South Africa Players (T)


CR Taaffe (Rorke's Drift Garrison)
AS Taai (East Coast Women, South Africa Women)
S Tabata (Western Province Under-13s)
H Tabateau (Cape Colony, Griqualand West)
P Tabe (Mpumalanga Women)
HM Taberer (Natal, Oxford University, South Africa)
T Taberer (Rhodesia Country Districts)
WS Taberer (Rhodesia)
V Tagg (Transvaal B)
T Tahisi (scorer)
CRM Tainton (Border)
JW Tainton (umpire)
WM Tainton (Border)
C Tait (Griqualand West Under-13s)
JW Tait (EP Nupen's XI)
R Tait (South African Country Districts)
S Tait (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
U Tait (Eastern Province Under-13s)
S Takane (North West Women)
M Taladia (Easterns XI)
N Talbot (Scorpions)
S Talbot (scorer)
C Taleni (South Africa African XI)
D Talia (Eastern Province Women)
E Talia (Transvaal)
GD Taliadoros (Transvaal B)
Z Taliadoros (Transvaal B)
G Taliep (Western Province Colts, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-23s)
MS Taliep (Western Province B)
JJ Taljaard (Boland, Southern Cape)
M Taljaard (Western Province B)
M Taljaard (Western Province Under-19s Women)
D Taljard (Border, Border B)
R Talmage (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
V Talmagies (South Western Districts Under-15s)
D Talmud (Griqualand West)
AB Tancred (Griqualand West, Kimberley, Marylebone Cricket Club, South Africa, Transvaal)
C Tancred (Grahamstown)
LJ Tancred (London County, Marylebone Cricket Club, South Africa, Transvaal)
VM Tancred (South Africa, Transvaal)
JH Tandy (Transvaal, Wanderers)
HW Tanner (Natal, Pietermaritzburg)
D Taolo (Griqualand West Women)
K Tapp (KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s Women, KwaZulu-Natal Women)
GL Tapscott (Griqualand West, South Africa, The Rest)
LE Tapscott (Cape Province, Griqualand West, South Africa)
NV Tapscott (Griqualand West)
Tariq (Southern Suburbs Under-18s)
Tarleton (Durban, Natal)
A Tarr (Eastern Province Under-19s Women, Easterns Women)
AC Tarr (Border)
SR Tarr (KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
TC Tarr (Border)
GJH Tasker (Western Province)
CJ Tate (Orange Free State)
GJ Tate (Gauteng)
RD Tate (Mpumalanga)
GE Tatham (Natal)
B Tattam (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
K Tattersall (Rhodesia, South African Universities, Western Province)
CR Tatton (Griqualand West, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal B, Natal)
A Tayfield (Natal, North Eastern Transvaal, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
C Tayfield (Griqualand West, Transvaal)
HJ Tayfield (Natal, Rhodesia, South Africa, Transvaal)
IR Tayfield (Griqualand West, Natal, Natal B)
N Tayi (Border Women)
Taylor (Pietermaritzburg)
A Taylor (Easterns Women)
AG Taylor (Eastern Province)
AI Taylor (South Africa, Transvaal)
B Taylor (scorer)
C Taylor (Hermanus Invitation XI)
C Taylor (South Western Districts Women)
CG Taylor (North Eastern Districts)
CJS Taylor (Staggerers)
D Taylor (Natal, South Africa)
D Taylor (Natal)
DR Taylor (Wanderers)
DV Taylor (Border)
GP Taylor (Western Province)
H Taylor (Natal)
HW Taylor (Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, Natal, South Africa, The Rest, The Rest, Transvaal, Western Province)
I Taylor (North Eastern Transvaal Country Districts)
J Taylor (Easterns Women)
JG Taylor (Transvaal)
JL Taylor (Western Province Country Districts)
L Taylor (Northern Natal)
LE Taylor (Natal B)
PJ Taylor (Border)
R Taylor (South African Country Districts)
RV Taylor (Border, Eastern Province)
S Taylor (umpire)
T Taylor (umpire)
WL Taylor (Western Province)
K Tayob (Western Province Under-13s)
Zeenat Tayob (Limpopo Women, Northerns Women)
Zibiya Tayob (Limpopo Women)
R Tbetbani (Kei)
KT Teague (Rhodesia)
Teale (Natal)
R Teale (Natal Country Districts, South African Country Districts)
SC Teale (North Eastern Transvaal)
J Tedder (KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s)
T Tedder (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
JA Teeger (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
R Teladia (Boland and Western Province Combined Academy XI)
M Telekoa (Free State Under-19s)
R Telemachus (Boland, Boland B, Cape Cobras, Eagles, Free State, South Africa, South Africa Under-24s, The Rest, Western Province)
RE Telling (Easterns and Northerns Combined XI, Northerns)
FD Telo (Cape Cobras, Derbyshire, Western Province)
S Tembani (Border Under-15s)
AA Temoor (Western Province)
M Temple (Boland B, Griqualand West Under-24s)
MS Templeton (Gauteng)
Z Tenana (Eastern Province Invitation XI)
D Ten-Cate (Middlesex Women, Middlesex Women Second XI, Southern Transvaal B Women)
HE Tennant (umpire)
R Tennant (Western Province Country Districts)
Tennelman (Paarl and Worcester)
N Terblanch (Mpumalanga Women)
C Terblanche (Wynberg Boys High School)
C Terblanche (Eastern Province Women)
C Terblanche (umpire)
CS Terblanche (South Africa Women, West Coast Women)
G Terblanche (umpire)
G Terblanche (Eastern Province Women)
LC Terblanche (North West)
M Terblanche (Highveld Women, South Africa Women)
M Terblanche (Southern Cape)
RK Terblanche (Eagles, Free State, Knights)
W Terblanche (Eastern Province B)
W Terblanche (North West)
DJ Terbrugge (Gauteng, Lions, South Africa, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
KP Tessendorf (Eastern Province B)
B Teubes (Worcester)
D Teubes (South Western Districts)
H Teubes (South Western Districts, Worcester)
LF Thaba (Gauteng Under-19s)
N Thabethe (Gauteng Under-19s Women, Gauteng Women, South Africa Under-19s Women)
RM Thackray (Griqualand West)
O Thaele (Free State Under-13s)
R Thage (Limpopo Under-13s)
BCA Thain (umpire)
MR Thalrose (Eastern Province)
DA Thane (Eastern Province B)
K Thaver (Easterns Under-13s)
S Theletsane (Easterns Women)
D Thema (Limpopo Women)
KK Themane (Easterns Under-17s, Easterns Under-19s)
T Thena (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s)
DA Theophilus (Eastern Province)
B Theron (Mpumalanga Under-13s, Mpumalanga Under-15s)
E Theron (Transvaal and Natal Schoolboys)
F Theron (Southern Transvaal B Women)
H Theron (Bellville, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Theron (Deccan Chargers, Eastern Province, Jamaica Tallawahs, Kings XI Punjab, South Africa, Sussex, Warriors)
M Theron (Western Province)
N Theron (Boland Under-15s)
PP Theron (umpire)
C Theunissen (Potchefstroom Boys High School Old Boys Collegians)
E Theunissen (South Africa Women)
J Theunissen (Easterns)
NHCD Theunissen (South Africa, Western Province)
K Thode (Gauteng Women)
P Thode (Gauteng Women)
LF Thole (Orange Free State)
T Tholeni (Western Province Invitation XI)
Thomas (umpire)
AC Thomas (Adelaide Strikers, Dhaka Gladiators, Dolphins, Lions, North West, Northerns, Perth Scorchers, Pune Warriors, Somerset, South Africa, Staffordshire, The Rest, Titans, Warwickshire, Western Province B)
BJ Thomas (Border)
CH Thomas (Western Province)
CN Thomas (Mother Country)
DR Thomas (Eastern Province)
J Thomas (Gauteng Under-13s)
K Thomas (Western Province)
M Thomas (Griqualand West Under-17s)
S Thomas (Gauteng Women)
T Thomas (Orange Free State)
W Thomas (Worcester)
Y Thomas (The Rest, Western Province)
Thompson (Cape Mounted Rifles)
Thompson (South Western Districts)
Thompson (Natal)
B Thompson (South African Country Districts)
B Thompson (Eastern Province)
C Thompson (South African Country Districts)
D Thompson (umpire)
DS Thompson (Transvaal B)
GW Thompson (Border, Border B)
J Thompson (umpire)
JD Thompson (Rhodesia)
MK Thompson (Natal B)
N Thompson (Border)
P Thompson (umpire)
P Thompson (South African Cavaliers)
PG Thompson (Gauteng)
PM Thompson (Orange Free State, Western Province, Western Province B)
RA Thompson (Transvaal)
S Thompson (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
W Thompson (Queenstown)
W Thompson (Potchefstroom)
GM Thomson (Easterns, Gauteng, Titans)
K Thomson (Highveld Women, South Africa Women)
R Thomson (umpire)
RJ Thomson (Natal B)
WK Thomson (Natal)
CB Thorn (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B)
W Thorn (Country Clubs)
PG Thorne (North Eastern Transvaal)
RK Thorne (Border, Border and Eastern Province Combined XI)
S Thorne (Northern Orange Free State)
DR Thornton (Cape Town)
G Thornton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, South Africa, Yorkshire)
PA Thornton (Border, Ireland)
EC Thorogood (Eastern Province)
BD Thorp (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
K Thulani (Kei)
J Thulo (Free State Under-19s Women)
Thwaits (Beaufort West)
SA Thwaits (Eastern Province, Western Province)
DJ Thysse (Eastern Province)
CA Thyssen (Border, Eagles, Eastern Province, Free State, Warriors)
J Tidswell (South Western Districts)
CR Tiger
F Tilbrook (Midlands)
J Till (North West Under-17s, North West Under-19s)
MJ Till (Northern Transvaal)
M Tillard (Griqualand West)
AF Tillim (Natal, Natal B, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
DJ Timcke (umpire)
JS Timm (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
JC Timms (umpire)
AI Timol (South Africa Indians)
I Timol (Natal, The Rest, Western Province)
IA Timol (South Africa Indians)
R Tindale (Gauteng)
H Tindall (Kimberley, Kimberley Cricket Club)
J Tindall (umpire)
WH Tindall (Pretoria, Transvaal)
C Titus (scorer)
E Titus (South Western Districts Under-17s)
V Titus (South Western Districts Women)
E Tlailane (scorer)
L Tlaka (Mpumalanga Under-19s Women, Mpumalanga Women)
S Tlaleng (Free State Women)
T Tlhokwe (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s, Gauteng Under-19s)
A Tobias (Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
P Tobo (Mpumalanga Under-19s Women)
R Toffar (Griqualand West Women)
Z Toffar (Griqualand West Women)
D Toit Hills (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
S Tol (Free State Under-19s Women)
DJH Tolson (Western Province B)
DS Tomlinson (Border, Rhodesia, South Africa, The Rest)
OW Tomlinson (Transvaal, Wanderers)
RN Tomlinson (Rhodesia)
DM Toms (South African Schools)
V Tongo (Border Under-19s)
KJ Tonkin (Rhodesia)
R Tonkin (umpire)
FE Tonks (Eastern Province)
BV Tooth (Griqualand West)
VH Tooth (Orange Free State)
DF Toppin (Border)
M Topuz (Griqualand West Women)
DE Torlage (Natal B, Orange Free State)
FB Touzel (Western Province, Western Province B)
FG Touzel (Western Province)
B Town (Boland Women, Western Province Under-19s Women, Western Province Women)
J Towns (Western Province Colts)
DH Townsend (Northerns, Northerns B)
FW Townsend (Rhodesia)
I Townsend (Western Province Schools)
T Townsend (Rondebosch)
TKM Townsend (Western Province)
TW Townsend (umpire)
DW Townshend (Rhodesia)
TJ Townshend (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B)
G Toyana (Easterns, Easterns and Northerns Combined XI, Gauteng, Titans, Transvaal B)
GG Toyana (South Africa African XI)
AJ Traicos (Mashonaland, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, South Africa, South African Universities, Zimbabwe)
RW Train (South African Universities)
GV Tramontino (Natal B)
MD Tramontino (Border, Griqualand West, Natal, Natal B)
T Traugott (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-17s)
D Traut (Boland)
H Traut (Stellenbosch Farmers Winery)
AS Travers (South African Universities)
CW Travers (Griqualand West, Orange Free State)
R Travers-Jackson (Western Province Colleges)
Travis (umpire)
LG Treadaway (Western Province)
WB Treadaway (Border)
GB Treadwell (umpire)
KD Trench (South African Defence Force)
WF Trennery (Queenstown)
Trenouth (Pietermaritzburg)
T Trenoweth (KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
P Trenwith (umpire)
DFL Tricker (Border)
WS Trickett (Western Province)
JPH Triegaardt (Griqualand West, Knights)
W Triggal (Middleburg)
PHJ Trimborn (Natal, South Africa, South African Universities, The Rest)
PPH Trimborn (Natal, Natal B)
H Trollip (Scorpions)
S Trollip (South African Universities)
T Trollip (Eastern Transvaal)
W Trollip (Transvaal and Natal Schoolboys)
SD Tross (PW Sherwell's XI, Transvaal XI)
IJL Trott (Boland, England, Otago, Warwickshire, Western Province)
CKH Trotter (Natal)
LTH Trotter (Natal)
TH Trotter (Natal)
A Trout (umpire)
R Trueman (Claremont)
R Trumpelmann (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s)
D Trussell (Western Province Youth)
G Truter (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
JM Truter (Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, South African Defence Force)
WS Truter (Boland, Boland B, Impalas)
CL Tryon (Central Women, South Africa Women)
ES Tsamaisi (Griqualand West)
S Tseki (Free State Under-15s)
S Tseletsane (Mpumalanga Women)
M Tsewu (Border Under-13s, Border Under-15s)
A Tshabalala (Mpumalanga Women)
I Tshabalala (Mpumalanga)
MS Tshabalala (Eagles, Free State, Knights, South Africa)
S Tshabalala (South African Invitation XI)
S Tshabalala (Mpumalanga Under-13s, Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s)
Tshaka (umpire)
N Tshaka (Border Women)
C Tshiki (Border)
C Tshoko (Mpumalanga)
X Tshomela (Kei)
MK Tshona (Kei, South African Country Districts)
E Tshubyane (Potchefstroom Boys High School Old Boys Collegians Second XI)
L Tsiki (Border Under-13s, Border Under-15s, Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
PD Tsoanyane (scorer)
PO Tsoanyane (scorer)
TL Tsolekile (Cape Cobras, Gauteng, Lions, South Africa, The Rest, Western Province, Western Province Boland)
L Tsotetsi (Limpopo Under-19s Women)
S Tsotsa (Eastern Province Under-13s)
LL Tsotsobe (Dolphins, Eastern Province, Essex, Lions, South Africa, Warriors)
EL Tuchten (umpire)
BH Tucker (Eastern Province, Griqualand West, Griqualand West B)
C Tucker (Durban)
D Tucker (Northerns Under-19s Women)
E Tucker (Western Province)
GB Tucker (Transvaal B)
L Tuckett (Orange Free State, South Africa)
LR Tuckett (Natal, Orange Free State, South Africa)
P Tudge (North Eastern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal)
H Tudhope (Transvaal)
A Tulleken (Western Province)
B Tullis (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s)
GD Tullis (Northern Transvaal, Western Province, Western Province B)
LM Tullis (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
PA Tullis (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Northern Transvaal B, South African Defence Force, South African Universities)
W Tully (King William's Town)
A Tumbane (Easterns Under-15s)
AH Tummell (Rhodesia)
G Tunbridge (Midlands)
Tundube (Eastern Province B)
CAP Tuohy (Eastern Province)
FS Turberville (Eastern Province)
V Turmohammed
F Turnbull (Pietermaritzburg)
JJ Turnbull (Northern Natal)
W Turnbull (umpire)
CE Turner (umpire)
DR Turner (Natal, Natal B, South African Universities)
DS Turner (Natal)
FG Turner (Eastern Province, Transvaal)
GJ Turner (Northern Transvaal B, Oxford University, South African Defence Force, South African Universities, Transvaal, Western Province, Western Province B)
N Turner (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
PA Turner (Natal)
SN Turner (Griqualand West)
L Tuswa (Pinelands)
WB Tutt (Griqualand West)
CE Tutton (Natal)
R Tutton (Northern Natal)
R Twala (Mpumalanga Women)
Tweedale (Midlands)
ANW Tweedie (Dolphins, Herefordshire, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal B, KwaZulu-Natal Inland, Natal B)
T Tweedie (Crickets)
AC Tweedy (Orange Free State, Uppingham School)
LH Twentryman (umpire)
PS Twentyman-Jones (Cape Colony, South Africa, Western Province)
I Twidale (Potchefstroom Boys High School Old Boys Collegians)
CH Twigg (Eastern Province, Europeans)
N Tyali (Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
L Tyebileyo (Border Under-17s)
SA Tyebileyo (Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
AB Tyte (Western Transvaal)
L Tywaku (Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)





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