Canada Players (A)


H A (Rosedale)
D A'A Martin (Trinity College School)
Abaan Khan (North Ontario Under-16s)
M Abadalla (Ontario Cricket Association Under-19s)
Abbas (Newfoundland)
S Abbas (Ontario Select XI)
S Abbasi (Loblaw)
Abbey (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Abbey (Cosby's XI)
Abbey (East Toronto)
T Abbey (Riverdale)
T Abbey (Parkdale Colts)
T Abbey (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Abbott (Montreal, University of Trinity College)
Abbott (Halifax)
Abbott (University of Trinity College)
Abbott (Campbellford)
AE Abbott (Port Hope, Trinity College School)
C Abbott (Canada Women)
S Abbott (Campbellford)
T Abbott (Campbellford)
Abby (East Toronto, Riverdale)
W Abdul (Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust)
Abdul Jabbar (Canada)
A Abdullah (Smithfield Middle School)
M Abdullah (Central Peel Secondary School)
N Abeysena (Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School)
Abhishek (New Brunswick)
A Abid (Ernst and Young)
Abraash Khan (Canada Under-17s, Canada Under-19s, Ontario Reds Under-17s)
A Abraham (Louise Arbour Secondary School)
C Abraham (Chippawa)
D Abraham (Prince Edward Island)
J Abraham (Montreal)
G Abrahams (Ajax Cricket Club)
Abrams (Canadian Pacific Railway)
M Abubaker (West Ontario Under-16s)
D Abzal (Central Shield, Eastern Fury)
H Achaibar (Quebec)
Acheson (Ridley College)
Acheton (South Western Ontario Cricket League)
Ackerly (McGill University Second XI)
Ackerman (Windsor)
E Ackland (Ottawa)
H Ackland (Canada, Eastern Canada, Eastern Ontario, Montreal, Ottawa, Ottawa Valley, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
H Ackland (St Clement's)
HAHC Ackland (Toronto and Rosedale)
G Ackman (St John's Club of New Brunswick)
G Ackman (Moncton)
AH Ackroyd (British Columbia, Victoria)
W A'coust (High School, Montreal)
Acton (Toronto)
R Adagalla (Prince Edward Island)
Adair (Married of Bracebridge)
Adair (Married of WA Murray and Company)
J Adair (Seaton Village)
T Adair (Seaton Village)
Adam (Deseronto)
Adam (Bill Crothers Secondary School)
Adams (Anglo-Canadians)
Adams (St Marys)
Adams (East Toronto)
Adams (Westmount)
Adams (Windsor)
Adams (Uxbridge)
Adams (Brantford)
Adams (Canadians)
Adams (Arlington Hotel)
Adams (Deer Park)
Adams (Parkdale)
Adams (McCausland and Company)
Adams (Toronto Butchers)
Adams (Married of WA Murray and Company)
Adams (Paris)
Adams (St Marys)
Adams (West Toronto)
Adams (Whitby)
A Adams (Three Rivers)
AH Adams (Congregationals)
F Adams (F Adams' XI)
G Adams (Cosmos)
GA Adams (McGill Cricket Club)
H Adams (Congregationals)
J Adams (Alberta)
J Adams (British Columbia)
J Adams (Toronto)
J Adams (Benedicts)
J Adams (Invicta Next XVI)
J Adams (St Marys)
L Adams (Toronto)
M Adams (Benedicts)
R Adams (Canada, Gooderham and Worts Distillery, Ontario, Toronto, Uxbridge, Western Ontario)
T Adams (Kentish Association)
W Adams (Albion)
W Adams (Eaton)
W Adams (Westmount)
W Adams (F Adams' XI)
W Adams (St Marys)
WH Adams (St Marys)
Adamson (Springfield)
Adamson (Mimico)
Adamson (Lambton Mills)
Adamson (Parkdale)
Adamson (St George's Club of Toronto)
F Adamson (St George's Club of Toronto)
F Adamson (Oxford)
J Adamson (St Chad's)
W Adamson (Newmarket)
WH Adamson (St George's Club of Toronto)
Addis (British Columbia Colts)
A Addison (Lansdowne)
A Addison (Whiting)
A Addison (Western Canada)
A Addison (West Toronto)
J Addison (Mary Lake)
Addy (Port Hope)
CH Ade (Ottawa, Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Z Adeeb (Royal Bank Lions)
Adeel Hussain (Canada Under-15s, Canada Under-19s)
W Adhami (Quebec)
B Adhihetty (JS Woodsworth Senior Public School)
B Adhihetty (North Ontario Under-16s)
S Adhvaryu (Deloitte)
R Adie (Vancouver Over-40s)
M Adil (South Ontario Under-16s)
M Adithetty (Ontario Under-18s)
Adkins (St Catharines)
Adler (Lowell)
T Adnan (Telus)
Adright (Merritton)
S Advani (TD Canada Trust)
S Advani (Bank of Montreal)
R Afridi (British Columbia Cricket Association President's XI, British Columbia Mainland League)
F Aftab (Team Abigail)
Q Aftab (Niagara Elites)
S Afzal (Canada)
A Agarwal (New Brunswick)
R Agarwal (Royal Bank Stars)
Agassiz (Trinity College School Second XI)
V Agneeswaran (Scotia Bank)
Agnew (Clinton)
A Agnew (Canada West)
C Agnew (Manitoba Cricket Association)
S Agnew (Eaton)
S Aguiton (scorer)
A Ahmad
A Ahmad (Trivision-Imperial)
A Ahmad (Telus)
B Ahmad (Royal Bank Stars)
I Ahmad (Deloitte)
O Ahmad (Trivision-Imperial)
S Ahmad (Deloitte)
S Ahmad (Prairie Fire)
U Ahmad (Telus)
R Ahmad Shahzad (Canada Under-17s)
S Ahmadzai (Ontario Select XI)
A Ahmed (Pacific Edge)
A Ahmed (Trivision-Imperial)
H Ahmed (Royal Bank Lions)
I Ahmed (Quebec)
M Ahmed (Prairie Fire)
O Ahmed (Central Shield)
O Ahmed (Trivision-Imperial)
S Ahmed (TD Canada Trust)
S Ahmed (Bank of Montreal)
S Ahmed (Ontario B Under-18s)
SM Ahmed (Trivision-Imperial)
U Ahmed (Telus)
W Ahmed (Canada XI)
Z Ahmed (Royal Bank Lions)
M Ahmedani (Nova Scotia)
Ahmed Bakhtiar
Ahmed Bakhtiar (Titans)
Ahmed Iqbal (University of The Fraser Valley)
Ahmed Khan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Ahmed Khan (University of The Fraser Valley)
M Ahuja (Alberta A Under-25s)
M Ahuja (Deloitte)
Aiden (Bill Crothers Secondary School)
G Aiken (Grand Trunk Railway)
Ainge (St Catharines)
A Ainley (Chambly)
B Ainsby (MariGail Cricket Club)
J Ainsley (Meaford)
Ainslie (Owen Sound)
Ainsworth (Kingston)
Ainsworth (White Rose A)
AS Ainsworth (McGill University)
CD Aitchison (umpire)
G Aitken (Chatham)
JW Aitken (Chatham)
Aitrid (Parkdale Colts)
Ajantha (Cheyne Middle School)
A Ajmi (Erin Centre Middle School)
A Akbar (Trivision-Imperial)
A Akbar (Hamilton)
Z Akbary (Canada Under-19s)
Akhlas Umar (Canada Under-19s)
B Akhtar (Ernst and Young)
M Akhtar (Ottawa Valley Cricket Council)
Akiel (Prince Edward Island)
R Akim (Prince Edward Island)
Akkison (Toronto Colts)
Akram Khan (New Brunswick)
Akram Khan (New Brunswick)
K Akroyd (British Columbia)
Alan (St Andrew's College)
Alanson (West Toronto)
Albert (Hamilton)
J Albright (Merritton)
Aldous (Georgetown)
CW Aldred (East Toronto, West Toronto)
T Aldred (Windsor)
Aldridge (Woodbine)
E Aldridge (umpire)
E Aldridge (Haddo House)
RC Aldridge (Canada, Manitoba, Marylebone Cricket Club, The Forty Club of Canada, Toronto Cricket Club)
RN Aldridge (Western Canada)
Alecker (Whitby)
Alex (Newfoundland)
Alexander (Canada, Toronto)
Alexander (Vancouver)
Alexander (British Columbia Colts)
Alexander (St Marys)
Alexander (Bishop Ridley College)
Alexander (Hamilton Juniors)
Alexander (Ridley College)
Alexander (University of Trinity College)
A Alexander (East Ontario Under-16s)
D Alexander (Canada)
E Alexander (Hamilton Juniors)
G Alexander (Canada East)
HE Alexander (Hittites)
R Alexander (Canada Under-19s)
A Alfonso (Alberta A Under-25s)
O Alguire (Brighton)
Ali (Chiefs)
A Ali (TD Canada Trust)
B Ali (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
F Ali (umpire)
H Ali (Cavaliers)
M Ali (HSBC Bank Canada)
R Ali (Warriors)
S Ali (SNC-Lavalin)
TAA Ali (Canada Under-15s, Canada Under-19s, Central Shield, Ontario Select XI, Ontario Under-15s)
U Ali (umpire)
Y Alibhai (umpire)
Alid (United Bank)
Ali Farooq (Gladiators)
Ali Iqbal (Australasia Cricket Academy Under-13s)
M Ali Khan (Indian Cricket Academy)
U Ali Khan (SNC-Lavalin)
M Ali Mukadam (Cosmos)
M Ali Sheikh (Telus)
Alison (Toronto Colts)
Alison (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Alison (Toronto University)
JH Alison (Toronto)
TA Alison (Toronto Cricket Club)
Allan (Bishop Ridley College)
Allan (County of Lanark)
Allan (Rosedale)
Allan (Riverdale, Riverdale Second XI)
Allan (Gravenhurst)
Allan (Ben Lomond)
Allan (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
Allan (Toronto Cricket Club)
Allan (Bonaventure)
Allan (Carleton Place)
Allan (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Rovers)
Allan (Hamilton)
Allan (Ontario Cricket Association)
Allan (Toronto)
Allan (Orillia Married Men)
Allan (Collegiate Institute, Collegiate Institute Second XI)
Allan (The Garrison)
AC Allan (Canada, Canadian I Zingari, Gentlemen of Canada, Northern Counties, Ontario, Ontario Association, Port Hope, Simcoe and Muskoka, Toronto, Trinity College School, Trinity College School Rovers, University of Trinity College)
AC Allan (Shanty Bay)
AC Allan (Trinity College School Rovers)
AC Allan (County of Simcoe)
BG Allan (Trinity College School)
CS Allan (Toronto, Trinity College School, Trinity College School Rovers)
CS Allan (Trinity College School Rovers)
D Allan (Toronto)
FGB Allan (Northern Counties, Ontario Association, Toronto, Trinity College School)
GW Allan (Toronto, Toronto University, Trinity College School, University of Trinity College, Yorkville)
M Allan (Ontario Association)
N Allan (Trinity College School Old Boys)
R Allan (Victoria)
RB Allan (Essex Centre)
WA Allan (McGill University)
WR Allan (Ontario)
Allanson (West Toronto)
Allaway (Guelph Agricultural College)
Allbutt (Hamilton)
P Allbutt (Montreal)
P Allbutt (Ottawa)
Allen (Lakefield Rovers)
Allen (Prescott)
Allen (University of Trinity College)
Allen (Hamilton)
Allen (Paris)
Allen (Toronto)
Allen (St Andrew's College)
Allen (Upper Canada College)
Allen (Great War Veterans Association)
Allen (Victoria)
Allen (Trinity College School Lower Flat)
A Allen (Rosedale, Rosedale Second XI)
CS Allen (Trinity College School)
D Allen (Canada, Ontario Select XI)
D Allen (Ontario)
EA Allen (Manitoba)
G Allen (Alberta)
G Allen (Incognitis)
GW Allen (Yorkville)
GW Allen (Trinity College School)
H Allen (West Toronto)
HH Allen (Incognitis)
M Allen (S Morrison's XI)
R Allen (Montreal)
R Allen (St John's School of Infantry)
R Allen (Abingdon School Boarders)
V Allen (Trinity College School, Trinity College School Second XI)
W Allen (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
W Allen (Toronto)
WC Allen (Trinity College School)
WC Allen (Millbrook)
Alley (Traders' Bank)
BF Alleyne (Canada, Quebec)
FB Allfrey (Fort MacLeod)
W Allibon (Christ Church)
Allis (The Garrison)
JH Allis (Essex Centre)
Allison (Halifax Wanderers)
Allison (Dragoons)
Allison (Toronto Colts)
Allison (Toronto Cricket Club)
Allison (Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Allison (Peterborough, Peterborough Second XI)
Allison (Gordon Mackay and Company)
B Allison (Vancouver Island Vagabonds)
EP Allison (Halifax Wanderers)
TH Allison (Toronto, Toronto University)
TH Allison (Toronto Cricket Club)
Alliston (Peterborough)
Alliston (Combined Colts XI)
A Alliston (Winnipeg)
Allmer (Napanee)
M Allott (New Brunswick)
Allowaway (Guelph)
Allum (Napanee)
I Allum (Napanee)
J Allwith (Carlton)
FH Allwood (Cowichan)
Allworth (Paris)
Allworth (Galt)
A Allworth (Paris Juniors)
AA Allworth (Paris)
F Allworth (Paris, Paris Juniors)
Almon (Royal Military College)
CF Almon (Royal Military College)
M Almon (Royal Military College)
W Almon (NH Steele's XI)
Alshire (Gordon Mackay and Company)
AT Alston (Montreal)
Altaf (Warriors)
Althorpe (Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers)
Alton (Toronto)
Alton (Guelph)
Alton (Toronto)
Alton (Toronto Cricket Club)
Alton (East Toronto Colts)
Alton (Parkdale Colts)
Alton (University of Trinity College)
Alton (Toronto University)
D Alton (Toronto)
D Alton (Toronto Cricket Club)
D Alton (All Toronto)
H Alton (Toronto)
W Alton (Toronto)
W Alton (Toronto Cricket Club)
S Alve (umpire)
Amandeep Singh (Ontario)
Amanjot (Cheyne Middle School)
Amar (New Brunswick)
U Amarasinghe (Prince Edward Island)
JH Amberry (Toronto Cricket Club, Toronto Cricket Club Colts)
Ambery (Toronto Cricket Club)
CC Ambery (Victoria)
F Ambery (Lorne)
J Ambery (Lorne)
J Ambery (Lansdowne Juniors)
J Ambery (West Toronto)
JW Ambery (Napanee, Toronto, Trinity College School)
Ambler (Albion Club of Hamilton)
J Ambrey (Lansdowne)
Ambrose (Port Hope)
Ambrose (University of Trinity College)
M Amin (Cosmos)
Amit (Nova Scotia)
Amith (New Brunswick)
K Ammar (Ontario Select XI)
Ammond (Montreal, Ottawa)
Amoler (Albion Club of Hamilton)
Amos (Grand Trunk Railway)
Amos (Toronto Sons of England)
R Amos (St George's Club of Hamilton)
Amrod Khan (MariGail Cricket Club)
Amsden (St Albans)
A Amsden (Canada Under-19s)
A Anand (Alberta Under-25s)
R Anand (Ontario)
T Anantharajah (Canada Under-19s)
T Anantharajah (Oakville Cricket Academy Under-19s)
T Anantharajan (Canada Under-17s)
S Ananthrajah (Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School)
S Anarbaev (Beryl Ford Public School)
T Anatharajah (Ontario Reds Under-17s)
T Anatharajah (Canada Under-19s)
T Anatharajan (Ontario Under-18s)
Anderson (Upper Canada College Present)
Anderson (Paris, Toronto University, Windsor)
Anderson (Port Sandfield)
Anderson (Hamilton)
Anderson (University of Trinity College)
Anderson (Ogilvy)
Anderson (Orillia)
Anderson (Brampton)
Anderson (Toronto)
Anderson (New Fort)
Anderson (Picked Team)
Anderson (Bishop Ridley College)
Anderson (Upper Canada College Juniors)
Anderson (Toronto Colts)
Anderson (St James Cathedral, St James Cathedral Second XI)
Anderson (Hamilton Juniors)
Anderson (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Anderson (Riverdale)
Anderson (Woodstock)
Anderson (Ottawa)
Anderson (Brampton)
Anderson (The Garrison)
Anderson (Collingwood)
Anderson (Port Hope)
Anderson (Bracebridge)
Anderson (Guelph)
Anderson (County of Simcoe)
Anderson (St Albans)
Anderson (Cobourg)
A Anderson (Toronto, Upper Canada College)
A Anderson (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
AW Anderson (Ontario Association, Rosedale, Rosedale Colts)
AW Anderson (Windsor)
EA Anderson (Leinster, Northern Counties)
EA Anderson (Manitoba)
F Anderson (Rosedale)
GHR Anderson (Edmonton)
GHR Anderson (Alberta)
GR Anderson (Brampton)
H Anderson (Victoria)
I Anderson (Ontario)
I Anderson (Edmonton)
I Anderson (Alberta)
J Anderson (Albion)
J Anderson (Brampton)
JH Anderson (St John's School, Montreal)
JJ Anderson (Public Schools)
RM Anderson (Trinity College School)
T Anderson (referee)
T Anderson (Guelph)
TO Anderson (Ogilvy's XI)
TOA Anderson (Ogilvy and Company)
W Anderson (Trinity College School, Upper Canada College)
W Anderson (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
WJ Anderson (Parkdale)
C Andre (Team Abigail)
Andress (Kelowna)
Andrew (Pickering)
T Andrew (Pickering)
Andrewes (Trinity College School Old Boys)
R Andrewes (Trinity College School)
Andrews (Montreal)
Andrews (Aurora)
Andrews (Pickering)
Andrews (Rosedale)
E Andrews (Trinity College School)
J Andrews (St Cyprian's)
JB Andrews (St Cyprian's)
KD Andrews (London)
LJF Andrews (Vancouver)
O Andrews (Wingham Board of Education)
T Andrews (Collingwood)
T Andrews (Stayner)
WH Andrews (Stayner)
G Anerum (Bonaventure)
Angel (University of Trinity College)
Angel (Cobourg)
TN Angell (University of Trinity College)
Angus (Haliburton)
Angus (St Andrew's College)
DJ Angus (Abingdon School)
J Angus (J Angus's XI)
J Angus (London)
JB Angus (Abingdon School Day Boys)
Anil K Puttaswamy (Prince Edward Island)
Anirudh (Nova Scotia)
Anis Ahmed (Niagara Elites)
S Anjaria (Americas Under-19s, Canada Under-19s)
S Anjarid (Ontario A Under-18s)
S Anjuria (Ontario B)
Anmol (Nova Scotia)
CJ Annand (All New York, Gentlemen of Canada, Halifax Wanderers, Manhattan, Staten Island Cricket Club)
Ansell (Quebec)
Anson (East Toronto)
HJ Anson (Government House)
Anstruther (Halifax Garrison)
Anstruther (Artillery and Engineers)
Anstruther (The Garrison)
Anthony (Toronto)
Anthony (West Toronto Junction)
A Anthony (Montreal Athletic Association)
AB Anthony (Montreal)
M Anthony (Royal Bank Stars)
U Anwer (University of Victoria)
R Aponso (umpire)
J Appleby (Windsor)
R Appleby (umpire)
P Appleton (Alberta)
Apprey (Riverdale)
Apted (Trinity College School Second XI)
B Arber (HSBC Bank Canada)
F Arblaster (J Angus's XI)
F Arblaster (Abingdon School)
Arbuthnot (Canada)
PC Arbuthnot (Lakefield)
Archer (Hamilton and District Cricket League)
Archer (Pacific)
Archer (West Toronto Junction)
E Archer (Toronto Junction)
F Archer (Amherstburg)
G Archer (Ontario)
W Archer (White Rose A, White Rose B)
EW Archibald (St James Cricket Club)
EW Archibald (McGill University)
FW Archibald (St James Cricket Club)
FW Archibald (McGill University)
HE Archibald (Eastern Canadian Schools)
S Archibald (McGill University)
T Archibald (Trinity College School)
W Archibald (McGill University)
Archibold (Royal Military College)
Ardagh (C Company)
BH Ardagh (Barrie)
W Argles (Nelson)
WH Argles (East Toronto)
CP Argunen (Canada Under-19s)
W Argyles (St Albans)
U Arif (University of Calgary)
D Arjune (Canada Under-15s)
G Armand (Oakville)
JM Armitage (Vancouver)
Armour (Ontario)
Armour (Toronto)
Armour (Collegiate Institute, Collegiate Institute Second XI)
Armour (Trinity College School Second XI)
Armour (Lindsay)
D Armour (Cobourg)
D Armour (Canadian I Zingari)
D Armour (Toronto)
D Armour (Osgoode Hall)
ED Armour (Cobourg, Ontario Association, Toronto University, Upper Canada College)
G Armour (Upper Canada College Second XI)
JD Armour (Upper Canada College Present)
Armstrong (Orillia)
Armstrong (Gooderham and Worts Distillery)
Armstrong (Strathroy)
Armstrong (Upper Canada College)
Armstrong (St James Cathedral)
Armstrong (Trenton)
Armstrong (Port Hope)
Armstrong (Ontario Cricket Association)
Armstrong (Orillia)
Armstrong (Midland District)
Armstrong (Peterborough Colts)
Armstrong (White Rose B)
Armstrong (Nanaimo)
A Armstrong (Nanaimo)
C Armstrong (Public Schools)
C Armstrong (Oakville)
CA Armstrong (Gentlemen of Toronto)
CC Armstrong (Gentlemen of Toronto)
FW Armstrong (Canada, Cobourg, Eastern Ontario, Hamilton, Northern Canada, Northern Counties, Ontario, Simcoe and Muskoka, Toronto, Uppingham School, Whitby)
FW Armstrong (Orillia)
FW Armstrong (All North)
G Armstrong (Nanaimo)
G Armstrong (Orillia Single Men)
J Armstrong (Vancouver Under-13s)
JAM Armstrong (Upper Canada College)
M Armstrong (Nanaimo)
R Armstrong (Vancouver Under-13s)
S Armstrong (Peterborough)
W Armstrong (Nanaimo)
A Armughan (Quebec Under-18s)
A Armughan (Quebec Under-18s)
d Armughan (British Columbia Under-18s)
Arnold (Upper Canada College Past, Upper Canada College Present)
Arnold (Waubausene)
Arnold (St Albans)
A Arnold (Galt and District, Western Ontario)
HW Arnold (Westmount)
J Arnold (Halifax Independent)
Arnoldi (St Albans)
Arnoldi (Royal Military College)
Arnoldi (Royal Military Academy, Kingston)
Arnott (Toronto Cricket Club)
Arnott (White Rose A)
D Arnott (White Rose A)
EGF Arnott (Ridley College)
SJ Arnott (University of Trinity College)
J Arora (North Park Secondary School, Brampton)
R Arora (North Park Secondary School, Brampton)
S Arora (Nova Scotia)
V Arora (Ontario)
Arris (West Toronto Junction)
Arsalan Qadir (Canada)
M Arshad (East Ontario Under-16s)
U Arshad (Lincoln M Alexander Secondary School)
U Arshad (Louise Arbour Secondary School)
Z Arshad (Niagara Elites)
Arshpreet Singh (Alberta Under-17s)
Arslan Khan (Nova Scotia)
Arslan Khan (Canada Under-17s, Canada Under-19s, Ontario Reds Under-17s)
Arthur (umpire)
Arthur (East Toronto)
B Arthur (Amherstburg Juniors)
EW Arthur (Montreal)
H Arthur (Vancouver)
R Arthur (McGill University)
Arthurs (Upper Canada College)
Arthurs (Bishop Ridley College)
Arthurson (Upper Canada)
Arthy (Eastern Association)
RW Arthy (Montreal)
Arton (Upper Canada College)
A Arulna (Bur Oak Secondary School, Markham)
A Arulnamby (Bur Oak Secondary School, Markham)
S Arundel (St Albans)
Arvinder Singh (Indian Cricket Academy)
Aryan (JS Woodsworth Senior Public School)
Aryan (Cheyne Middle School)
M Asadi (Ernst and Young)
Asad Khan (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Asbury (Brampton)
S Asghar (New Brunswick)
B Ashaq (Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School)
R Ashbaugh (Independent Ontario Schools)
Ashbridge (Toronto)
H Ashburner (St Catharines)
LC Ashburner (Hamilton and District, St Catharines)
LJ Ashburner (St Catharines)
LJ Ashburner (Eastern Canadian Schools)
Ashbury (Dominion Bank)
E Ashby (Northwest Territories)
H Ashby (Victoria Second XI)
TH Ashby (Upper Canada College)
B Ashfaq (PE Trudeau High School)
H Ashfaq (Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School)
H Ashfaq (PE Trudeau High School)
M Ashfaq (PE Trudeau High School)
M Ashfaq (Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School)
Ashford (Burlington)
Z Ashlam (New Brunswick)
H Ashley (Grace Church)
HD Ashley (Toronto and District Cricket Council)
HD Ashley (umpire)
A Ashraf (Bur Oak Secondary School, Markham)
W Ashraf (HSBC Bank Canada)
Ashton (Brantford)
Ashton (Aurora)
E Ashton (Dufferin Rifles)
J Ashton (Aurora)
J Ashton (Aurora Club Second XI)
R Ashton (Dufferin Rifles)
Ashwin (Newfoundland)
Ashworth (Pickering)
Ashworth (Parkdale Colts)
Ashworth (Newmarket and Aurora)
G Ashworth (Surrey)
G Ashworth (Newmarket)
J Ashworth (Grand Trunk Railway)
J Ashworth (Surrey)
J Ashworth (Newmarket)
W Ashworth (Broadview)
I Asif (Oakville Cricket Academy Under-19s)
Asif Manjra (Canada Under-19s)
N Asim (PE Trudeau High School)
N Asim (Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School)
Askey (British Columbia, The Garrison)
Askey (Work Point Garrison)
Askey (Great War Veterans Association)
CP Askey (Army and Navy)
DZ Aslam (New Brunswick)
N Aslam (Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Titans)
Z Aslam (New Brunswick)
Z Aslam (Ernst and Young)
ZS Aslam (New Brunswick)
AW Aspinall (McGill University)
H Asson (East Toronto, East Toronto Second XI)
H Asson (East Toronto Benedicts)
Astin (Assiniboia)
Aston (Toronto Cricket Club)
Aston (Upper Canada College)
W Aston (Gentlemen of Canada)
J Astor (Victoria Second XI)
Atcheson (United Services)
Atherington (Wanderers)
Atherton (Parkdale Colts)
Atherton (St Matthias)
CE Atkin (St Matthias)
EG Atkin (Yorkshire Society)
G Atkin (Grand Trunk Railway)
C Atkins (Yorkshire Society)
CM Atkins (Halifax, Halifax Wanderers)
CR Atkins (Chatham)
KG Atkins (Yorkshire Society)
Atkinson (Western Ontario)
Atkinson (Chatham)
Atkinson (Ontario)
Atkinson (Brampton)
Atkinson (Windsor)
Atkinson (Essex County (Ontario))
Atkinson (Brampton)
Atkinson (Chatham)
Atkinson (Thamesville)
Atkinson (Trinity College School Lower Forms and Masters)
C Atkinson (Ontario Association)
CR Atkinson (Chatham, Chatham Juniors, Detroit, Detroit Athletic Club, London, Upper Canada College, Western Ontario)
CR Atkinson (London Asylum)
CR Atkinson (Osgoode Hall)
CR Atkinson (Toronto)
CR Atkinson (Upper Canada College Non Residents)
FW Atkinson (Chatham, London)
FW Atkinson (London Asylum)
G Atkinson (Ottawa)
H Atkinson (Ottawa)
HH Atkinson (Chatham, Upper Canada College)
J Atkinson (Brampton)
L Atkinson (Newmarket)
R Atkinson (Upper Canada College)
R Atkinson (Law Students of London)
W Atkinson (Amherstburg)
W Atkinson (Windsor)
WE Atkinson (Chatham)
WF Atkinson (Chatham)
WH Atkinson (Canada East)
F Atland (Bell Telephone Company)
AB Atlee (Hamilton)
R Atlee (Hamilton)
W Atterbury (Edmonton Wanderers)
Attewell (East Toronto)
Attewell (West Toronto Junction)
Attewell (Arlington Hotel)
Attewell (East Toronto Benedicts)
C Attewell (Counties, Peterborough)
C Attfield (Hamilton)
C Atthill (Bobcaygeon)
H Attique (Father Michael Goetz, Mississauga)
Attlee (Hamilton)
Attrell (Upper Canada College)
Attrell (Parkdale)
Attril (Parkdale Colts)
Attril (Toronto City)
CE Attrill (Rosedale)
EC Attwell (Toronto Junction)
Attworth (Paris)
A Atwal (Ontario Reds Under-17s)
B at Wilkie (Toronto University Second XI)
Atwood (umpire)
Atwood (Lakefield, Port Elgin)
CAS Atwood (Cobourg, Montreal, St James Cricket Club)
A Aude (Whitney)
MS Aulakh (Canada)
BA Auld (Argentina Women, Brighton and Hove Women, Brighton and Hove Women Second XI)
D Auld (Canada, Western Canada)
Ault (St Andrew's College Juniors)
S Aurka (Alberta, Alberta Under-18s, Canada Under-19s, Western Stallions)
Austen (Artillery and Engineers)
Austen (The Garrison)
Austin (New Fort)
Austin (Rosedale)
Austin (St John's School of Infantry)
Austin (The Garrison)
Austin (Ridley College)
AE Austin (Chambly)
AF Austin (Chambly, Montreal, Ottawa, Royal Victoria Rifles)
AJ Austin (Royal Victoria Rifles)
BW Austin (Chambly)
CV Austin (Public Schools)
G Austin (Victoria)
HG Austin (Western Ontario)
W Austin (St John's School of Infantry)
WB Austin (Chambly)
WW Austin (Chambly, Royal Victoria Rifles)
W Auston (Peterborough)
Auzer (Upper Canada College Second XI)
HC Avant (Bobcaygeon)
CH Avery (Canadian Military Headquarters)
LR Avery (Trinity College School)
R Aveyard (Saskatchewan)
P Avinash (Beryl Ford Public School)
S Avinash (Civics)
T Avis (Meaford)
DJ Avison (Edmonton)
A Awde (Whiting)
Awty (West Toronto)
Awty (Canadians)
Awty (Sawbones)
WJ Awty (East Toronto)
Ayaaz Ali (Ontario)
Ayaz Khan (Ontario Australian Football League)
Ayerst (St Thomas)
Ayerst (Seaton Village)
F Ayerst (Alliston)
F Ayerst (Seaton Village)
WA Aylott (Ontario)
GWB Ayre (King William's College)
A Ayubi (Lincoln M Alexander Secondary School)
A Ayubi (Ontario Greens Under-17s)
A Ayush Patel (Qasra Cricket Academy Under-13s)
Azad Hossein (umpire)
F Azam (University of The Fraser Valley)
A Azeez (TD Canada Trust)
A Azeez (Bank of Montreal)
M Azhar (Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School)
Azib Ali (Ontario)
H Aziz (Americas Under-19s)
H Azmat (Canada Women)
Azmat Tanveer (Quebec)
Azwim Khan (umpire)





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