Bowling in Shell Trophy 1997/98 (Ordered by Average)

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JM Allan (Ot)60411-44.00 00
MA Hastings (Cant)13362953-125.80 00
CJ Anderson (Cant)11482021-310.00 00
DJ Reekers (Ot)17498983-2511.12 00
CL Cairns (Cant)48830182146-5513.00 11
NJ Astle (Cant)237186853-1413.60 00
SB O'Connor (Ot)52922271176-3115.94 20
RG Twose (Well)51229164104-2416.40 00
PJ Wiseman (Ot)97141428246-5317.83 20
AR Tait (ND)110654553296-7319.06 20
CD McMillan (Cant)194109653-919.20 00
DC Blake (CD)3841717895-6319.77 10
GE Bradburn (ND)4462817993-2019.88 00
RJ Kennedy (Ot)79031380196-6120.00 10
JAF Yovich (ND)14376032-2020.00 00
BGK Walker (Auck)62116337168-10721.06 10
WA Wisneski (Cant)128668489234-9121.26 00
DL Vettori (ND)62126322155-2221.46 20
MJ Mason (CD)78334344164-2221.50 00
RD Burson (Cant)3741717386-3521.62 10
CE Bulfin (CD)64829287125-9923.91 10
LJ Hamilton (CD)3051314464-3724.00 00
MH Richardson (Ot)5422511-1225.00 00
KP Walmsley (Auck)49419259106-4925.90 10
MW Priest (Cant)151863614234-2426.69 00
CS Martin (Cant)76440323125-4426.91 10
DR Tuffey (ND)79238324123-3727.00 00
SB Doull (ND)5102324494-10627.11 00
MN Hart (ND)7203726093-428.88 00
DG Sewell (Ot)70229359123-7229.91 00
MJ Haslam (Auck)6673326182-3632.62 00
HT Davis (Well)70919550164-3834.37 00
AC Barnes (Auck)63619349104-6034.90 00
CZ Harris (Cant)5952821863-3336.33 00
GR Jonas (Well)81034372103-8337.20 00
SJ Hotter (Well)9637522-6537.50 00
SB Styris (ND)4061620852-3141.60 00
MR Jefferson (Well)95741437103-5843.70 00
RG Petrie (Well)5161726964-7944.83 00
GA Muir (Cant)16289722-9748.50 00
MDJ Walker (CD)3301710521-3352.50 00
DJ Nash (ND)12685711-3657.00 00
CJ Drum (Auck)4661919432-6464.66 00
AR Adams (Auck)324721732-8672.33 00
HD Barton (Auck)6122432942-4982.25 00
JD Wells (Well)174510711-38107.00 00
AJ Gale (Ot)2881410811-40108.00 00
GP Sulzberger (CD)5262326122-45130.50 00
CJM Furlong (CD)9454646231-17154.00 00
DN Askew (Auck)3481617311-52173.00 00
RA Lawson (Ot)6100    
MD Bailey (ND)6100    
DJ Murray (Cant)6010    
CB Gaffaney (Ot)6020    
CM Spearman (CD)24340    
GJ Hopkins (ND)60130    
L Vincent (Auck)180140    
GR Stead (Cant)120150    
MJ Horne (Ot)847240    
MJ Greatbatch (CD)120280    
RM West (CD)481300    
MY Pasupati (Well)721390    
MS Sinclair (CD)782450    
TA Boyer (Well)25218730    
CR Pryor (Auck)1565800    
SR Mather (Well)18651040    





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