List A Matches played by Paul Shaw (12)

22nd June 1993 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1993 1st RoundStaffordshire v Hampshire Lichfield Road, Stone a8098
21st June 1994 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1994 1st RoundSurrey v Staffordshire The Foster's Oval, Kennington a8687
27th June 1995 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1995 1st RoundStaffordshire v Kent Lichfield Road, Stone a9303
25th June 1996 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1996 1st RoundStaffordshire v Derbyshire Lichfield Road, Stone a9923
24th June 1997 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1997 1st RoundNottinghamshire v Staffordshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham a10581
19th May 1999 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1999 2nd RoundDurham Cricket Board v Staffordshire Eastwood Gardens, Gateshead a11914
29th August 2001 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2002 1st RoundHertfordshire v Staffordshire Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City a13676
13th September 2001 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2002 2nd RoundNorthumberland v Staffordshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond a13715
29th May 2002 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2002 3rd RoundStaffordshire v Warwickshire Lichfield Road, Stone a14313
12th September 2002 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 2nd RoundHampshire Cricket Board v Staffordshire The Quarters, Hursley a14549
7th May 2003 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2003 3rd RoundStaffordshire v Surrey Lichfield Road, Stone a15101
5th May 2004 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2004 2nd RoundStaffordshire v Lancashire Lichfield Road, Stone a15877





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