Singapore Players (H)


S Hadapad (Kaybee)
H Haderup (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
S Haider (Singapore Pakistani Association)
H Haj Mohamed (Pera Knight Riders B)
H Hakim (Oracle Corporation)
Hallet (Royal Air Force)
Hallett (Royal Air Force)
L Hambly (Singapore Under-16s)
S Hameed Mohamed Yasin (Ceylon Sports Club C)
H Hamendra Yadav (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
MAK Hamid (Perhimponan Stia)
R Hamlyn (ANZUK Forces)
HF Hammond (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Hands (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
Han Kee Fong
M Hanrahan (Singapore)
SS Haque (Singapore)
B Hara (ANZA)
Harbans (Civil Service)
H Hardikkumar Anirudhbhai Shelat (Hawks Cricket Club)
H Hardik Shelat (Hawks Cricket Club)
P Hardman (United Services)
Hardy (Singapore Cricket Club)
EW Hare (Singapore Cricket Club)
D Haresh Sharma (Singapore Women)
S Hari (Barclays)
S Hari (Indi)
L Hariharan (Singapore Women)
H Hariharan Krishnamurthy (Singapore Indian Association, Singapore Indian Association Falcons)
J Harikaran Pooranakaran (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
A Harikrishnan Chalapathy (Indi)
H Harin Parekh (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
H Hari Raj (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
P Harish (Millenium United Cricket Club Under-17s )
Harkirat Singh (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
H Harkirat Singh (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
S Harkishan Shah (P and G Weekend Warriors)
S Harkishan Shah (Golden B)
Harkrishnan Singh (Singapore)
Harnam Singh (Singapore)
H Harneet Singh (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
H Haroon Mufti (ANZA, ANZA Champs)
DR Harper (Singapore Cricket Club)
Harpum (Royal Air Force)
Harrison (Combined Services)
H Harry Taylor (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
Harsh (Singapore Combined Schools)
A Harshal (Millenium United Cricket Club, Millenium United Cricket Club Royals)
H Harsh Kumar Bhakhri (Hawks Cricket Club)
J Hartle (Singapore Cricket Club)
Harvey (Public Services and Law)
H Hasan Najmul (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
H Haseeb Malik (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
M Hasen Nimbagal (Cognizant)
M Hasen Nimbagal (Horizon)
H Hasim Angara Moola (Tuskers Cricket Club Eagles)
N Hassan (Singapore Women)
N Hassan (Singapore Women)
CB Hatch (Singapore Cricket Club)
G Hawker (ANZA B, ANZA Champs)
Hawkin (Royal Air Force)
AC Hawtin (Royal Air Force, United Services)
WR Haxworth (Singapore Cricket Club)
Hayward (Singapore Cricket Club)
D Hayward (Singapore)
Hecker (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
Hemant (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
PN Hemanth Kumar (Andhra Cricket Club, Singapore)
H Hemanth Sukumaran (Golden B)
S Hemant Sankhe (Millenium United Cricket Club, Millenium United Cricket Club Braves)
Henderson (Combined Services)
S Heng (Singapore Cricket Association)
BJ Henry (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
SB Henson (Singapore Cricket Club)
C Hewetson (Singapore Cricket Club)
CJ Hewitt (Singapore Cricket Club)
B Heyman (ANZA B)
EL Heywood (Combined Services)
GR Higgie (Singapore)
M Higgins (ANZA B, ANZA C)
AL Hill (umpire)
H Himanshu Mittal (Kairali Cricket Club)
H Himanshu Sharma (Marina B)
J Hinchley (Singapore Cricket Club)
Hind (Combined Services)
C Hiraskar (Deutsche Bank)
H Hitesh Malhotra (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
H Hitesh Narendra Shah (Avadh Cricket Club Rangers)
H Hitesh Narendra Shah (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
H Hitesh Narendra Shah (Deutsche Bank)
H Hittesh Gupta (Phoenix Cricket Club)
I Hoahing (Singapore Chinese Recreation Club)
RD Hoblyn (Singapore Cricket Club)
DW Hodges (Singapore Cricket Club)
CP Hoffman (Singapore Recreation Club)
E Hoffman (Ceylon XI)
R Hoffman (Singapore Recreation Club)
Holden (Combined Services)
G Holder (scorer)
SP Holmes-Smith (Singapore Cricket Club)
PW Holt (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Honore (Pera Knight Riders)
AH Hooper (Singapore Garrison)
J Hopes (ANZA B)
D Hopson (ANZA)
D Hopson (ANZ Bank)
S Horne (Singapore)
AI Horsley (United Engineers)
H Hossain Imran (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
S Hota (Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
S Houghton (Singapore Cricket Association)
S Houghton (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
SN Houghton (Malaya, Malaysia, Singapore)
DB How (Singapore)
Howard (Singapore Taverners)
N Howden (Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
Hughes-Hallet (Royal Air Force)
Hume (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
MR Hume (umpire)
Humphries (Royal Air Force)
J Hung (Singapore Cricket Club)
AF Hunter (Singapore Cricket Club)
Hurst (Combined Services)
M Hussain Kathawala (Nanyang Technological University)
A Hussein (Singapore Cricket Association)
B Hussian Shaikh (P and G Weekend Warriors)
LA Hygate (Singapore Cricket Club)





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