Scotland Players (C)


JD Cachia (Falkland, Stenton and Tyninghame, Strathallan School)
MG Cachia (Falkland, Stenton and Tyninghame, Strathallan School)
RF Cachia (scorer)
B Cadd (Royal High Corstorphine)
D Cadd (Royal High Corstorphine)
D Cadden (Royal High Corstorphine)
A Caddick (Rossie Priory)
RP Cadman (Strathallan Occasionals)
Cadzow (Fettes College)
JH Caird (Aberdeen University)
C Cairney (Fochabers)
AS Cairns (East of Scotland, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, Scotland, Scotland XI)
DJ Cairns (Loretto School, Scotland XI)
FD Cairns (George Watson's College)
G Cairns (Western Warriors Under-15s)
GW Cairns (Scottish Universities, Watsonians)
NH Cairns (Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers Colts)
Caldecott (Kelso)
EL Calder (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
R Calder (George Watson's College)
TJ Calder (Loretto School)
WG Calder (George Watson's College)
NH Calderbank (Edinburgh Academy)
N Calderwood (Prestwick)
SC Calderwood (Lomond School)
AS Caldwell (Edinburgh, Fettesian Lorettonians, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, Lasswade, Loretto School, Scotland)
D Caldwell (Falkland)
DIC Caldwell (Merchiston Castle School)
G Caldwell (Lasswade, Trinity College, Glenalmond)
HFH Caldwell (Bryn-y-Neuadd, East of Scotland, Edinburgh, Fettesian Lorettonians, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Loretto School, Grange, Lasswade, Loretto School, Marylebone Cricket Club, Scotland, South of Scotland)
WH Caldwell (Loretto School)
A Caleca (Dundee High School Former Pupils)
B Callan (Dunfermline)
AD Callander (East of Scotland)
JC Callender (Strathmore, Strathmore Union)
R Callicott (East of Scotland Under-16s, Edinburgh Academicals, Edinburgh Academy)
M Calling (scorer)
R Calvert (West of Scotland Under-21s)
AF Calwell (Blair Lodge School)
Cameron (umpire)
Cameron (Merchiston Castle School)
A Cameron (scorer)
A Cameron (Dumfriesshire)
A Cameron (Comrie)
AB Cameron (Merchiston Castle School)
AC Cameron (Glasgow Academy)
AM Cameron (Forfarshire, Forfarshire Under-19s, Forthill)
AW Cameron (Edinburgh Cricket League)
B Cameron (Grange)
BD Cameron (Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers Colts)
BM Cameron (Scottish Regional Academies Under-18s)
CM Cameron (Arbroath United, Arbroath United Second XI, Scotland Under-12s)
DA Cameron (Fettes College)
DC Cameron (umpire)
DC Cameron (Fettes College)
E Cameron (Kelburne)
G Cameron (Ferguslie, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Uddingston)
H Cameron (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
J Cameron (Crescent)
JA Cameron (The Centurions, The Forty Club, The Forty Club Scotland President's XI, West of Scotland)
JF Cameron (Kincardineshire)
JM Cameron (Blair Lodge School)
L Cameron (Aberdeenshire)
MA Cameron (Fettes College)
RAI Cameron (Highland)
RD Cameron (Arbroath United, Arbroath United Second XI, Arbroath United Under-13s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Scotland Under-15s)
RWD Cameron (Edinburgh University)
S Cameron (Greenock)
SJ Cameron (Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Forfarshire, Forfarshire Under-18s, Forfarshire Under-19s, Scotland A, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland XI, Tayside and Fife Under-13s)
T Cameron (umpire)
T Cameron (West of Scotland)
WPL Cameron (George Watson's College)
D Camilerri (Strathallan School)
Campbell (Scotland)
Campbell (Duke of Atholl's XI)
Campbell (Lord Moncreiff's XI)
A Campbell (Clydesdale, Glasgow, Scotland)
A Campbell (Glasgow University)
A Campbell (Almond Valley)
A Campbell (Strathmore Union)
A Campbell (Methlick)
A Campbell (East of Scotland)
A Campbell (Inverurie)
A Campbell (Stirling County)
AC Campbell (9th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry)
AJ Campbell (Loretto School)
AN Campbell (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
B Campbell (umpire)
B Campbell (Stonehaven Thistle)
B Campbell (Stirling County)
C Campbell (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
C Campbell (Clydesdale)
C Campbell (Dunfermline)
C Campbell (Stoneywood-Dyce)
C Campbell (umpire)
C Campbell (Clydesdale)
C Campbell (Fifeshire)
CA Campbell (Glasgow Academy)
CA Campbell (West of Scotland)
CH Campbell (scorer)
CS Campbell (Fettes College)
CW Campbell (East of Scotland)
D Campbell (Glasgow)
D Campbell (umpire)
DF Campbell (Watsonians)
DF Campbell (Kelburne)
DS Campbell (Greenock)
E Campbell (Edinburgh Academy)
E Campbell (Stewart's Melville Royal High, Stewart's Melville Royal High and Heriot's Under-18s)
F Campbell (Scotland Women)
F Campbell (scorer)
F Campbell (Kirkwood)
FHM Campbell (Eastern Knights Under-15s)
G Campbell (Clydesdale, Gentlemen of Scotland)
G Campbell (Dunfermline)
G Campbell (Woodcutters)
GEF Campbell (Edinburgh Academy)
GG Campbell (Scotland)
H Campbell (Blair Lodge School)
HW Campbell (Scotland)
J Campbell (umpire)
JB Campbell (Glasgow, West of Scotland)
JD Campbell (Fettes College)
JP Campbell (JC McNair's XI)
JT Campbell (Fettes College)
N Campbell (The Forty Club West of Scotland)
NG Campbell (Glasgow Academicals)
P Campbell (umpire)
P Campbell (Drumpellier, Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
P Campbell (West and South of Scotland)
R Campbell (Scottish Universities)
R Campbell (Drumpellier)
R Campbell (Glasgow Academy)
R Campbell (Scotland Under-19s)
R Campbell (East of Scotland Under-23s)
RC Campbell (2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry Officers)
RG Campbell (Glasgow, Scotland XI, West of Scotland, West of Scotland)
RH Campbell (Fettes College)
S Campbell (Stirling County)
S Campbell (Drumpellier)
S Campbell (Morton)
S Campbell (Inverclyde)
SD Campbell (Central Scotland, Dunfermline, Falkland, North of Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s)
SD Campbell (North of Scotland)
T Campbell (Edinburgh Academicals)
W Campbell (Scotland)
W Campbell (The Visitors)
W Campbell (West of Scotland)
WB Campbell (Loretto School)
WK Campbell (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JR Campling (Grange)
A Candlish (Holy Cross Academicals)
R Cannon (scorer)
RKP Cannon (Forfarshire, Forfarshire Under-19s, Forthill, Scotland Academy, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland Under-23s, Scottish Universities)
WJ Capes (Glasgow, West of Scotland)
N Caplan (East of Scotland Under-17s, East of Scotland Under-19s, Grange, Scotland Under-19s)
KA Cappie (Scotland XI)
L Carey (Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Junior Colts)
M Carey (St Leonard's School for Girls)
D Carlohs (Irvine)
S Carlson (Clydesdale)
C Carlton (Glasgow)
R Carlton (East Kilbride)
DA Carlyle (Prestwick)
E Carlyle (Prestwick)
AGW Carmichael (Edinburgh Academicals)
CGD Carmichael (Eastern Knights Under-15s, Eastern Knights Under-18s, Edinburgh Academicals, Scotland Under-15s)
F Carmichael (scorer)
FDS Carmichael (Eastern Knights Under-18s, Edinburgh Academicals)
GB Carmichael (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JFS Carmichael (Edinburgh Academy, Federated Malay States)
BA Carnegie (Arbroath United, Marylebone Cricket Club)
BC Carnegie (Arbroath United, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Scotland Under-17s, Scottish Universities)
G Carnegie (Coupar Angus)
G Carnegie (Forfarshire, Forthill)
HG Carnegie (Arbroath United, Arbroath United Under-13s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Eastern Knights Under-15s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Tayside and Fife Under-13s)
J Carnegie (Scotland)
S Carnegie (Strathmore)
SD Carnegie (Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
G Carney (North of Scotland Under-17s)
GT Carney (Northern Select XI)
A Carnie (Greenock Academy)
W Carnie (Scotland)
W Carnie (Aberdeen Union Club)
JD Carphin (Edinburgh Academy)
B Carr (Methlick)
D Carr (Merchiston Castle School)
G Carr (Rossie Priory)
S Carr (Drumpellier)
W Carr (umpire)
T Carre (Oban)
D Carrick (Alps, Glasgow Academicals)
J Carrick (West of Scotland)
JS Carrick (Glasgow, Marylebone Cricket Club, Scotland, Scotland XI, West of Scotland)
AJS Carrie (Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Wayfarers)
CH Carruthers (umpire, scorer)
J Carruthers (Ferguslie, Scotland Under-19s)
JF Carruthers (Fettes College, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, North of Scotland, Old Fettesians)
N Carruthers (West of Scotland)
WL Carruthers (Fettes College)
S Carse (South of Scotland Under-21s)
A Carsewell (South of Scotland)
DS Carson (Fettes College)
IG Carson (Merchiston Castle School, Scottish Wayfarers Colts)
J Carson (Falkland)
S Carson (Merchiston Castle School)
GL Carstairs (Edinburgh Academy)
JL Carstairs (Edinburgh Academy)
A Carstens (Penicuik)
AR Carswell (Stirling County)
D Carswell (South of Scotland)
K Carswell (Durham Women, Scotland Women)
R Carswell (Scotland Under-19s, Scottish Universities, Stirling County)
Carte (umpire)
Carter (Aberdeen Clubs A XI)
Carter (Royal Air Force Leuchars)
Carter (West of Scotland Second XI)
A Carter (umpire)
A Carter (Weirs)
D Carter (Fifeshire)
J Carter (TD Hamilton's XI)
NM Carter (Boland, Cape Cobras, Matabeleland Tuskers, Middlesex, Scotland, Warwickshire)
P Carter (Perthshire)
M Cartlidge (Holy Cross Academicals)
NH Cartmell (scorer)
R Carton (East Kilbride)
E Cartwright (scorer)
HR Cartwright (scorer)
L Cartwright (Carlton Women)
L Cartwright (scorer)
T Cartwright (umpire)
R Carty (Glasgow Academy)
R Carty (Uddingston)
RM Carty (The Forty Club Scotland)
A Carver (West Lothian)
WM Carver (Fettes College)
G Case (Heriot's)
JR Case (Heriot's)
CA Cash (Eastern Knights Under-18s, Penicuik, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-19s, Watsonians, Watsonians Second XI)
M Cash (George Watson's College, Watsonians)
C Caskie (Helensburgh)
Cassell (West of Scotland)
DY Cassels (Glasgow University, West of Scotland)
J Cassels (Cupar)
Cassford (Lord Moncreiff's XI)
G Cassidy (Kelburne)
M Cassidy (Kelvinside Academy)
M Cassidy (Glasgow Academy)
N Cassidy (Kelvinside Academy)
S Cassidy (South of Scotland Under-19s)
C Cassils (Glasgow Academy)
D Castell (scorer)
A Castles (Scottish Universities)
Cathcart (Duke of Atholl's XI)
Cathcart (Duke of Atholl's XI)
AH Cathcart (Loretto School)
J Cathles (George Watson's College)
AD Cato (Aberdeenshire)
B Caton (Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s)
S Catto (Highland)
C Cavanagh (Weirs)
CM Cavanagh (Uddingston)
ER Cave-Browne (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
DD Cavellini (North of Scotland, Scotland B)
GE Caven (Ayr)
Cay (Aberdeen Union Club)
DT Cessford (Loretto School)
S Cessford (Kelso, South of Scotland Under-19s)
C-Everett (Carlton Second XI)
GF Chadwick (Edinburgh University)
S Chakrabarti (Leith Franklin)
Challa (Aberdeen Grammar School Former Pupils)
R Challuri (Dunfermline)
Chalmers (Caledonian Highlanders)
A Chalmers (Aberdeenshire)
A Chalmers (George Watson's College)
AD Chalmers (East of Scotland Cricket League Under-23s, East of Scotland Under-16s, Scotland Under-12s, Scotland Under-13s, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Watsonians, Watsonians Second XI)
AGN Chalmers (Loretto School)
CA Chalmers (Strathallan Occasionals)
EF Chalmers (Scotland)
GK Chalmers (Scotland)
P Chalmers (Methick, Methlick)
R Chalmers (Falkland, Scotland Under-17s)
R Chalmers (Stonehaven Thistle)
R Chalmers (Dollar Academy)
RR Chalmers (East of Scotland Under-21s)
SD Chalmers (Grange)
SJ Chalmers (Scotland)
T Chalmers (Caledonian Club, Gentlemen of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland, Scotland XI, West of Scotland)
WH Chalmers (Leith Academy Staff)
W Chamberlain (East of Scotland)
Chambers (Forfarshire)
Chambers (Scottish Counties)
F Chambers (TD Hamilton's XI)
G Chambers (Falkland)
GM Chambers (Western Warriors Under-15s)
I Chambers (Helensburgh)
J Chambers (St Boswells)
TA Chambers (West of Scotland)
A Chanachad (Eastern Regional Development XI)
JG Chancellor (Scotland)
AJ Chandrachud (Merchiston Castle School, Stenhousemuir)
RS Chandu (Aberdeenshire, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Mannofield)
D Chapel (Scotland)
W Chapel (Arbroath United)
A Chapman (Strathallan School)
D Chapman (Strathmore Union)
D Chapman (East of Scotland)
J Chapman (Uddingston)
J Chapman (Strathallan Occasionals, Strathallan School)
JD Chapman (Stewart's Melville Royal High)
K Chapman (Falkland)
M Chapman (Edinburgh South)
M Chapman (scorer)
P Chapman (scorer)
S Chapman (North of Scotland)
J Chappel (St Leonard's School for Girls)
MJ Chapple (Hawthorn-Monash University, Richmond, West of Scotland)
Charanjit Singh (Dunfermline)
SS Charleson (Penicuik)
M Charlton (umpire)
MB Chase (Aberdeenshire)
D Chatt (Stenton and Tyninghame)
J Chatt (Watsonians Under-13s)
W Chatta (Hamilton Palace)
P Chatterji (Scotland Women)
N Chaudhary (Carlton)
S Chaudhary (Hillhead High School Former Pupils, Irvine)
AI Chaudhry (Clydesdale, Clydesdale Under-18s, Scotland Under-17s, Western Warriors Under-18s)
BZ Chaudhry (Poloc, Scotland Under-19s)
DZ Chaudhry (Glamorgan Second XI, Poloc, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s, Scotland Under-18s, Western Warriors Under-18s)
HM Chaudhry (Clydesdale, Poloc, Scotland Under-12s, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-19s, Western Warriors Under-18s)
M Chaudhry (Victoria)
M Chaudhry (Whiteinch)
O Chaudhry (scorer)
R Chaudhry (Active Life)
S Chaudhry (Irvine)
U Chaudhry (Cavaliers)
A Chaudhuri (High School of Glasgow)
F Chaudry (Aberdeenshire)
M Chaudry (Stirling County Women)
S Chaudry (Renfrew)
Cheape (Fettes College)
D Cheater (Edinburgh Academy)
A Cheema (Stirling County)
RM Cheesman (Poloc)
D Chelladurai (umpire)
S Chengappa (Murrayfield-DAFS)
Cherry (Glasgow Academicals)
H Cherry (scorer)
J Cherry (Glasgow Academicals)
A Chester (Helensburgh, The Forty Club)
A Chester (West of Scotland Under-19s)
R Chetham Strode (Edinburgh University)
N Chetty (Marchmont)
H Chevaisse (umpire)
A Cheyne (Grange)
H Cheyne (Strangers)
MA Cheyne (Gordonstoun School)
A Chick (George Watson's College)
J Chiene (Edinburgh Academy)
C Childs (Stirling County Women)
J Chilton (Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
GT Chine (Edinburgh Academy)
K Chinnam (Glasgow High Kelvinside)
RL Chirnside (Loretto School)
C Chisholm (Woodcutters)
G Chisholm (umpire)
IH Chisholm (scorer)
RHE Chisholm (Scotland)
RHE Chisholm (Scottish Cricket Union President's XI)
RHE Chisholm (Stewart's Melville Former Pupils)
W Chisty (Stirling County)
SS Chitnis (Clydesdale)
C Chockalingham (Victoria)
F Chohan (Glasgow Academicals)
S Chohan (Glasgow Academicals)
I Choohan (Glasgow Academicals Women)
P Choudhary (Weirs)
D Choudhury (Murrayfield-DAFS)
S Choudri (West of Scotland)
H Choudry (Glasgow Academy)
S Chrisite (Arbroath United Second XI)
MA Christensen (Helensburgh, Kelburne)
Christie (Meigle)
Christie (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
A Christie (Stirling County)
A Christie (Glasgow High Kelvinside)
AC Christie (Fettes College)
B Christie (Freuchie)
C Christie (205th Field Company, Royal Engineers)
CM Christie (Brechin)
D Christie (umpire)
D Christie (Meigle)
D Christie (Gargunnock Village)
DYF Christie (Freuchie)
F Christie (South of Scotland)
FC Christie (Dollar Academy)
G Christie (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
GB Christie (Freuchie)
GFF Christie (Aberdeenshire)
H Christie (North of Scotland)
IM Christie (scorer)
J Christie (Strangers)
JC Christie (Scotland)
JF Christie (Aberdeen University)
R Christie (Freuchie)
R Christie (Freuchie)
R Christie (St Modan's High School Former Pupils)
SI Christie (Arbroath United, Tayside and Fife Under-13s)
SL Christie (Scotland Women)
Christison (Scotland)
AFP Christison (Edinburgh Academy)
FJ Christison (Edinburgh Academy, Oxford University Authentics, South of Scotland)
I Chughtai (South of Scotland)
D Church (Fettes College)
G Church (Inverclyde)
P Church (Fettes College)
JTW Churcher (Grange, Grange Second XI)
A Churchill (Ellon Gordon)
J Cilbertson (Dundee High School)
PBA Cillers (Stirling County)
R Claasen (Stenhousemuir)
Clark (Aberdeen Clubs A XI)
Clark (St Andrews University Staff)
Clark (Aberdeen Grammar School)
A Clark (George Watson's College)
A Clark (East of Scotland Under-17s)
AHP Clark (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
AM Clark (Fettes College)
AW Clark (South of Scotland Cricket League)
B Clark (scorer)
C Clark (scorer)
C Clark (Stoneywood)
CAC Clark (West of Scotland, West of Scotland)
CJP Clark (Meigle)
G Clark (Glasgow Academicals)
G Clark (West of Scotland)
GWB Clark (Edinburgh Academy)
J Clark (Scotland)
J Clark (umpire)
J Clark (Dumfriesshire)
J Clark (Old Aberdeen)
J Clark (umpire)
J Clark (umpire)
J Clark (A Steele's XI)
JF Clark (Glasgow Academy, West of Scotland)
JM Clark (Kilmarnock)
JS Clark (Glasgow)
M Clark (umpire)
M Clark (Stoneywood)
M Clark (St Michael's)
M Clark (Huntly)
MJ Clark (Arbroath County, Arbroath United, North of Scotland, Scotland B, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland XI)
MR Clark (The Forty Club Scotland)
N Clark (Buckie)
NB Clark (scorer)
NB Clark (Stenhousemuir)
P Clark (Scottish Junior Colts)
P Clark (Centurions)
PDCR Clark (North of Scotland)
PJM Clark (Merchiston Castle School)
R Clark (Edinburgh Academy)
R Clark (Meigle)
R Clark (scorer)
RS Clark (Scotland)
T Clark (Carlton)
T Clark (Brechin)
W Clark (Scotland)
Clarke (Strathallan School)
A Clarke (Weirs)
AHS Clarke (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
BG Clarke (Drumpellier, Scotland Under-19s, Uddingston)
C Clarke (scorer)
DS Clarke (Officers' School of Instruction, Stirling)
E Clarke (West of Scotland)
F Clarke (Uddingston)
J Clarke (Dumfries)
J Clarke (Stoneywood)
J Clarke (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College)
JS Clarke (Fettes College)
K Clarke (Kinross Women)
KS Clarke (Elgin and District, Fort George Garrison, Nairn and District, North of Scotland, Trinity College, Glenalmond)
M Clarke (North of Scotland Under-23s)
M Clarke (St Andrews University Staff)
N Clarke (Ferguslie)
N Clarke (West of Scotland)
NR Clarke (The Forty Club)
PA Clarke (Arbroath United)
R Clarke (West Lothian)
R Clarke (Hillhead High School Former Pupils)
S Clarke (Players of Scotland)
TE Clarke (Carlton, Scottish Universities)
W Clarke (umpire)
Clarkson (St Leonard's School for Girls Seniors)
CR Clarkson (Eastern Knights Under-15s, Royal High Corstorphine, Scotland Under-15s)
F Clarkson (Carlton Second XI)
MJ Clarkson (scorer)
HM Claughton (Players of Scotland)
AB Clay (Loretto School)
AT Clay (Edinburgh Academy)
B Clay (Ayr Women)
J Clayton (Strathallan Occasionals)
B Cleaver (Falkland)
M Cleaver (Strathallan Occasionals)
C Clegg (Edinburgh University Staff)
JA Clegg (Fettes College)
CR Cleghorn (Clifton College, Forfarshire)
GJ Clemens (Huntly)
T Clemens (St Andrews University Staff)
D Clement (Strathallan School)
IH Clement (George Watson's College)
M Clench (Murrayfield-DAFS)
L Clerihew (East of Scotland)
D Clews (West of Scotland)
JD Clews (Kelvinside Academy)
JB Cliffe (East of Scotland)
R Cliffe (Scotland)
D Clifford (Murrayfield-DAFS)
E Clifford (Edinburgh South)
HC Clifford (West of Scotland)
CN Clifton (Glasgow)
H Clive (Scottish Universities)
L Cloudsley (Perth)
W Clough (Kirkcudbright)
TH Clouston (Merchiston Castle School)
GS Clubb (Aberdeenshire, North of Scotland Under-19s)
BJM Clube (Edinburgh Academy, Scotland Under-19s, Scottish Universities, Scottish Wayfarers Colts)
C Clube (East of Scotland Under-16s)
T Clube (Scottish Junior Colts)
GM Clunie (Edinburgh Academy)
WM Clunie (Edinburgh Academy)
D Clutterbuck (Aberdeenshire)
J Clutterbuck (East of Scotland Under-19s, East of Scotland Under-23s, Edinburgh, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland Under-21s, South of Scotland)
CD Clyne (Dundee High School Former Pupils, East of Scotland Under-19s, Falkland, Scottish Universities)
A Coals (umpire)
A Coates (Helensburgh)
J Coates (West of Scotland Under-17s)
R Coates (scorer)
CJ Coats (High School of Glasgow, West of Scotland Under-13s, Western Warriors Under-14s, Western Warriors Under-15s)
GMR Coatsworth (Fettes College)
WG Cobb (East of Scotland, Grange, Hertfordshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Rugby School, Scotland)
G Cobban (Cults)
CN Cobbet (Aberdeen University)
Cobley (Aberdeenshire)
AGH Cochran (Loretto School)
DG Cochran (Aberdeenshire, Loretto School)
JKM Cochran (Edinburgh Academy)
PC Cochran (Loretto School)
Cochrane (Royal Scots Greys Sergeants)
AJC Cochrane (Edinburgh Academy, Scottish Wayfarers)
D Cochrane (Edinburgh Academy)
DT Cochrane (Strathallan Occasionals)
IE Cochrane (East of Scotland)
J Cochrane (Kismet)
JR Cochrane (Edinburgh Public Parks)
N Cochrane (Carlton, East of Scotland Under-19s, Scotland Under-17s)
NG Cochrane (Scotland A, Scottish Counties, Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
SRA Cochrane (Fauldhouse Victoria)
A Cockburn (Eastern Regional Development XI)
AM Cockburn (Eastern Knights Under-15s, Eastern Knights Under-18s, George Watson's College, Scotland Under-17s, Watsonians, Watsonians Second XI)
D Cockburn (Watsonians Second XI)
HA Cockburn (Glasgow Academy)
J Cockburn (West of Scotland)
WRM Cockburn (Scotland)
FC Cockerell (West of Scotland)
Coddington (North of Scotland)
N Coe (East Kilbride)
HP Coetzer (Dyce, Stoneywood)
KJ Coetzer (Chittagong Kings, Durham, Durham Cricket Board, Northamptonshire, Scotland)
P Coetzer (Stoneywood-Dyce)
SC Coetzer (Scotland)
SP Coetzer (Aberdeenshire, Cape Town, Scotland Academy, Scotland Under-19s, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Universities, Stoneywood-Dyce)
PJ Coffey (Glasgow University Staff, Prestwick, The Forty Club)
SE Coffin (Officers' School of Instruction, Stirling)
AR Coggins (Glasgow High Kelvinside, Glasgow High School, Scottish Universities, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
MD Cohen (North of Scotland, North of Scotland Under-19s, Stoneywood-Dyce)
C Coker (Dunfermline)
A Colam (Edinburgh Academicals)
B Colbeck (Scottish Universities)
GJ Cole (Scottish Cricket Union President's XI)
HP Cole (Grange)
SC Cole (Prestwick Under-13s, Western Warriors Under-15s)
FRJ Coleman (Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Scotland, Warwickshire)
JAR Coleman (Strathallan Occasionals, Strathallan School)
M Coleman (scorer)
RJA Coleman (Edinburgh Academy)
T Coleman (Scottish Universities)
A Coles (umpire)
CAR Coles (Scotland)
CH Coles (Royal High School)
G Coles (Dunfermline)
P Colins (Strathearn)
D Colin-Thome (Forfarshire)
T Colle (Dundee High School)
F Colledge (Scotland)
F Colledge (Scotland)
RC Colledge (East of Scotland Under-21s)
O Collier (Marchmont)
W Collier (Marchmont)
Collin (Forfarshire)
ID Collin (Manderston)
Collings (Scotland)
A Collins (Stenhousemuir)
A Collins (Kinross Women)
EK Collins (Stewart's Melville Former Pupils)
I Collins (Manderston)
IG Collins (Oxford University, Scotland)
J Collins (scorer)
P Collins (Perth Doo'cot Under-18s)
RA Collins (scorer)
RG Collins (East of Scotland, Musselburgh, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
C Collis (Clydesdale)
A Collister (Grange, Grange Second XI)
JA Collister (Fettes College, Grange, Grange Second XI)
H Collyer (Edinburgh University)
N Colonhood (Strathallan Occasionals)
O Colqahoun (Strathallan School)
Colquhoun (Clydesdale, Players of Scotland)
J Colquhoun (Fauldhouse Victoria)
M Colquhoun (Scottish Select XI, Western District Cricket Union)
F Colson (Greenock)
VJN Coltherd (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
Colville (Players of Scotland)
E Colville (Glasgow High Kelvinside)
EP Combe (Edinburgh Academy)
GA Combe (Loretto School)
Combey (Players of Edinburgh, Players of Scotland)
A Comer (Scottish Universities)
AR Comer (Central Scotland)
M Comer (Carlton)
Common (Strathallan School)
CH Comrie (Loretto School)
CE Comrie-Thomson (Loretto School)
H Conacher (Merchiston Castle School)
I Condon (Gargunnock Village)
JJ Congdon (Gordonstoun School)
J Conlan (Irvine)
A Conn (Heriot's)
F Conn (Galloway)
FR Conn (Scotland Under-17s)
RS Connah (Strathallan School)
JA Connan (George Watson's College)
EH Connell (Merchiston Castle School)
JA Connell (Merchiston Castle School)
JB Connell (umpire)
PG Connell (Loretto School)
RM Connell (Merchiston Castle School)
S Connell (Fauldhouse Victoria)
D Connelly (St Andrews University Staff)
S Connelly (Central Scotland)
GG Conner (Eastern Knights Under-18s)
PJ Conner (scorer)
JCM Connet (Edinburgh Public Parks)
SL Connet (East of Scotland)
C Conningham (Merchiston Castle School)
S Connochie (Colonel Buchanan's Scotland Team)
W Connochie (Caledonian Club, Clydesdale, Gentlemen of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland)
IR Connolly (Central Scotland)
P Connolly (scorer)
GG Connor (Fettes College)
J Connor (Edinburgh Academicals)
J Connor (Penicuik)
H Conradie (Stoneywood-Dyce)
S Conradie (Stoneywood-Dyce)
MA Conroy (Scotland B)
R Constable (Fochabers)
G Conway (Irvine)
GS Conway (Fettes College)
J Conway (Irvine)
N Conway (Stewart's Melville Royal High)
S Conway (Irvine)
W Conway (Kinross Women)
Z Conway (Kinross Women, Scotland Under-17s Women, Scotland Under-19s Women)
CH Cook (George Watson's College)
D Cook (Perth Mayfield)
DDB Cook (Merchiston Castle School)
G Cook (Scottish Universities)
HR Cook (Merchiston Castle School)
I Cook (Perthshire League Colts)
J Cook (Kelburne)
JHE Cook (Edinburgh Academy)
JW Cook (Ferguslie)
PR Cook (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
T Cook (Aberdeenshire)
W Cook (Aberdeen Clubs B XI, Aberdeenshire, Civilians)
CH Cooke (George Watson's College)
D Cooke (Inverclyde)
EC Cooke (Scotland Women)
I Cooke (Scottish Universities)
R Cooke (Kinross Under-13s)
Cooksley (Strathallan School)
D Cookson (Gordonstoun School)
J Cookson (West Lothian)
M Cooley (scorer)
M Cooling (scorer)
J Cooney (Irvine)
A Cooper (St Michael's)
AAF Cooper (Strathmore)
AHE Cooper (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
C Cooper (West of Scotland)
D Cooper (Ayr, Cambusdoon)
D Cooper (Dunfermline)
FW Cooper (Strathmore)
G Cooper (Edinburgh Academicals)
G Cooper (Carlton Women)
M Cooper (Ayr, Ayr Under-18s, West Regional Development Centre Under-15s Select XI)
P Cooper (Scottish Cricket Union President's XI)
R Cooper (Dunfermline)
RH Cooper (Ayr)
SV Cooper (North of Scotland, North of Scotland Under-23s, Scotland Under-19s, Strathmore)
TAB Cooper (George Watson's College)
WM Cooper (East of Scotland)
GC Coote (TD Hamilton's XI)
CJ Cope (Scottish Wayfarers)
J Cope (Scottish Universities)
ME Cope (Strathallan Occasionals)
NE Cope (Strathallan Occasionals)
D Copeland (Glasgow University Staff)
GSB Corbett (Scottish Wayfarers Colts, Strathallan Occasionals, Strathallan School)
R Corbett (umpire)
R Corbett (umpire)
S Corbett-Byers (Dumfries, South of Scotland Under-19s)
J Corbie (North of Scotland Cricket Association)
G Corcoran (South of Scotland)
T Cordiner (Glasgow Academy)
G Cordner (Stirling County)
H Cordner (Stirling County)
T Cordner (Hillhead High School Former Pupils)
A Cormack (East of Scotland)
A Cormack (umpire)
CMG Cormack (umpire)
J Cormack (Aberdeenshire)
M Cormack (Rossie Priory)
S Cormack (scorer)
RJ Corner (Eastern Knights Under-18s)
DN Cornforth (Central Scotland)
D Cornish (scorer)
AT Cornwall-Jones (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
PE Cornwall-Jones (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
B Corrigan (Vale of Leven)
M Corrigan (Vale of Leven)
H Corsar (Arbroath United)
EO Corsie (Buckie)
J Corsie (Buckie)
EE Corstorphine (Merchiston Castle School)
Cosh (Scottish Universities)
AJ Cosh (Edinburgh Academicals, Edinburgh Academy)
RG Cosh (Scotland B, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Universities)
RG Cosh (A Steele's XI)
SG Cosh (East of Scotland Under-17s, Edinburgh Academicals, Edinburgh Academy)
SH Cosh (Scotland)
G Cosling (Arbroath United)
R Costley (Clydesdale, Kelburne)
E Cosway (Strathallan Occasionals)
D Coterill (Edinburgh Academy)
CD Cotes (Gentlemen of Loretto School)
CH Cotes (Loretto School)
AJ Cottam (Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Junior Colts)
D Cotton (Strathallan School)
M Couchman (North of Scotland)
RG Coughtrie (Gloucestershire, Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University, Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
S Coughtrie (Edinburgh Academicals, Edinburgh Academy)
A Coul (Edinburgh South)
M Coulin (scorer)
AV Couling (George Watson's College)
M Couling (scorer)
S Coull (Forfarshire)
S Coull (Hillhead High School Former Pupils)
C Coulson (Perthshire)
WC Coulter (Scottish Counties)
WM Coulter (Poloc Second XI)
C Counsell (George Watson's College)
S Counsell (George Watson's College)
TD Counsell (Eastern Knights Under-14s, Eastern Knights Under-15s, George Watson's College, Watsonians Second XI)
IS Coupar (Fettes College)
SBN Coupar (Fettes College)
AG Couper (Scottish Counties)
AJ Couper (Forfarshire)
J Couper (Clackmannan County)
Court (Strathallan School)
F Cousin (Watsonians Second XI)
F Cousin (Eastern Knights Under-14s)
J Cousin (Watsonians Second XI)
M Cousin (Watsonians Second XI)
MA Cousin (Central Scotland, Forfarshire, North of Scotland, North of Scotland Under-23s, Scotland Under-19s, Scotland Under-23s, Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
JY Cousins (East of Scotland Under-21s)
R Cousins (Edinburgh Public Parks)
F Couston (Strathmore)
G Couth (Inverurie)
Coutts (Inverurie)
C Coutts (Glasgow Academy)
G Coutts (Inverurie)
GB Coutts (umpire)
GI Coutts (Elgin and District)
GR Coutts (North of Scotland)
JAS Coutts (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JC Coutts (9th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry)
PC Coutts (North of Scotland)
SR Coutts (North of Scotland League XI)
AG Cowan (Fettesian Lorettonians, Loretto School)
CAR Cowan (East of Scotland, Edinburgh, Midlothian)
CML Cowan (Merchiston Castle School)
D Cowan (Scotland)
DG Cowan (East of Scotland, Edinburgh, Watsonians)
DJB Cowan (Freuchie, Scotland Under-12s, Scotland Under-13s)
HWL Cowan (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JC Cowan (umpire)
JF Cowan (Scotland)
MA Cowan (Freuchie)
N Cowan (Dumfries Women)
SH Cowan (Edinburgh Academy)
TG Cowan (Border League)
TT Cowan (Glasgow, West of Scotland)
F Coward (Poloc)
NA Coward (Blair Lodge School)
G Cowe (South of Scotland Under-19s)
RB Cowe (Loretto School)
RP Cowe (Loretto School)
JB Cowell (Loretto School)
JM Cowen (Fettes College)
R Cowgdell (Glasgow Academy)
A Cowie (Edinburgh Academy)
AJ Cowie (Scottish Wayfarers)
GFG Cowie (Edinburgh Academy)
M Cowie (West of Scotland)
J Cowlan (Irvine)
AR Cowley (West of Scotland)
AT Cowley (West of Scotland)
J Cownie (Arbroath)
D Cowper (Edinburgh Academy)
JM Cowper (Stewart's Melville Former Pupils)
RB Cowper (Border League)
Cox (Players of Scotland)
B Cox (Perthshire League Colts)
DJ Cox (Scotland)
F Cox (Meigle, Scotland Under-13s, Scotland Under-15s)
G Cox (Luncarty)
GH Cox (Perthshire)
J Cox (Edinburgh Academicals)
J Cox (Nunholm)
L Cox (Royal High Corstorphine)
R Cox (West of Scotland)
WA Cox (2/4th Black Watch Officers)
WH Cox (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
GH Coxon (Aberdeenshire)
MH Coyle (East of Scotland Under-16s, Scottish Universities, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
MR Coyle (Poloc, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
GE Crabbie (Edinburgh Academy)
HG Crabtree (Scottish Wayfarers)
J Crabtree (Highland, North of Scotland Cricket Association)
S Crabtree (Freuchie)
Craig (Inverurie)
Craig (Loretto School)
A Craig (Ferguslie)
A Craig (Falkland Under-15s)
C Craig (West of Scotland)
C Craig (Dalkeith)
C Craig (South of Scotland Under-19s)
CTG Craig (Loretto School)
DIAS Craig (East of Scotland, Grange)
G Craig (Aberdeenshire)
IRG Craig (Ayr Under-13s, Ayr Under-18s, West Regional Development Centre Under-15s Select XI, Western Warriors Under-14s, Western Warriors Under-15s)
J Craig (Aberdeenshire, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Scotland, Grange, Greenock, North of Scotland, Scotland, West of Scotland)
JA Craig (Edinburgh Academy)
JM Craig (Morrison's Academy, Crieff)
L Craig (Scotland)
M Craig (Inverurie)
M Craig (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
R Craig (Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Scotland, North of Scotland)
RC Craig (Merchiston Castle School)
S Craig (Strathmore)
G Craigen (Watsonians)
JB Craigie (Fettes College)
P Craigie (Heriot's)
A Craik (Edinburgh University)
JB Craik (Perthshire)
H Craise (Glasgow High School)
D Cramb (Dundee High School Former Pupils, Strathmore Union)
T Cramb (Dundee High School Former Pupils)
D Cramer (Buckie)
J Cramp (Strangers)
ID Cran (umpire)
IL Cran (Aberdeenshire, Gloucestershire Gipsies, Scotland A, Scottish Universities, West of Scotland, Western Warriors)
JH Crane (East of Scotland, Grange)
RS Cranston (Scotland)
S Cranston (Glasgow High School)
J Craw (St Boswells)
Crawford (Lord Moncreiff's XI)
A Crawford (West of Scotland Under-16s)
A Crawford (West of Scotland)
AB Crawford (East of Scotland Under-21s)
AD Crawford (Scotland XI)
C Crawford (Penicuik, South of Scotland Under-16s)
E Crawford (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College)
F Crawford (The Visitors)
I Crawford (Fettes College)
J Crawford (Blair Lodge School)
J Crawford (Greenock Academy)
JM Crawford (Edinburgh Academicals)
JO Crawford (Fettes College)
L Crawford (Freuchie)
MS Crawford (umpire)
R Crawford (Penicuik)
R Crawford (St Michael's)
RB Crawford (Scotland B, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Scottish Universities, Scottish Wayfarers)
S Crawford (Ellon Gordon)
SH Crawford (Officers' School of Instruction, Stirling)
T Crawford (Glasgow Academy)
WE Crawford (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JGT Crawley (Eastern Knights Under-14s, Eastern Knights Under-15s, Eastern Knights Under-18s, Edinburgh Under-14s, Grange Second XI, Scotland Under-15s, Watsonians Second XI)
ST Crawley (Cheshire, Scotland)
D Creamer (Buckie)
A Crease (Crieff)
JL Creasey (Poloc)
B Creegan (Stoneywood-Dyce)
EWS Creeke (Fettes College)
GG Crerar (Scotland)
JS Crerar (Merchiston Castle School)
Cresswell (East of Scotland Under-16s)
JJ Cresswell (Scottish Universities)
T Cresswell (Scottish Universities)
A Creswell (East of Scotland Under-16s)
Crichton (Dundee Tailors' United)
AN Crichton (Central Scotland, Freuchie)
D Crichton (Drumpellier, Glasgow, Scotland, Scotland XI)
EMT Crichton (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JD Crichton (East of Scotland Under-21s)
KJ Crichton (Central Scotland Under-18s, East of Scotland Under-17s, Freuchie, Glenrothes, Scotland Under-19s, Stenhousemuir)
M Crichton (Greenock)
F Crichton-Stuart (Falkland)
GH Crick (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
DG Crighton (East and North of Scotland)
DJ Crighton (Scotland XI, Strathmore, Strathmore Union)
G Crighton (Freuchie)
G Crilly (West of Scotland Under-21s)
A Cripps (Leith Beige)
RC Cripps (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
W Crisp (Royal High Corstorphine)
J Crispin (Stewart's Melville Royal High)
NE Critchley (Aberdeenshire, Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Huntly, Mannofield, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s)
A Croall (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
A Crockett (St Modan's High School Former Pupils)
Croft (Strathallan Occasionals)
T Croft (Scotland)
CA Crole (Scottish Wayfarers)
D Crole (Carlton and Edinburgh Clubs)
GB Crole (Oxford University, Scotland)
DSR Croll (Fettes College)
W Cromb (Dundee Victoria)
Crombie (Kelvinside Academy)
A Crombie (Grange)
DG Crooks (North of Scotland, Scotland Under-23s)
I Crooks (South of Scotland)
K Crooks (North of Scotland Under-23s)
N Crooks (Gala, Galashiels)
P Croom (Strathallan Occasionals)
J Cropper (Grange)
A Crosier (Kelso, South of Scotland)
Cross (Buckie)
G Cross (Dumfries)
G Cross (Glasgow Academy)
GS Cross (Buckie)
MH Cross (Loughborough Marylebone Cricket Club University, Nottinghamshire, Scotland)
S Cross (St Andrews University Staff)
W Cross (Caledonian Club, Glasgow, Glasgow University)
P Crosse (West Lothian)
TR Crosskey (Scotland)
Crossland (Kirn Rovers)
AE Crossley (umpire)
FS Crossley (West of Scotland)
AC Crosthwaite (Stenhousemuir)
RAN Crouch (Perthshire, Stewart's Melville Royal High)
M Crow (Crieff)
MW Crow (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
M Crowther (Carlton, Carlton Second XI)
P Crowther (scorer)
A Crozer (Border League)
Cruickshank (Queen's Cross)
A Cruickshank (Stenton and Tyninghame)
C Cruickshank (Uddingston)
C Cruickshank (The Forty Club Scotland)
J Cruickshank (Merchiston Castle School)
S Cruickshank (Kelburne, Scotland Under-19s)
A Cruickshanks (Scottish Counties)
JA Cruickshanks (Scottish Counties)
A Cruikshank (Scottish Counties)
S Cruikshank (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
S Cruikshank (West of Scotland)
HWE Crum-Ewing (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
NR Crum-Ewing (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
Crumley (Arbroath)
S Crumley (205th Field Company, Royal Engineers)
M Crump (Bute County)
L Crutchfield (Methick)
JC Cruttenden (South of Scotland)
J Cruz-Rocha (Murrayfield-DAFS)
T Culham (South of Scotland Under-16s)
TPD Culham (Scottish Universities, Stirling County)
AC Cullen (Scotland)
E Cullen (Loretto School)
T Cullen (Scottish Universities)
TD Cullen (Marylebone Cricket Club, Watsonians)
W Cullen (West of Scotland)
J Cullens (Stirling High School)
AF Culley (Caledonian Highlanders Under-15s, Caledonian Highlanders Under-18s, Glenrothes, Kinross Under-13s, Kinross Under-18s, Scotland Under-15s, Scotland Under-17s)
JH Culley (West of Scotland)
P Culling (Crathie)
C Cullum (East of Scotland)
J Cullum (Dunfermline Carnegie)
Cumberland (North of Scotland)
R Cummine (Heriot's)
Cumming (Strathallan Occasionals)
HD Cumming (Fettes College)
J Cumming (Fettes College)
J Cumming (Aberdeenshire)
JB Cumming (Fettes College)
PG Cumming (Fettes College)
N Cummings (Murrayfield-DAFS)
AR Cummins (scorer)
D Cummins (St Michael's)
AP Cunnigham (Merchiston Castle School)
A Cunningham (Morton)
AC Cunningham (Loretto School)
AP Cunningham (Merchiston Castle School)
CA Cunningham (Merchiston Castle School)
E Cunningham (Fettes College)
E Cunningham (Hawick)
F Cunningham (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
FC Cunningham (West of Scotland)
G Cunningham (Fettes College)
G Cunningham (Penicuik)
JI Cunningham (Perthshire, Scottish Counties)
JL Cunningham (East of Scotland)
K Cunningham (Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
M Cunningham (Heriot's, Royal High Corstorphine, Scotland A)
M Cunningham (Greenock)
NN Cunningham (Falkland)
P Cunningham (Crathie)
RC Cunningham (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
W Cunningham (Edinburgh, Gentlemen of Edinburgh)
WM Cunningham (Fettes College)
AM Cunninghame (Fettes College)
BA Cunninghame (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Scotland)
JDM Cunninghame (Loretto School)
J Cupido (Edinburgh Public Parks)
S Curle (Marchmont)
TP Curle (Central Scotland, Dunfermline)
G Curran (scorer)
NJ Curran (Ferguslie, Strathclyde West)
D Currie (Blair Lodge School)
DJS Currie (East of Scotland, Strathallan Occasionals)
EF Currie (Blair Lodge School)
F Currie (Blair Lodge School)
G Currie (Glasgow High School)
JD Currie (The Forty Club Scotland)
KIS Currie (East of Scotland Under-21s, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, Watsonians)
KLS Currie (Strathallan Occasionals)
RA Currie (Glasgow Academy)
Curry (Glasgow Academy)
M Curry (Scottish Cricket Union Colts)
MM Curry (Clydesdale)
JM Cursiter (East of Scotland Under-21s, Scotland B, Scottish Cricket Union Colts, South of Scotland)
R Cursiter (Penicuik)
O Curtis (Helensburgh, The Forty Club)
O Curtis (West of Scotland Under-18s)
SJ Curtis (St Modan's High School Former Pupils)
P Cutedrth (Daniel Stewart's and Melville College)
D Cuthbert (205th Field Company, Royal Engineers)
HT Cuthbert (Edinburgh Academy)
J Cuthbert (Alloa Academy)
J Cuthbert (Kelvinside Academy)
Cuthbertson (St Leonard's School for Girls Seniors)
C Cuthbertson (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
F Cuthbertson (Trinity College, Glenalmond)
JA Cuthbertson (Fettes College)
JL Cuthbertson (Trinity College, Glenalmond Sixth Form)
A Cuthill (Stenhousemuir)
I Cuthill (Glasgow Academy)
AM Cutter (umpire)
B Cutter (Dunnikier)
L Cutter (scorer)
A Cydzik (Holy Cross Academicals)
I Czepczorova (Ayr Women)





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