Ireland Players (C)


C Cahill (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI)
J Cahill (umpire)
N Cahill (Cliftonville)
C Cahoon (Civil Service North)
HJ Caird (scorer)
R Cairnduff (Civil Service North)
S Cairnduff (Derriaghy)
A Cairns (Downpatrick)
S Cairns (Ireland Under-21s Women)
WA Cairns (Curragh Camp)
M Caithness (Ballymena)
Caldbeck (Military)
D Calder (Old Belvedere, The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
CEJ Caldicott (Dublin University)
A Caldwell (Rush)
D Caldwell (Bonds Glen)
DW Caldwell (North West)
E Caldwell (umpire)
M Caldwell (North West)
P Caldwell (Phoenix)
J Callaghan (Ireland Under-23s)
J Callaghan (Fox Lodge Second XI)
M Callaghan (Munster Reds, Pembroke)
RGW Callaghan (Royal School Armagh)
S Callaghan (Coleraine)
W Callan (King's County)
I Callender (scorer)
HE Calvert (Campbell College, Belfast)
J Calvert (Dundrum)
P Calvert (Dundrum)
R Calvert (Armagh)
ED Cambridge (North)
R Cameron (North)
W Cameron (Ballymena)
Campbell (Phoenix)
A Campbell (Ulster Country)
A Campbell (The Nedd)
A Campbell (M Rea's XI)
A Campbell (Oak Hill)
A Campbell (Templepatrick)
C Campbell (Carrickfergus)
C Campbell (Brigade)
C Campbell (Military)
C Campbell (Woodvale, Woodvale Second XI)
C Campbell (Killyclooney)
D Campbell (Fox Lodge Second XI)
F Campbell (Old Cheltonians, Vice Regal Lodge)
G Campbell (Holywood)
J Campbell (Carrickfergus, Instonians)
J Campbell (Ulster Town)
J Campbell (Woodvale)
J Campbell (Holywood)
K Campbell (Irish Schools)
M Campbell (Carrickfergus)
M Campbell (North Down)
N Campbell (Players of Dublin)
N Campbell (Bready Second XI)
N Campbell (Downpatrick)
R Campbell (Bready)
R Campbell (Donemana Second XI)
S Campbell (Coleraine, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
S Campbell (Bready)
S Campbell (Muckamore)
S Campbell (Bready Second XI)
S Campbell (North)
D Campion (Ireland Under-17s, Merrion)
S Campion (Railway Union)
A Canavan (Ireland Under-21s, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Leinster, North Leinster, Old Belvedere)
M Candermerue (Dunmurry)
A Canning (scorer)
D Canning (The Nedd)
N Canning (Irish Universities)
D Cannon (Oak Hill)
C Canton (North)
NEC Cantwell (Ireland)
C Caprani (Malahide)
JD Caprani (Ireland)
W Carbury (Armagh)
D Cardwell (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Muckamore, Woodvale)
Cardy (Holywood Cricket Club Select XI)
D Cardy (Holywood)
A Caren (Rush)
C Carey (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI, Munster Under-13s)
TF Carey (Dublin University)
Cargill (Dublin)
C Cargo (Bangor)
J Carleton (Civil Service)
D Carlin (Drummond)
KA Carlin (Ireland Under-17s Women)
P Carlin (Strabane)
J Carnegie (Munster, Phoenix)
J Carnegie (County Kerry)
Carpenter (Officers of Ireland)
B Carpenter (umpire)
M Carpenter (Waringstown)
Carr (Military)
Carr (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
A Carr (Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
J Carr (Munster)
J Carr (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI)
J Carr (Coolattin)
W Carr (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI)
W Carr (umpire)
W Carr (Coolattin)
D Carroll (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
FJ Carroll (Clontarf, North Leinster)
G Carroll (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
G Carroll (Leprechauns)
I Carroll (Northern Cricket Union Under-23s, Ulster Town)
J Carroll (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
J Carroll (South)
JC Carroll (Ireland Women)
JF Carroll (County Galway)
JJ Carroll (County Galway)
KED Carroll (Ireland)
L Carroll (Leprechauns)
M Carroll (Clontarf)
MA Carroll (North Leinster)
N Carroll (Terenure)
PJ Carroll (umpire)
R Carroll (CYM)
CU Carruthers (Leinster)
RA Carruthers (Fettes College, Military, Royal Military College Sandhurst)
S Carruthers (Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools)
W Carruthers (Leinster)
C Carsborn (Lurgan)
I Carser (North Down, Ulster Town)
P Carser (North Down)
D Carson (Downpatrick, Ulster Country)
J Carson (Ireland Under-19s, Ulster Country, Ulster Country Under-19s)
M Carson (Downpatrick)
N Carson (Northern Ireland Development XI)
ND Carson (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
PE Carson (Leprechauns)
PI Carson (Irish Universities)
T Carson (North Down, North Down Second XI)
WJ Carson (Irish Schools, Irish Universities)
WP Carson (Dublin University)
ATS Carter (Ireland, Leinster)
AW Carter (Military)
M Carter (umpire)
S Carter (Railway Union Second XI)
C Carthy (Rush)
CM Carthy (Ireland Under-17s Women)
D Carthy (Rush)
J Carthy (Rush)
S Carthy (Rush)
M Cartin (North)
FX Carty (scorer)
P Carty (Merrion Second XI)
G Caruth (Queen's University, Belfast)
H Caruth (Royal Academical Institution, Belfast)
Carver (Players of Ireland)
CW Casey (Gentlemen of Ireland)
D Casey (Malahide, North County, North County Second XI, North County Third XI)
GD Casey (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Ireland, Phoenix)
L Casey (Merrion)
P Casey (Phoenix)
PF Casey (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Ireland, Phoenix)
PJ Casey (Gentlemen of the North of Ireland)
S Casey (Midleton)
TJS Casey (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Gentlemen of the North of Ireland, Ireland, Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
H Cashel (Balbriggan, Dublin University)
H Cashell (Balbriggan)
HD Cashell (umpire)
C Casserley (umpire)
C Casserly (Leinster)
D Cassidy (umpire)
E Cassidy (Ballyspallen)
JJ Cassidy (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
M Cassidy (Merrion)
P Cassidy (Ardmore)
S Cassidy (Malahide, Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
S Cassidy (Leinster Second XI)
H Catherwood (Holywood)
M Caufield (Coleraine)
S Caufield (Coleraine)
JM Causland (Ireland)
C Cavanagh (Leprechauns, Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
BWF Cave (Irish Universities)
A Cawley (Limerick Raiders, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI, Thurles)
S Cawley (Limerick Raiders, Midleton, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI, Thurles)
A Cecil (Officers of Ireland)
M Chada (Ireland Under-19s, Ulster Town Under-19s)
S Chahal (North Kildare, Old Belvedere, Old Belvedere Second XI)
Chamberlayne (Dublin)
A Chambers (Ireland Under-18s, Irish Schools, Munster, Munster Reds)
A Chambers (Cork Harlequins)
B Chambers (Ardmore)
M Chambers (Ardmore)
R Chambers (Malahide, Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
S Chambers (Lurgan)
S Chambers (Waringstown)
W Chambers (Ulster Country)
S Chan (The Hills Second XI)
R Chand (Laois)
B Chandler (Pembroke Second XI)
Chaplin (Curragh Camp)
Chapman (Curragh Camp)
E Chapman (Armagh)
H Chapman (Leinster)
HT Chapman (Civil Service, Ireland)
JH Chapman (Ireland, United Ireland Eleven)
M Chapman (Dublin)
R Chapman (Ulster Town)
H Chappell (Brigade)
H Chapple (Brigade)
K Chapple (Munster)
S Charie (Phoenix)
Earl of Charleville (Viscount Massereene's Team)
G Charniker (Munster)
I Charniker (Munster)
PKD Chase (Ireland)
HRS Chatfield (Knickerbockers, Marlborough College, Military)
J Chatfield (Officers of the Curragh Camp, Officers of the Garrison)
AU Chatha (Civil Service)
S Chatterbhaj (Irish Cricket Union President's XI)
S Chaudhary (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
U Chaudhary (County Galway)
U Chaudhry (Galway)
U Chaudhry (County Galway)
R Chawla (Old Belvedere, Old Belvedere Second XI)
R Chawla (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
R Chearnley (Na Shuler)
D Cheater (Waringstown)
F Cheatle (Railway Union)
J Cheatley (Munster)
S Cheatley (Munster Under-13s)
S Cheatley (Limerick, Limerick Second XI)
D Cheeter (Waringstown)
P Cheetham (Leinster)
J Cheland (YMCA)
S Cherian (Nenagh)
R Chesantt (Midleton)
A Chester (Leinster Under-15s, Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
R Chestnutt (Midleton)
A Chetkovich (Merrion, Merrion Second XI)
RP Childe (Cliftonville)
S Chiller (Old Belvedere Second XI)
WC Chinasing (University College, Dublin)
S Chinnasamy (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
K Chintareddy (Civil Service)
C Chirnside (Cork County)
S Chirwa (YMCA)
Q Chohan (Oak Hill)
T Chopa (Eglinton)
A Chopra (County Clare)
RR Chopra (Coleraine, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, North West Under-15s)
T Chopra (Ballyspallen, Coleraine, Eglinton)
V Chopra (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
V Chopra (Drummond)
F Choudhry (Balbriggan)
Christian (Glendermott)
G Christian (Glendermott)
GP Christian (Ireland)
L Christian (Wood Vale, Woodvale)
A Christie (Eglinton, Limavady)
B Christie (Limavady)
R Christie (Eglinton, Limavady)
A Christies (Eglinton)
Q Claasson (Cork Harlequins)
D Clancy (Leinster, South Leinster)
GM Clancy (Ireland Women)
Clark (Players of Dublin)
D Clark (Pembroke)
M Clark (Railway Union)
P Clark (Instonians)
Clarke (umpire)
Clarke (Players of Ireland)
A Clarke (scorer)
A Clarke (Ireland Under-17s)
B Clarke (Irish Schools)
C Clarke (Irish Schools)
D Clarke (Merrion)
D Clarke (Irish Universities)
E Clarke (Coolattin)
G Clarke (Railway Union)
G Clarke (North Kildare)
J Clarke (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
K Clarke (North County, North County Second XI, North County Third XI, Rush)
M Clarke (Ireland Under-13s)
P Clarke (Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, The Rest, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
P Clarke (Instonians)
R Clarke (Lurgan)
R Clarke (Ballymoney)
S Clarke (Irish Schools, South Leinster, South Leinster Under-19s)
S Clarke (Irish Universities)
S Clarke (North West)
S Clarke (Fox Lodge)
S Clarke (Fox Lodge Second XI)
S Clarke (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
Scott Clarke (Fox Lodge)
Stuart Clarke (Fox Lodge, Fox Lodge Second XI)
ST Clarke (Bready, Ireland Under-15s)
W Clarke (Phoenix Second XI)
CE Clarkson (Dublin University)
D Clavis (Cork Harlequins, Munster Reds)
TJ Clayton (North Kildare)
E Cleere (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
M Cleghorne (Ireland Under-15s)
I Cleland (North Down, Northern Cricket Union, Wood Vale, Woodvale, Woodvale Second XI)
J Cleland (YMCA)
H Clemence (Downpatrick)
A Clement (Northern Ireland Under-15s, Ulster Country, Ulster Town)
B Clements (Carrickfergus)
B Clements (North West Under-19s)
H Clements (Downpatrick)
TH Clements (Ebrington)
WBD Clements (Irish Universities)
T Clifford (Cork County, Munster Reds)
T Clifford (Cork County Second XI)
Clifton (King's County)
N Clifton (Oak Hill)
P Clinch (Dublin University)
JPL Clinton (Ireland Development XI, Ireland Under-18s, Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
L Clinton (North Leinster, The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
M Clinton (Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Schools, North Leinster, The Hills, The Hills Second XI)
T Cloran (Leinster)
W Clunes (Templepatrick)
D Coad (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
D Coady (Railway Union)
A Coates (North County Second XI, North County Third XI)
C Coburn (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
M Coburn (Dunmurry)
I Cochrane (North West)
JL Cochrane (Ireland)
S Cochrane (Bready, Glendermott)
Cockcroft (Leinster)
T Cockram (Lisburn)
DL Coddington (Navan, Sandymount)
F Coddington (United Ireland Eleven)
JN Coddington (Ireland, Na Shuler, Navan, Old Cheltonians, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge, West Gloucestershire Club)
WH Coddington (Na Shuler, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
AJ Coetzee (CYM)
D Coetzer (Leinster)
M Coetzer (Leinster)
D Coffey (Rush)
NJ Coffey (Ireland Women)
WL Coffey (Gentlemen of Ireland)
B Coghlan (Clontarf)
JT Coghlan (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Hampshire Second XI, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Leinster)
PJ Coghlan (Ireland Under-19s, Irish Schools, Irish Universities, South Leinster Under-19s)
W Coghlan (Clontarf)
J Cohen (scorer)
MF Cohen (Ireland)
T Cohen (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
D Colbert (Killymallaght)
A Cole (Clontarf)
ECS Cole (Carlow, I Zingari, Ireland)
EM Cole (Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Kildare, Leeds, Old Rossallians, Scarborough, Selby, York, Yorkshire Gentlemen)
H Cole (Cork)
J Cole (Cliftonville)
L Cole (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
LC Cole (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-19s)
M Cole (CYM)
N Cole (North West Under-13s, St Johnston)
R Cole (St Johnston)
T Cole (St Johnston)
TC Cole (Cork County)
B Coleman (umpire)
E Coleman (Cork County)
HFG Coleman (Dublin)
I Coleman (Munster Under-13s, Munster Under-15s)
I Coleman (Cork County)
I Coleman (Cork County Second XI)
J Coleman (Cork County)
P Coleman (Cork County, Ireland Under-23s, Munster, Munster Reds)
C Coleran (umpire)
S Colgan (Ballymena, Irish Universities)
A Colhoun (Killyclooney)
J Colhoun (Killyclooney, Sion Mills)
J Colhoun (Cooke Collegians)
K Colhoun (Killyclooney)
K Colhoun (Bonds Glen)
OD Colhoun (Ireland)
W Coll (CYM)
C Colleran (South Leinster)
C Colleray (umpire)
M Collier (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI)
B Collins (Munster)
DJ Collins (Phoenix)
E Collins (Munster)
F Collins (Academy)
G Collins (CYM)
PD Collins (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
PD Collins (Leprechauns)
R Collins (North West, North-West Ireland)
S Collins (Muckamore, Muckamore Second XI)
W Collins (Phoenix)
WC Collis (Cork County)
HA Collison (Dublin University)
S Collum (Downpatrick)
GO Colthurst (Ireland)
GS Colthurst (Cork, Cork County, Curragh Camp, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club, Military, Na Shuler, Prince's Club and Ground, United South of Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge)
R Colthurst (South)
RJ Colthurst (Cork County)
G Combe (North Down)
PA Comerford (umpire)
AD Comyn (Dublin University, Ireland)
A Conan (North Leinster, Phoenix, University College, Dublin)
I Condell (Mullingar)
M Condell (Mullingar)
Condner (North)
D Condon (umpire)
P Conliffe (Leprechauns, Phoenix, Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
A Conlin (Irish Universities)
C Conlon (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
A Conn (Irish Schools, Ulster Country)
J Conn (Laurelvale)
F Connaty (Leinster Second XI)
BS Connell (Irish Universities)
FG Connell (Ireland)
MC Connell (Leprechauns)
PC Connell (Ireland)
D Connelly (Woodvale)
S Connelly (Phoenix)
W Connelly (Woodvale)
D Connerton (Malahide)
J Connerton (umpire)
Connochie (United Ireland Eleven)
S Connole (Munster)
D Connolly (Dunmurry)
D Connolly (Woodvale Second XI)
FH Connolly (Irish Schools)
G Connolly (Railway Union)
GW Connolly (Leprechauns)
IH Connolly (Irish Schools, Irish Universities, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s)
J Connolly (umpire)
J Connolly (umpire)
N Connolly (Wood Vale, Woodvale)
A Connor (Dundrum)
G Connor (Brigade)
J Connor (Killyclooney)
L Connor (Dundrum)
M Connor (Carrickfergus)
T Connor (North)
Connors (108th Inniskilling Fusiliers)
T Conroy (United Ireland Eleven)
J Conry (Na Shuler)
HJFJJ Considine (Ireland, Lincoln College, Oxford, United South of Ireland Eleven)
PB Considine (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present, Trinity College Long Vacation Club)
S Considine (Dublin University, Trinity College Long Vacation Club)
TI Considine (Na Shuler, Phoenix)
W Considine (Gentlemen of the South of Ireland)
R Constable (Curragh Camp, Ireland)
C Conway (Rush)
CM Conway (Ireland A Women)
E Conway (Leinster)
EV Conway (Dublin University, Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Rush)
NM Conway (Ireland Under-17s Women)
H Cook (Ulster Country)
H Cook (Ballymena)
J Cook (scorer)
JG Cook (Ireland)
G Cookburn (Military)
C Cooke (Drummond)
C Cooke (Coleraine, Coleraine Second XI)
D Cooke (Brigade, Killymallaght, Limavady, Merrion, Railway Union, YMCA)
D Cooke (scorer)
D Cooke (Coleraine, Leprechauns, YMCA)
DR Cooke (Ireland, Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-21s)
E Cooke (umpire)
E Cooke (umpire)
ET Cooke (Ulster Town)
G Cooke (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
G Cooke (Coleraine)
I Cooke (Bonds Glen)
J Cooke (Pembroke)
N Cooke (Brigade, Creevedonnell, Fox Lodge)
P Cooke (umpire)
R Cooke (Ireland, Kilkenny, Phoenix)
R Cooke (Ulster Town)
R Cooke (St Johnston)
S Cooke (The Hills Second XI)
T Cooke (Ulster Town)
A Coombe (North)
AWM Cooper (Ireland)
B Cooper (Carrickfergus, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Northern Cricket Union)
C Cooper (Killymallaght)
C Cooper (Newbuildings)
R Cooper (Cooke Collegians)
S Cooper (Bangor)
Coote (Cork)
IEP Cope (Dublin University, Ireland)
G Copeland (Donacloney)
A Corcoran (Railway Union)
S Corcoran (umpire)
W Corcoran (National Bank of Ireland)
C Cordess (Dublin University)
A Cordner (Dublin University Past and Present)
AD Cordner (Ireland)
CK Cordner (Gentlemen of North of Ireland, Gentlemen of Yorkshire, Ireland, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
E Cordner (Leinster)
G Corkin (Irish Schools)
CJC Corless (Dublin University)
SC Corlett (Ireland, Oxford University)
HC Corley (Ireland)
JM Cormac (North)
B Corrigan (Cork County)
CV Corry (Ireland)
M Corry (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
D Corscadden (Drummond)
T Cosby (Laois)
G Cosgrove (Malahide, Malahide Second XI, Malahide Third XI)
JW Coskery (Ireland)
JL Costain (Civil Service North)
C Costello (Balbriggan, Dublin University, The Hills)
C Costello (The Hills Second XI)
G Costello (The Hills)
JJ Costello (Leinster)
B Cotter (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI)
E Cotter (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI)
J Cotter (Clontarf, Clontarf Third XI)
O Cotter (Cork County, Cork County Second XI, Munster Reds)
ASA Coughlan (Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Leinster, Malahide, Malahide Second XI, North County, North County Second XI)
W Coughlan (Clontarf)
C Coulon (North)
AJ Coulter (Belfast Harlequins, Civil Service North, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-23s, North Down, Northern Cricket Union)
HJ Coulter (Belfast Harlequins, Civil Service North)
LW Coulter (Dublin University)
T Couper (Mullingar)
A Courell (Ireland Under-23s)
R Courell (Irish Schools)
C Courtney (Lurgan)
G Couser (Whiterock)
A Cousins (Ireland Under-18s, Ireland Under-19s, Waringstown)
Alan Cousins (Irish Schools)
Andrew Cousins (Irish Schools)
M Cove (Pembroke)
G Coventry (Cork)
P Coverdale (Carrickfergus, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
Cowan (North)
A Cowan (North)
D Cowan (Bready)
SJ Cowan (North)
SK Cowan (Gentlemen of North of Ireland)
W Cowan (Curragh Camp)
WJ Cowan (Vice Regal Lodge)
AJ Cowden (Carrickfergus, Civil Service North, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ulster Grasshoppers, University of Glamorgan)
C Cowley (Oak Hill)
M Cowley (Phoenix)
Cox (Military)
A Cox (Munster)
A Cox (North Leinster)
D Cox (Pembroke)
D Cox (Dublin University)
RFH Cox (Dublin University, Irish Schools, Leprechauns, North Leinster, Phoenix)
T Cox (Ireland, Leinster)
T Cox (Pembroke)
B Coyle (Drummond)
B Coyle (North West Under-19s)
Cragg (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
A Craig (Leinster Under-15s)
A Craig (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI)
C Craig (Bangor)
D Craig (Dundrum)
D Craig (Ballyspallen)
G Craig (Dublin University)
GF Craig (Dublin University)
GS Craig (Irish Schools)
J Craig (Irish Schools, Ulster Town)
J Craig (Leprechauns)
J Craig (Larne)
J Craig (Ballymena)
K Craig (North West)
R Craig (Carrickfergus, Irish Universities)
RA Craig (Irish Schools)
VA Craig (Ireland)
JH Crane (Dublin University, Ulster, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
C Crasborn (Lurgan, Waringstown)
S Crasborn (Lurgan)
J Craven (Leprechauns)
S Crawford (Dunmurry)
SH Crawford (Dublin University, Dublin University Long Vacation Club, Ireland)
W Crawford (Cork)
WS Crawford (Gentlemen of North of Ireland, North of Ireland Cricket Club)
JWFA Crawfurd (Harlequins, Ireland, Oxford University)
S Crawley (Balbriggan)
J Cready (Downpatrick)
JW Creaghe (Leinster)
JC Creed (Dublin University)
F Creedon (Munster)
O Creedon (Cork County)
O Creedon (Cork County Second XI)
W Creighe (Sandymount)
J Creswell (Pembroke Third XI)
WP Creyke (Durham, I Zingari, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven, Vice Regal Lodge)
J Crockett (Lisburn)
D Croft (Glendermott Second XI)
AE Croly (Dublin University, Dublin University Past and Present)
T Cronhelm (Leprechauns)
C Cronin (Phoenix)
D Cronin (Dublin University, Ireland)
J Cronin (Cork)
MLW Crooks (Dublin University, Leprechauns, Ulster Town)
C Crookshanks (Derriaghy)
B Cross (Phoenix)
H Cross (Sandymount)
W Cross (Rush)
L Crosthwaite (Dublin, Ireland, Phoenix)
T Crosthwaite (Dublin)
G Crothers (M Rea's XI)
GM Crothers (Ireland)
I Crothers (Derriaghy)
JG Crothers (Ireland)
G Crowe (Ireland Under-13s, Ireland Under-15s, Limavady, Lisburn, Lisburn Second XI)
J Crowe (Cliftonville)
W Crowe (Whiterock)
L Crowley (CYM, Stoneywood-Dyce)
M Crowley (CYM, Phoenix)
D Crowley-Long (Dublin University)
B Crown (Limavady)
I Crown (Ballyspallen)
WFJ Crown (Irish Universities)
F Crozier (RM Gwynn's XI)
N Crozier (Lurgan)
WM Crozier (Dublin University)
C Cruickshank (YMCA)
C Cruikshanks (Derriaghy)
B Crumbley (Bready)
B Crumley (Bready)
J Cruywagen (Rush)
CR Cuffe (Ireland)
CR Cuffe (Munster)
D Culbert (Brigade, Brigade Second XI, Killymallaght)
W Culbert (Waringstown)
AJ Culhane (University College, Dublin)
H Culhane (University College, Dublin)
C Culleen (The Hills Second XI)
A Cullen (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Irish Universities)
A Cullen (Leinster)
LFM Cullen (Ireland A Women, Ireland Women)
P Cullen (Pembroke Third XI)
S Cullen (CYM)
FE Cuming (North)
C Cumings (Nenagh)
R Cumins (Derriaghy)
C Cummings (Nenagh)
W Cummings (Vice Regal Lodge)
S Cumper (Bangor Second XI)
A Cunningham (Irish Schools)
B Cunningham (scorer)
BJ Cunningham (Irish Schools, Irish Universities)
G Cunningham (Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
J Cunningham (Bangor, Downpatrick, Ireland Under-17s)
J Cunningham (Ulster Under-15s)
J Cunningham (Downpatrick)
JD Cunningham (Leinster)
JL Cunningham (Ireland Under-19s)
L Cunningham (Ulster Town)
VJ Cunningham (Irish Schools)
WL Cunningham (Irish Schools)
Curgenven (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
BC Curley (Merrion, South Leinster)
C Curley (Ardmore, Brigade)
SA Curley (Ireland)
N Curran (Merrion)
TJ Curran (Cork County)
C Currie (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Leinster Under-13s)
P Currie (Ulster Town)
S Currie (Clontarf Third XI)
WP Currie (Irish Universities)
B Curry (North West)
C Curry (Cork)
D Curry (Bonds Glen)
D Curry (Brigade, Brigade Second XI)
D Curry (Bready)
D Curry (Limavady)
Dean Curry (Ireland Under-15s, Limavady)
Des Curry (Limavady)
DS Curry (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
G Curry (Dublin University, Irish Schools)
J Curry (North West)
J Curry (Bonds Glen)
J Curry (Creevedonnell)
JD Curry (Ireland, Northern Ireland)
L Curry (Bonds Glen)
R Curry (Killymallaght)
J Curtain (Irish Universities)
T Curteis (National Bank of Ireland)
J Curtin (Old Belvedere)
Curtis (Officers of Ireland)
Curtis (Curragh Camp)
J Curtis (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI)
Z Curtis (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
EG Curzon (I Zingari, Liverpool, Phoenix)
AR Cusack (Ireland)
P Cusack (Irish Schools)
H Cush (Whiterock)
JV Cussen (University College, Dublin)
Cussins (Dublin Garrison)
R Cutand (umpire)
HG Cuthbert (Merrion)
R Cutland (umpire)
Cutts (Vice Regal Lodge)
A Cyster (Lisburn)





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