Sri Lanka Players (T)


SJ Tambiah (Ceylon University)
N Tamitta (Burgher Recreation Club)
WWP Taraka (Badureliya Sports Club, Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club, Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
MLR Tarek (Moors Sports Club Under-23s)
S Tasleem (scorer)
E Tavarayan (Gampaha District Cricket Association, Saracens Sports Club, St Peter's College, Colombo)
GL Taylor (Ceylon, Europeans)
WE Taylor (St Thomas College)
DSP Tedlal (Rio Sports Club)
RS Templer (Up-Country XI)
RS Tennakoon (Police Sports Club Under-23s, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club Under-23s)
A Tennekoon (St Thomas College)
APB Tennekoon (Ceylon, Sri Lanka)
B Tennekoon (St Thomas College)
B Tennekoon (St Thomas College)
EVM Tennekoon (Anuradhapura and Kurunegala)
G Tennekoon (Up-Country XI)
N Tennekoon (Antonians Sports Club)
NH Tennekoon (Police Sports Club)
S Tennekoon (Nalanda College)
SKB Tennekoon (Burgher Recreation Club)
THMA Tennekoon (Police Sports Club)
DLU Thabrew (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
G Thabrew (Central Province Women)
S Thabrew (St Thomas College)
U Thabrew (Colombo Young Women Cricket Club)
SWU Thabroo (Singha Sports Club)
J Thaheer (St Thomas College)
MI Thahir (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Moors Sports Club)
TK Thajudeen (umpire)
B Thalagala (Ananda College)
C Thalagalage (Sri Lanka Women)
J Thalayasingam (Ceylon Schools, Royal College)
L Thalayasingham (Royal College)
S Thalayasingham (Royal College)
IS Thaleratne (Nondescripts Cricket Club)
N Thaliry (Kurunegala Sports Club)
KH Thambawita (Kalutara Town Club Under-23s, Moors Sports Club Under-23s)
R Thambawita (Galle Cricket Club)
HD Thambiah (St Thomas College)
N Thambiah (St Joseph's College)
SJ Thambiah (Ceylon University, St Thomas College)
E Thangadurai (St Peter's College, Colombo)
MB Thanthirigoda (Royal College)
D Tharaka (Asoka Vidyalaya)
KM Tharaka (Singha Sports Club)
S Tharaka (Sri Lanka Board Under-19s XI)
DHAP Tharanga (Singha Sports Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
DP Tharanga (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s)
KMN Tharanga (Matara Sports Club, Rio Sports Club)
M Tharanga (Richmond College, Galle)
S Tharanga (Singha Sports Club)
WU Tharanga (Asian Cricket Council XI, Kandurata, Mohammedan Sporting Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Ruhuna, Singha Sports Club, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Schools, Udarata Rulers, Uva Next)
HRB Tharangani (Narammala Sports Club Women)
R Tharinda (Panadura Sports Club Under-23s)
D Tharindu (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club Under-23s)
TD Thathsara
RP Thattil (Burgher Recreation Club, Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
M Thavaneethirajah (Royal College)
S Thebuwanage (Colts Cricket Club)
WBV Theideman (Royal College)
TMCB Thelwadana (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
DM Thennakoon (Moratuwa University)
CR Thenuwara (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Colombo Cricket Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club)
N Thenuwara (Singha Sports Club Under-23s)
N Thenuwara (Moratuwa Sports Club)
NT Thenuwara (Singha Sports Club)
S Thenuwara (Panadura Sports Club)
T Thenuwara (Antonians Sports Club)
TDA Thevapperuma (St Joseph's College)
S Thiagarajah (Ceylon Board President's Under-27s XI)
N Thiksana (Sri Lanka Cricket Development XI)
KALU Thilakaratne (Police Sports Club Under-23s)
KIU Thilakaratne (Nondescripts Cricket Club Under-23s)
R Thilakaratne (Sri Lanka Under-17s)
A Thilanchana (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
K Thilanka (Kalutara Town Club Under-23s)
Thilikarathna (Sabaragamu University)
Thilina (University of Sri Jayawardenapura)
A Thillakeratne (Royal College)
GWS Thimal (Negombo Cricket Club Under-23s)
HP Thimanka (Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club Under-23s)
UHP Thimanka (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
Y Thiranagama (Sri Lanka Cricket Development XI)
P Thirimadura (Ananda College)
HDRL Thirimanne (Basnahira South, Kandurata, Prime Bank Cricket Club, Ragama Cricket Club, Ruhuna Royals, Sri Lanka, Udarata Rulers, Uva)
T Thirimanne (Sri Lanka Under-15s)
P Thirukumar (Sri Lanka Under-19s II)
D Thissakuttige (Saracens Sports Club, Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club)
S Thithagala (Antonians Sports Club)
KKC Thivanka (Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s)
MK Thiyagarajah (Antonians Sports Club)
BWR Thomas (Ceylon)
EH Thomas (Ceylon)
EL Thomas (Europeans)
M Thomas (Ceylon Women)
AEL Thomasz (Royal College)
CO Thomasz (St Thomas College)
F Thomasz (St Thomas College)
L Thomasz (Ceylon, Ceylonese, Colombo Cricket Club, Colts Cricket Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Royal College)
M Thomasz (Ceylon, Colts Cricket Club)
P Thomasz (Colts Cricket Club)
R Thomasz (St Thomas College)
H Thornhill (Ceylon)
WS Thornton (Europeans)
A Thotagamuwa (Matale Cricket Club Under-23s)
CD Thotagamuwa (North Central Province Under-23s)
KSD Thotamune (Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club Under-23s)
MC Thotuwilage (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Colombo Cricket Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Ragama Cricket Club)
Thshari (Colts Cricket Club Women)
C Thurairaja (Ceylon University)
T Thuraisingham (St Thomas College)
C Thusanka (Matugama Cricket Club Under-23s)
C Thusara (Moratuwa Sports Club)
T Thushan (Panadura Sports Club Under-23s)
R Thushantha (Gateway College, Sri Lanka)
DAN Thushara
H Thushara (Rio Sports Club)
KC Thushara (Sri Lanka Blind)
S Thushara (Panadura Sports Club Under-23s)
TD Thushara (Matara Sports Club Under-23s)
K Tilaka (Sri Lanka Blind)
HAHU Tillakaratne (Antonians Sports Club, Badureliya Sports Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Matara Sports Club, Moors Sports Club, Moratuwa Sports Club, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club)
HP Tillakaratne (Colombo District Cricket Association, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka B, Sri Lanka Under-23s)
NM Tillakaratne (Antonians Sports Club, Kalutara Town Club)
R Tillakaratne (Sri Lanka Under-19s, St Thomas College)
SM Tillakaratne (Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
YN Tillakaratne (Antonians Sports Club, Colombo Cricket Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Moors Sports Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
D Timidya (Sri Lanka Under-19s, St Peter's College, Colombo)
S Tippoch (Palink School of Cricket)
FA Tirimane (Royal College)
T Tirimanna (Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa)
D Tissakottage (Sri Lanka Board Under-19s XI)
R Tissawerasinghe (St Joseph's College)
GV Tissera (St Thomas College)
H Tissera (Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club)
MD Tissera (Colombo Cricket Club)
MH Tissera (Ceylon, Ceylon Cricket Association, Sri Lanka)
PSIP Tissera (Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club)
RR Tissera (BCCSL Academy XI, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
SF Tissera (St Thomas College)
T Tissera (Dimbula Cricket Association President's XI)
WCR Tissera (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
S Tittagalla (Kandy Youth Cricket Club)
ST Tittagalla (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club)
EH Titus (Ceylon University, St Thomas College)
N Titus (Moors Sports Club Under-23s)
SR Titus (Ceylon, Ceylonese)
R Tocke (Colombo Academy)
Toussaint (Anuradhapura and Kurunegala)
AE Toussaint (St Thomas College)
AF Toussaint (Nondescripts Cricket Club Under-23s, Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club Under-23s)
PA Toussaint (Ceylon Schools, St Thomas College)
SE Toussaint (Royal College)
G Tranchell (Ceylon)
FW Treloar (Europeans)
H Tringham (St Thomas College)
G Triscott (Europeans)
RT Triscott (Ceylon, South Hampshire Rovers, United Services Portsmouth)
AE Tunnicliffe (umpire)
FJS Turner (Up-Country XI)
T Turner (Ceylon Women)
TE Tweed (Cambridge University)
CEH Twentyman (Up-Country XI)
LG Tyrell (Europeans)
AK Tyronne (Sri Lanka Under-19s)





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