Australia Players (C)


Caban (Newcastle and Hunter Valley)
C Caban (Roseville)
TK Caban (Queensland)
L Cadden (New South Wales Cricket Association)
R Cadden (Central Cumberland)
A Caddy (Banstead, Frocester, Menai Bridge, North Wales, Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-23s)
S Caddy (Victoria Colts)
W Caddy (Ballarat, Victoria Second XI)
AJ Cadet (Royal Australian Air Force)
R Cady (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
W Cagg Smith (Western Australia Colts)
D Cagney (Warehouse Reps)
Cahill (Ballarat)
D Cahill (Metropolitan Team)
G Cahill (Victoria Country Colts)
Jarrod Cahill (Australian Capital Territory)
Josh Cahill (Australian Capital Territory)
JA Cahill (North)
KWJ Cahill (Tasmania)
P Cahill (Hunter River, Newcastle)
T Cahill (Hillston)
T Cahill (Sydney Metropolitan)
V Cahill (Victoria Country)
W Cahill (Bendigo)
J Cahir (Aberfeldie)
L Cain (umpire)
M Cain (Defence Department)
W Cain (Queensland)
W Caine (Parramatta)
AT Cairns (Bundalaguah, Victoria Country)
H Cairns (umpire)
R Caithiness (Victoria Sub-District Cricket Association)
PD Caithness (Boisdale-Briagolong)
PS Cake (Central Gippsland Cricket Association, Traralgon Cricket Association)
R Calabria (Adelaide Rockets)
R Calaby (Clare)
T Calaby (South Australia Country)
Calder (Geelong)
H Calder (Western Australia)
R Calder (referee, umpire)
Caldow (Lithgow)
R Caldow (Western Australia Under-16s)
B Caldwell (Swan Hill RSL)
CW Caldwell (Western Australia)
D Caldwell (New South Wales)
J Caldwell (Australian Capital Territory)
P Caldwell (Swan Hill RSL)
TCJ Caldwell (New South Wales)
D Calic (Mount Pritchard-Southern Districts)
JJC Callachor (New South Wales)
D Callaghan (Australian Capital Territory Under-17s, Australian Capital Territory Under-19s)
J Callaghan (Gunnedah, Hunter Valley, New South Wales Country, Sydney Metropolitan)
J Callaghan (umpire)
L Callaghan (Australia Women, New South Wales Women)
P Callaghan (New South Wales Under-17s Women)
TA Callaghan (Mosman)
B Callanan (Gordon)
T Callary (South Australia Country)
A Callaway (Australian Juniors, Bohemians, New South Wales B, New South Wales Combined First Grade, New South Wales Cricket Association)
J Callaway (Sydney Juniors)
NF Callaway (New South Wales)
R Callaway (umpire)
ST Callaway (Australia, Canterbury, New South Wales)
IW Callen (Australia, Boland, Northumberland, Victoria)
B Callender (umpire)
IDF Callinan (Queensland Colts)
J Callinan (Australian Old Collegians)
W Callison (Goldfields)
WJ Callum (umpire)
E Calnan (Goulburn)
Calthorpe (Queanbeyan)
H Calthorpe (Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association)
T Calthorpe (Goulburn)
BL Calver (Australia Women, Australian Capital Territory Women, New South Wales Women)
C Calverely (Western Australia Under-17s)
J Calverley (Sandhurst)
W Calverly (Bendigo)
B Calvert (Southern Tasmania Women's Cricket Association)
CP Calvert (Leicestershire, Royal Australian Air Force)
D Calvert (Tasmania)
E Calvert (Tasmania Colts)
J Calvert (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
J Calvert (South Australia Under-17s)
LM Calvert (Inglewood)
PA Calvert (New South Wales Under-16s, New South Wales Under-19s)
RH Calvert (Tasmania Country)
TM Calvert (South)
WFC Calvert (Tasmania Country)
WH Calvert (Tasmania Country)
W Calvin (Southern New South Wales B)
B Camarsh (Tamworth)
C Camarsh (Lane Cove)
J Camarsh (Lane Cove)
D Camash (Pennant Hills)
R Cambell (Geelong College)
Cambridge (Maryborough)
Cambridge (Dunolly)
Cameron (Bairnsdale)
Cameron (Newcastle)
A Cameron (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s, Western Australia Under-23s)
A Cameron (Hamilton)
B Cameron (umpire)
B Cameron (Manly Masters)
BG Cameron (Melbourne University)
BM Cameron (South Australia)
BP Cameron (South Australia)
C Cameron (Newcastle, North, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
C Cameron (New South Wales Far North Coast)
C Cameron (Singleton)
CF Cameron (umpire)
D Cameron (South Esk)
D Cameron (Northern South Australia)
D Cameron (South Australia Under-16s)
D Cameron (South Australia Country)
DJ Cameron (Bohemians)
DT Cameron (Boisdale-Briagolong, Maffra)
G Cameron (North)
G Cameron (Murray-Goulburn)
GA Cameron (Belmont)
H Cameron (Fancy Dans)
HC Cameron (North)
J Cameron (Western Australia Women)
J Cameron (Northern Border Cricket Association)
J Cameron (Claremont-Cottesloe)
J Cameron (umpire)
J Cameron (The Elephants)
JD Cameron (scorer)
JE Cameron (Australia Women, Victoria Women)
JE Cameron (North)
JG Cameron (Australia Schools)
JI Cameron (umpire)
L Cameron (Northern Territory Under-17s)
L Cameron (South Australia Women)
LDB Cameron (Victoria)
M Cameron (Victoria Country Colts)
M Cameron (Western Australia Under-15s Women, Western Australia Under-18s Women)
MA Cameron (New South Wales)
N Cameron (New South Wales Country Colts)
N Cameron (Bohemians)
N Cameron (Singleton)
NI Cameron (Woorinen)
P Cameron (South Australia Country)
P Cameron (Northern New South Wales Under-19s)
R Cameron (Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
R Cameron (Victoria Country)
R Cameron (South Australia Country)
R Cameron (Entally)
RA Cameron (South Australia)
S Cameron (Stockton and Northern Districts)
SR Cameron (Australian Capital Territory, Australian Capital Territory Second XI, Centurions Australia)
VL Cameron (Victoria)
W Cameron (New South Wales, Northern Districts of New South Wales)
W Cameron (Hunter River)
WA Cameron (umpire)
C Camm (Sale City)
AF Cammerer (Queensland I Zingari)
Campbell (Ballarat)
Campbell (Wollongong)
Campbell (Castlemaine)
Campbell (Australian Old Collegians)
Campbell (umpire)
Campbell (Queanbeyan)
Campbell (Ararat)
Campbell (Subiaco-Floreat)
A Campbell (Victoria Country)
A Campbell (Bohemians)
A Campbell (North, Northern Tasmania Cricket Association)
A Campbell (New South Wales Western Zone)
A Campbell (Sydney Metropolitan Colts)
AB Campbell (Ballarat)
AH Campbell (Sale-Maffra Cricket Association, Wurruk)
AJ Campbell (New South Wales Second XI)
AJ Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
AL Campbell (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
AL Campbell (Riverside)
AW Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
B Campbell (Old Australia XI)
B Campbell (Victoria Institute of Sport)
B Campbell (Pennant Hills)
BL Campbell (Victoria Country)
BM Campbell (Tasmania, Victoria)
BS Campbell (Brighton)
C Campbell (Richmond River Colts)
C Campbell (Victoria Colts)
C Campbell (Cooma)
C Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
C Campbell (Northern Territory)
CM Campbell (Tasmania)
D Campbell (Oxford University, Victoria)
D Campbell (Victoria Country)
DS Campbell (Officers of the 4th Regiment and Gentlemen Immigrants)
E Campbell (scorer)
EP Campbell (Rubies, Somerset Women, Western Australia Women)
FB Campbell (Tasmania)
G Campbell (Gippsland)
GC Campbell (South Australia)
GD Campbell (Australia, Tasmania)
GI Campbell (Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts, South Queensland Colts)
GN Campbell (Sandhurst)
HA Campbell (Limestone Cricket Club)
HG Campbell (University of New South Wales)
HJ Campbell (Toowoomba)
I Campbell (Western Australia Country)
I Campbell (Cooma)
IJ Campbell (Western Australia)
J Campbell (Sydney University)
J Campbell (New South Wales Under-19s Women)
J Campbell (Hillston)
J Campbell (New South Wales Under-23s)
J Campbell (Gordon)
J Campbell (North Sydney)
J Campbell (North Australian Club)
JH Campbell (Toowoomba)
JM Campbell (Limestone Cricket Club)
JN Campbell (New South Wales)
JW Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
K Campbell (Gosford and Wyong)
KG Campbell (Queensland Colts, Queensland Country Colts)
KM Campbell (Melbourne Cricket Club, Victoria City Colts, Victoria Colts)
KS Campbell (Queensland Country, Royal Australian Air Force)
LP Campbell (New South Wales)
M Campbell (Australian Capital Territory Under-19s Women, Australian Capital Territory Women, Australian Capital Territory Women Second XI)
M Campbell (umpire)
MD Campbell (North Queensland Colts, Queensland Country, Queensland Country Colts)
MM Campbell (Queensland)
N Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
ND Campbell (Sale)
P Campbell (Victoria Country)
P Campbell (Upper Hutt)
R Campbell (New South Wales Under-17s)
R Campbell (Cooma)
R Campbell (Subiaco-Floreat)
RJ Campbell (Australia, Western Australia)
RJ Campbell (Western Australia Under-17s, Western Australia Under-19s)
S Campbell (New South Wales Great Public Schools)
S Campbell (Hunter River)
SWG Campbell (Victoria)
T Campbell (Newcastle Colts)
T Campbell (Royal Park and Brunswick)
T Campbell (Cricket Without Borders Women)
W Campbell (Bendigo, Bendigo United, Sandhurst)
W Campbell (Australian Capital Territory)
W Campbell (Bohemians, East Melbourne, Victoria)
W Campbell (Australian Capital Territory President's XI)
W Campbell (Yass)
W Campbell (Australians)
W Campbell (St Peter's College, Adelaide)
WF Campbell (Northern Districts of Victoria)
WJ Campbell (South)
WP Campbell (Limestone Cricket Club)
M Campbell-Jones (Australian Transplant A, Australian Transplant XI)
MG Campble (Combined Services)
A Campesetto (umpire)
WJ Camphin (New South Wales)
Camplin (Sydney Juniors)
CR Campling (New South Wales)
D Campo (Gosnells, Western Australia Country)
R Camps (New South Wales Junior Union, Northern New South Wales)
GW Canacott (umpire)
RS Candlish (Sydney University)
Cane (Camden)
C Cann (Yass)
CJ Cann (Subiaco-Floreat, Western Australia Under-19s)
M Cann (South Australia Women, Victoria Women)
RO Cann (Macquarie University)
Cannan (Moreton Bay Club)
JK Cannan (Queensland)
K Cannan (umpire)
J Cannane (New South Wales Far North Coast)
IG Canney (Australian Capital Territory, Southern New South Wales)
GM Cannon (Victoria Under-15s Women, Victoria Under-17s Women, Victoria Under-18s Women)
GR Cannon (Victoria Under-15s Women)
R Cannon (umpire)
WH Cannon (Victoria)
C Canny (Kensington)
R Canny (I Zingari Australia)
G Cansdell (New South Wales Second XI)
A Cansley (New South Wales North Coast)
MJ Cant (Gordon, New South Wales Second XI)
P Cant (New South Wales Under-16s, New South Wales Under-17s)
P Cantlon (Western Suburbs)
PE Cantrell (Netherlands, Queensland)
Cantrill (Bayswater-Morley)
JL Cantrill (Australia Under-19s, Bayswater-Morley, Oxford Downs, Western Australia Colts)
R Cants (Newcastle)
HR Cantwell (Western Australia)
S Cantwell (Northern Territory Under-17s)
R Canty (New South Wales)
Cape (Bowral)
MB Cape (Sevenoaks Vine, Victoria Country)
Capel (Wagga Wagga)
L Capes (Western Australia Women)
PA Capes (Western Australia)
W Capon (Launceston)
C Caporn (Western Australia Women)
Capp (Moss Vale)
EW Capp (Newcastle, Northern Districts of New South Wales, Northern New South Wales, West Maitland)
G Capper (umpire)
BG Capuano (Victoria Under-19s)
P Caputo (umpire)
A Caravelas (Bentleigh)
H Carberry (Cootamundra)
PR Carbone (Northern Territory Under-17s, Northern Territory Under-19s)
J Carder (Western Australia Under-17s)
RL Cardwell (Australian Cricket Society)
Carew (Goulburn)
J Carew (Queensland)
P Carew (Queensland)
PJ Carew (Queensland, South Australia)
A Carey (South Australia Under-17s, South Australia Under-19s)
A Carey (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
A Carey (Yass)
AT Carey (South Australia)
B Carey (Wangaratta)
B Carey (New South Wales South Coast and Highlands)
C Carey (New South Wales Mid North Coast)
D Carey (Australian Capital Territory-Southern Districts)
E Carey (umpire)
EE Carey (Australian Capital Territory)
K Carey (Canberra Women)
NJ Carey (New South Wales Women)
R Carey (Tasmania Colts)
T Carey (Yass)
S Carger (South Australia Women)
M Carius (Metropolitan Team, Queensland Schoolboys 15s)
W Carkeek (Australia, Victoria)
D Carland (Australian Capital Territory)
J Carland (Keilor Park)
Carline (Ararat)
B Carlisle (umpire)
I Carlson (Western Australia Country)
JD Carlson (Crusaders, Melbourne Cricket Club)
PH Carlson (Australia, Queensland)
SE Carlson (Queensland Academy of Sport, Toombul)
VC Carlson (Western Australia)
AR Carlton (Victoria)
DJ Carlton (Western Suburbs)
G Carlton (Crusaders)
GS Carlton (Royal Australian Air Force)
J Carlton (Queensland, Victoria)
K Carlton (Crusaders)
W Carlton (Auckland, Canterbury, Victoria)
A Carlyon (Royal Australian Air Force)
NM Carlyon (Victoria)
C Carman (Bathurst, Orange)
C Carmen (Bathurst)
H Carmichael (Crookwell, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
IR Carmichael (Leicestershire, South Australia)
J Carmichael (Southern Districts of New South Wales)
M Carmichael (New South Wales Under-15s Women, New South Wales Under-17s Women, New South Wales Under-18s Women)
Carmody (Mosman)
C Carmody (umpire)
DK Carmody (New South Wales, Western Australia)
GS Carmody (Sale)
KJ Carmody (umpire)
MT Carmody (Blyth, Western Australia Country)
EKBP Carnall (Australian Capital Territory, Federal Capital Territory Cricket Association, Queanbeyan, Southern Districts of New South Wales)
F Carnall (umpire)
Carnell (umpire)
Carnell (17th Regiment, The Garrison)
AM Carnell (Queensland Under-19s)
Carney (Australian Club)
BW Carney (Tasmania)
K Carney (North-West Tasmania Cricket Association)
M Carney (umpire)
P Carney (Swan and Helena Districts Cricket Association)
PAH Carney (Australians)
RJ Carney (scorer)
W Carney (Queanbeyan)
J Caroe (Brighton)
N Carozza (Australia Blind)
GS Carpenter (Western Australia Colts, Western Australia Country)
J Carpenter (Randwick)
P Carpenter (Australian Schoolboys Cricket Club)
S Carpenter (South Australia Under-19s)
Carr (Bendigo)
Carr (Melbourne Cricket Club)
Carr (Benalla)
Carr (Goulburn)
Carr (Goulburn)
A Carr (umpire)
CS Carr (Victoria)
D Carr (Hawkesbury)
G Carr (umpire)
I Carr (Queensland Country)
J Carr (South Australia Second XI)
J Carr (scorer)
JT Carr (Queensland Country)
N Carr (Westbury Shamrocks)
P Carr (St Kilda)
S Carr (South Barwon)
S Carr (Swanbourne)
SC Carr (North Queensland Under-17s)
W Carr (Geelong)
WN Carr (Victoria)
Carracher (Western Districts of Victoria)
AJ Carracher (South Australia)
W Carracher (Mosman)
EJ Carragher (South Australia)
C Carrick (Geelong College)
L Carrick (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
VJ Carrick (Gordon, New South Wales Cricket Association, New South Wales Great Public Schools)
W Carrick (umpire)
J Carrick-Smith (AHOS)
AH Carrigan (Queensland)
R Carrigan (New South Wales Western Districts)





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