New Zealand Players (L)


ABM Labatt (Auckland, Canterbury)
FHD Labatt (Canterbury)
Lacey (Wanganui)
Lafferty (South Auckland)
MR Laffey (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s, Rood en Wit, Sparta)
B Lahood (Central Districts Second XI, Northern Districts Under-19s, Taranaki)
R Lahood (Taranaki)
S Lahood (Taranaki)
R Laidlaw (Waikato Valley)
Laing (Oamaru)
A Laing (Canterbury)
RM Laing (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s)
Laird (Marlborough)
I Laird (Auckland XI)
JD Laird (umpire)
L Laird (North Otago)
R Laird (Poverty Bay)
N Lala (Hamilton, Northern Districts Second XI)
S Lala (Alnwick, Northern Districts Under-20s, Northumberland Under-21s, South Northumberland)
DW Lamason (Central Districts)
IM Lamason (New Zealand Women)
JG Lamason (New Zealand Women)
JR Lamason (Wellington)
RH Lamason (Wellington)
AR Lamb (Central Districts, Wellington)
J Lamb (Celtic, Congleton, Marlborough)
RG Lamberg (Hawke's Bay)
Lambert (umpire)
Lambert (Wellington)
Lambert (umpire)
HN Lambert (Wellington)
LT Lambert (umpire)
SC Lambert (Otago)
SF Lambert (New Zealand Forces)
R Lambeth (Southern Hawke's Bay)
SO Lambly (Northern Districts)
G Lambourne (Wairarapa)
DM Laming (South Canterbury)
JR Laming (South Canterbury)
MJ Laming (South Canterbury)
P Laming (South Canterbury)
JS Lamont (Bay of Plenty)
K Lamont (Wellington Under-17s)
MJ Lamont (Otago)
J Lampard (Wellington Under-19s)
G Lancaster (umpire)
D Lance (Wanganui)
HP Lance (Canterbury)
MHW Lance (New Zealand Universities, Wanganui)
SG Lance (Marist-United)
TC Lance (Central Districts Under-19s)
DR Lander (Wellington Second XI, Wellington Under-19s)
PW Lander (Wellington Under-23s)
Landers (Wellington)
L Landon-Lane (Marlborough Boys College, Renwick)
H Landreth (St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
T Landrigan (Central Districts Under-17s, Marist-United)
Lane (Nelson)
A Lane (South Canterbury)
GD Lane (Nelson, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
GE Lane (Ashburton County)
GK Lane (Southern Hawke's Bay)
IG Lane (Ashburton County)
MEL Lane (Canterbury, Central Districts, Wellington)
R Lane (Wanganui)
RR Lane (Auckland A, Auckland Under-19s, Auckland Under-23s)
SE Lane (Marlborough)
Lang (Waikato)
A Lang (Canterbury B Women)
AC Lang (Manawatu)
JP Lang (South Canterbury)
E Langbein (Nelson, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland)
Langdale (Waikato)
MC Langdon (Northern Districts)
Langford (umpire)
J Langford (Wellington Women)
M Langford (Counties)
W Langhorne (Poverty Bay and Waiapu)
Langley (Taranaki)
JP Langley (Canterbury Under-20s)
M Langley (umpire)
WS Langman (Waikato)
D Langridge (Manawatu)
GJ Langridge (Central Districts)
SEH Langridge (Central Districts A, Hawke's Bay, Worplesdon and Burpham)
BJ Langrope (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s, Newcastle, St Albans)
DC Langrope (North Canterbury)
SL Langrope (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-17s)
G Langton (Piako)
G Lankham (Auckland)
W Lankham (Auckland)
E Lanser (Central Districts Women, Netherlands Women)
C Lapwood (Northern Districts Under-23s)
BD Lark (Wellington Under-20s)
DR Lark (Manawatu, Wellington, Wellington Under-20s)
TC Larkin (North Taranaki, Taranaki, Wellington)
WN Larkins (New Zealanders)
HW Larmer (Auckland Under-20s, Hawke's Bay, Northern Districts, Northern Districts Under-20s, Poverty Bay)
CE Larsen (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-18s)
GH Larsen (Waikato)
GR Larsen (New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
J Larsen (King Country)
R Larsen (Southern Hawke's Bay)
W Larsen (Hawke's Bay)
JG Larter (Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-23s)
C Lash (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
EG Lash (Taranaki)
FW Lash (Wellington)
J Lash (Manawatu)
G Lashlie (Manawatu, Taranaki)
B Latavao (New Plymouth Girls High School)
DC Latham (Taranaki)
IR Latham (Taranaki)
J Latham (Southern Districts Women, Wellington Women)
JK Latham (Wellington)
M Latham (Canterbury Under-17s)
RT Latham (Canterbury, New Zealand)
TWM Latham (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI, Scotland)
WH Lathbury (Otago)
Lather (West Coast (South Island))
I Launder (Taranaki)
RI Launder (Rangitikei)
N Laurence (Taranaki)
Laurenson (South Canterbury)
I Laurenson (Wellington Girls' College)
J Laurenson (Manawatu)
PW Laurie (Auckland Under-19s, Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Youth)
Tai Lavea (Auckland Under-17s)
Tasesa Lavea (Auckland Under-17s)
K Laverty (Otago Women)
A Law (Manawatu)
C Law (Manawatu)
G Law (Horowhenua)
JL Law (Rangitikei, Southern Hawke's Bay)
JA Lawler (Canterbury Women)
JH Lawn (Canterbury Women, Southern Districts Women)
B Lawrence (Thames Valley)
CWH Lawrence (Canterbury)
D Lawrence (scorer)
D Lawrence (Bay of Plenty)
H Lawrence (Canterbury Colts)
H Lawrence (West Coast (South Island))
HE Lawrence (umpire)
J Lawrence (Wellington)
JD Lawrence (Canterbury)
JD Lawrence (Scots College)
LM Lawrence (umpire)
N Lawrence (New Zealand Air Force, Rangitikei)
R Lawrence (Central Districts Under-20s, Cornwall (Hastings), Hawke's Bay, North County)
S Lawrence (Otago Women)
S Lawrence (Wellington Under-17s)
S Lawrence (Northern Districts Under-19s)
W Lawrence (South Canterbury)
Lawrenson (Wairarapa)
WG Lawrie (Northern Districts Under-23s, Northland)
Lawry (Auckland, Nelson)
Lawry (Oamaru)
HV Lawry (Wairarapa)
FA Laws (Hawke's Bay, Wellington)
Lawson (umpire)
AN Lawson (Otago)
D Lawson (King Country)
HW Lawson (Auckland, Wellington)
MA Lawson (Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI, Southern Districts Women)
RA Lawson (New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Otago)
S Lawson (Wellington Under-17s)
WG Lawson (Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
CK Lawton (Horowhenua)
GS Lawton (Horowhenua, Manawatu, Wellington Under-20s)
JC Lawton (Otago)
JT Lawton (New Zealand Navy)
M Lawton (Horowhenua)
JK Lay (North Canterbury, Wellington Under-20s)
MF Lay (Northern Districts Women)
SA Lay (Taranaki)
W Laycock (Auckland Women)
AV Leach (Manawatu, Taranaki)
I Leach (West Coast Women)
P Leach (Taranaki)
W Leach (West Coast (South Island))
Leadam (Wellington)
R Leadbeater (Thames Valley)
JV Leader (Otago)
RJ Leahy (Wanganui)
RW Leamy (North Island Colts, Wellington Under-20s)
JG Lean (umpire)
Learmouth (Otago)
BM Leather (Auckland Women)
LD Le Brun (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
A Leckie (Southland)
R Leckie (Wellington)
K le Comber (New Zealand Women)
A Ledger (Wellington Women)
RW Ledingham (umpire)
A Lee (Southern Hawke's Bay)
C Lee (Central Districts Under-20s)
CD Lee (Auckland, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
CJ Lee (Wellington Under-20s)
E Lee (South Canterbury, Southland)
GH Lee (Canterbury)
JB Lee (Northern Districts)
JM Lee (Northern Districts Under-23s, Waikato)
M Lee (John McGlashan College)
MG Lee (umpire)
R Lee (West Coast (South Island))
R Lee (West Coast and Buller)
W Lee (North Otago)
RCT Leeds (Nelson)
M Leef (Tauranga Intermediate School)
HR Lee-Harwood (Wellington Under-21s Women)
JA Leenards (Palmerston North Boys' High School)
J Lees (umpire)
R Lees (Auckland Under-20s)
WK Lees (New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Otago)
IN Leet (Manawatu)
BJ Legg (New Zealand Women)
KJ Legg (Central Districts Women)
GA Leggat (Nelson, New Zealand Universities, Wellington)
IB Leggat (Central Districts, New Zealand)
JE Leggat (Canterbury Under-19s, Canterbury Under-22s, New Zealand Under-19s)
JG Leggat (Canterbury, New Zealand)
R Leggat (Wellington)
RI Leggat (Canterbury, New Zealand Under-23s)
Leggatt (umpire)
RH Leggett (umpire)
SGT Le Gros (Wellington Under-18s, Wellington Under-19s)
JA Leigh (Northern Districts)
C Leighton (Central Districts Women, New Zealand Under-23s Women)
RN Leighton (Taranaki)
S Leighton (Manawatu)
R Leishman (Northern Districts Under-20s)
AK Leitch (Auckland Under-20s, Cornwall, Counties)
J Leith (Otago)
SP Leith (Dunedin and Suburban Cricket Association, Otago)
CJ Lelliott (Canterbury Country)
F Lellman (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Second XI)
AHD le Marquand (Auckland Under-21s Women)
M Le Mesurier (Franklin)
RF Le Mesurier (North Shore Women)
CE Lemin (North Island Air Force)
J Lemin (Wellington Under-20s)
TGF Lemin (New Zealand Air Force, Otago)
HW Lemmens (Southland)
A Lemmon (King Country)
A Lemon (Otago Under-20s)
Lendrum (South Taranaki)
D Lendrum (Counties Manukau)
R Lendrum (Taranaki, Wairarapa)
RN Lendrum (Franklin)
FJ Lenihan (Bay of Plenty, Waikato)
D Lennon (Southland)
KR Lennon (Hutt Districts, Wellington A)
JR Lennox (Central Districts Under-19s)
AJ Lenssen (Northern Districts Women)
Lentfer (South Auckland)
E Lentfer (Waikato)
AJ Leonard (Nelson)
BJ Leonard (Northern Districts)
DJ Leonard (Central Districts)
M Le Pine (Bay of Plenty)
S Le Prou (Northern Districts Under-20s)
RB Leslie (South Canterbury)
Lester (scorer)
J Lester (Auckland Women)
JG Lester (Canterbury Under-20s, South Island Colts)
MG Lester (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s)
SG Lester (Canterbury)
P Lethbridge (Central Districts Under-20s)
KD Leuthart (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-18s, Marist-United, Taranaki Wanderers)
T Levao (Northern Districts Under-19s)
WCS Levers (Hawke's Bay, Wellington)
Levett (Manawatu)
NA Levien (umpire)
JA Levy (Otago)
P Levy (Southland)
Lewer (Wellington)
D Lewes (Poverty Bay)
Lewis (umpire)
A Lewis (Midlands)
BJ Lewis (Canterbury Country)
E Lewis (Southland)
GM Lewis (Canterbury Country)
M Lewis (Canterbury Under-20s)
MAM Lewis (New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
ML Lewis (Auckland)
PT Lewis (Counties, Northern Districts Under-20s)
S Lewis (Rangitikei)
S Lewis (Hutt Valley)
T Lewis (Wellington Under-17s)
TR Lewis (Franklin)
TW Lewis (Hawke's Bay)
W Lewis (umpire)
FC Leydon-Davis (New Zealand Women, Northern Districts Women)
M Liddicoat (Horowhenua)
RH Liddicoat (umpire)
J Liddle (Hawke's Bay)
J Liddy (South Canterbury)
W Lidstone (South Canterbury)
FC Liggins (Otago)
IM Light (Auckland Women)
EO Lightband (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
P Lightoller (Taranaki, Thames Valley)
MH Liley (Hawke's Bay)
RSM Lili'i (Auckland Women)
H Lillicrap (North, Southland)
VJ Lind (Auckland Women, Berkshire Women, New Zealand Women)
LC Lindley (West Coast (South Island))
J Lindrum (Bay of Plenty)
B Lindsay (Marlborough)
CW Lindsay (Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s, Southland)
JK Lindsay (Otago)
K Lindsay (Southland)
LR Lindsay (New Zealand Women)
R Lindsay (West Coast (South Island))
RP Lindsay (Ashburton County)
WS Lindsay (umpire)
DI Lindstrom (Wellington Women)
A Lines (Nelson)
KA Lines (Nelson)
KJ Lines (Otago Under-20s, Southland)
M Ling (Canterbury Under-17s)
WS Linn (Auckland, Central Districts)
HA Linton (Canterbury Women)
J Linton (Nelson Women)
JR Linton (Auckland Second XI)
JR Lintott (Auckland)
AB Lints (Wanganui)
SDG Lipshaw (Auckland A)
Albert F Lissette (South Auckland, Waikato)
Allen F Lissette (Auckland, New Zealand, Northern Districts)
AJ Lissette (Waikato)
A Lister (Ashburton County)
Lister-Kaye (Wellington)
JR Litchfield (Central Districts Under-23s, Marlborough, Wellington Under-20s)
MH Lithgow (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-20s, Wanganui)
Little (South Taranaki)
AM Little (Wellington Women)
D Little (Wellington)
DS Little (Wellington)
J Little (Otago Women)
JC Little (Wellington)
W Little (Southland)
AI Littlejohn (Wellington)
G Littlejohn (Hamilton, Northern Districts Second XI, Northern Districts Under-20s)
WS Littlejohn (Nelson)
MA Littlewood (Franklin)
J Liver (Central Military District)
DW Livesey (Ashburton County)
L Livesey (King Country)
TO Livingston (Otago)
Lloyd (Nelson)
DG Lloyd (Otago Under-23s)
DP Lloyd (New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts)
J Lloyd (Manawatu)
M Lloyd (Northern Districts Under-22s)
N Lloyd (Wairarapa)
N Lloyd (Poverty Bay)
NA Lloyd (Northern Districts)
FH Loader (Canterbury Under-17s)
DV Lobb (Otago)
OR Lobb (Northern Districts Women)
DM Locke (Wellington Under-20s)
A Lockett (Poverty Bay and Waiapu)
AJ Lockett (King Country)
GH Lockett (Poverty Bay)
JB Lockett (Wellington, West Coast (North Island))
GA Lockhart (Central Otago, Otago Second XI)
S Lockhart (North Otago)
J Lockyear (Auckland Under-20s)
BJ Lockyer (Franklin, King Country, Rangitikei)
CM Loewenthal (Southern Hawke's Bay)
WM Loewenthal (Wellington Under-20s)
I Loffler (Poverty Bay)
J Loffler (Poverty Bay)
JJ Loftus (umpire)
Logan (Wanganui)
Logan (Wairarapa)
DK Logan (Wairarapa)
GR Logan (Central Districts)
J Logan (Wairarapa)
J Logan (North Shore Women)
SF Logan (Eastern Suburbs)
JF Logie (Canterbury Under-20s)
MK Lohrey (Canterbury)
Lomas (Wellington)
AL Lomas (Otago)
FC Lomas (Argentina, Wanganui)
GF Lomas (Wanganui)
R London (Wanganui)
RP London (Minor Associations)
S London (Wanganui)
AD Long (Otago Under-20s)
RI Long (Otago)
Longbottom (Waikato)
A Longden (Canterbury)
J Longlands (Auckland Women)
AR Longton (Southern Hawke's Bay)
WM Lonsdale (Canterbury)
M Loose (Canterbury Under-20s)
Lord (scorer)
J Lord (New Zealand Women)
J Lord (umpire)
J Lord (East Coast Associations)
VLM Lord (Otago Women)
CT Loretz (Southern Hawke's Bay)
H Lorking (Wellington Girls' College)
H Louden (Rangitikei)
E Lough (Timaru)
F Loughlin (Waikato)
HH Loughnan (Canterbury)
B Loughrin (Otago Women)
TB Louisson (Nelson, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast)
R Love (Hawke's Bay)
WJ Love (Hawke's Bay)
J Lovelock (Central Otago)
K Lovelock (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
DS Loveridge (Auckland Under-23s)
E Loveridge (South Auckland, Waikato)
GR Loveridge (British Universities, Cambridge University, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI)
Low (Westland)
HF Low (Rangitikei, Wanganui)
JW Low (umpire)
GE Lowans (Central Districts)
Lowe (Oamaru)
CG Lowe (Wellington Minor Associations)
D Lowe (umpire)
D Lowe (Northern Districts Under-20s)
G Lowe (Auckland Women)
GE Lowe (Wellington)
JB Lowe (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
TB Lowe (umpire)
J Lowes (Southern Hawke's Bay)
PR Lowes (Central Districts)
S Lowrie (Hawke's Bay, Midlands)
R Lowry (Midlands)
TC Lowry (Auckland, Cambridge University, Free Foresters, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, New Zealand, Somerset, Wellington)
TH Lowry (Hawke's Bay)
Lublin (Auckland)
H Lubransky (Wellington)
AR Lucas (Hawke's Bay)
ML Lucas (Counties, Counties Manukau)
S Lucas (Canterbury Development Women)
RE Lucena (Taranaki)
EA Luckett (Canterbury Women)
MMF Luckie (Wellington)
WB Lucre (Nelson)
ER Ludbrook (Hawke's Bay)
P Ludgate (Bay of Plenty)
TE Luke (Canterbury Under-23s)
FR Lumsden (Manawatu, South Auckland)
D Lund (Poverty Bay)
EP Lund (Auckland Secondary Schools)
GJ Lund (Canterbury Under-20s)
IM Lundie (Auckland Women)
JR Lundon (Auckland)
G Lusk (Marlborough)
Harold B Lusk (Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington)
Hugh B Lusk (Auckland, Hawke's Bay)
JE Lusk (Dulwich, Hawke's Bay)
RB Lusk (Taranaki)
WNB Lusk (Auckland)
Luxford (Manawatu)
FH Luxford (Wellington)
WM Luxford (Wanganui)
MM Luxmoore (Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI)
C Luxon (Canterbury Women)
SL Luxton (scorer)
TM Luxton (scorer)
Lyall (Manawatu)
UM Lyall (Otago Women)
PAM Lye (Wellington Under-19s)
P Lyle (Bay of Plenty)
A Lynch (Auckland Under-20s)
C Lynch (Auckland Women)
DJF Lynch (Auckland)
G Lynch (Otago)
GS Lynch (Central Districts Under-23s, New Zealand Under-23s, New Zealand Universities, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
J Lynch (West Coast and Buller)
J Lynch (South Canterbury)
J Lynch (Southland)
KB Lynch (Otago Women)
ML Lynch (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
R Lynch (West Coast and Buller)
RF Lynch (Wellington)
RJ Lynch (Auckland Under-20s)
RK Lynch (Auckland)
S Lynch (Southland)
SM Lynch (Auckland, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI)
TW Lynch (South Canterbury)
Lynskey (South Taranaki)
BJ Lyon (Auckland)
H Lyon (Rangitikei)
M Lyon (Rangitikei, Waikato)
TD Lyon (Auckland)
W Lyons (Central Districts Under-19s)
WH Lysnar (Poverty Bay)
J Lyth (Tai Tapu School)
B Lythe (Auckland Under-20s)
TI Lythe (Auckland, Central Districts)
BC Lyver (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-19s, Hawke's Bay, Wellington Second XI)





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