand1995/96t1322
2HK OlongaNew Zealand v Zimbabwe1995/96t1322
2PJ WisemanWest Indies v New Zealand1999/00t1477
2Waqar YounisNew Zealand v Pakistan2000/01t1540
2GE BradburnPakistan v New Zealand2000/01t1540
2MS SinclairBangladesh v New Zealand2001/02t1577
2MH RichardsonBangladesh v New Zealand2001/02t1577
2SP FlemingBangladesh v New Zealand2001/02t1577
2SP FlemingIndia v New Zealand2002/03t1633
2RS DravidNew Zealand v India2002/03t1633
2DR TuffeyIndia v New Zealand2002/03t1633
2Taufeeq UmarNew Zealand v Pakistan2003/04t1676
2Taufeeq UmarNew Zealand v Pakistan2003/04t1676
2PD CollingwoodNew Zealand v England2007/08t1866
2AJ StraussNew Zealand v England2007/08t1866
2VVS LaxmanNew Zealand v India2008/09t1915
2LRPL TaylorIndia v New Zealand2008/09t1915
2VVS LaxmanNew Zealand v India2008/09t1915
2V SehwagNew Zealand v India2008/09t1915
2DR TuffeyBangladesh v New Zealand2009/10t1953
2TG McIntoshBangladesh v New Zealand2009/10t1953
2TG SoutheeAustralia v New Zealand2009/10t1957
2BJ WatlingAustralia v New Zealand2009/10t1957
2Younis KhanNew Zealand v Pakistan2010/11t1990
2Azhar AliNew Zealand v Pakistan2010/11t1990
2GC SmithNew Zealand v South Africa2011/12t2036
2KS WilliamsonWest Indies v New Zealand2013/14t2109
2BB McCullumSri Lanka v New Zealand2015/16t2194
2KDK VithanageNew Zealand v Sri Lanka2015/16t2194
2Younis KhanNew Zealand v Pakistan2016/17t2237
2HM NichollsPakistan v New Zealand2016/17t2237





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