Ireland Players (J)


A Jabbar Younus (Cork County)
Jack (Players of Dublin)
L Jack (North West)
Jackson (Officers of the Curragh Camp)
A Jackson (Civil Service North)
A Jackson (Oak Hill)
A Jackson (scorer)
A Jackson (Railway Union Second XI)
A Jackson (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
A Jackson (YMCA Second XI)
B Jackson (Old Belvedere)
D Jackson (Carlisle)
F Jackson (Ulster)
FW Jackson (Ireland)
H Jackson (Ireland)
HW Jackson (Dublin University, Ireland, Vice Regal Lodge)
HW Jackson (Phoenix Park)
J Jackson (Templepatrick)
PB Jackson (Ireland)
R Jackson (South)
R Jackson (Old Belvedere)
S Jackson (Ireland Under-15s)
S Jackson (YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
S Jackson (Leinster Cricket Union Under-15s)
S Jackson (Leinster Under-13s)
T Jackson (Ulster Town)
W Jackson (JS Pollock's XI)
W Jackson (Bonds Glen)
W Jackson (Cork)
WER Jackson (Na Shuler)
WF Jackson (Ulster)
P Jacob (Dundrum)
PR Jacob (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
V Jacob (umpire)
V Jacob (Dundrum)
V Jacob (Dundrum)
V Jacob (Leinster Second XI)
W Jacob (Phoenix)
Jacobs (Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
A Jacobs (Bready)
D Jacobs (Carrickfergus, Instonians)
R Jacobs (Carlisle)
D Jacobson (Dublin University)
DA Jacobson (Carlisle, Leinster Under-25s, Leprechauns)
DI Jacobson (Carlisle, Irish Schools, South Leinster)
LC Jacobson (Ireland)
R Jacobson (Carlisle)
T Jacques (scorer)
S Jadliwala (scorer)
Jaffar Hussain (County Galway, Galway)
R Jaffer (Mullingar)
K Jaffery (National University of Ireland Galway)
IM Jaffey (Ireland)
IM Jaffey (Dublin University)
Jaffray (Military, Vice Regal Lodge)
K Jaffri (County Galway)
CD Jager (Cork Harlequins)
D Jagobson (Dublin University)
N Jagoe (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
T Jagoe (scorer)
A Jahid (County Kerry)
P Jaidka (Greystones)
P Jakar (West Central)
Jamal (Limerick Raiders)
WU Jamal (Limerick)
A Jameel (Midleton)
A James (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
B James (Holywood)
C James (Lurgan Demesne)
JJ James (Cork County)
K James (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI)
K James (Carrickfergus)
N James (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
T James (Clontarf Second XI)
A Jameson (Coolattin)
A Jameson (Saintfield)
E Jameson (Carlow, Phoenix)
EL Jameson (Coolattin)
J Jameson (Ulster Town)
TO Jameson (Army, Free Foresters, Hampshire, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club)
WS Jameson (Phoenix)
WS Jameson (Dublin University)
DM Jamieson (Irish Schools)
M Jamil (Ballaghadereen)
A Jamison (Derriaghy)
JK Jamison (Irish Schools)
M Jan (Waterford Institute of Technology)
T Janes (County Clare Second XI)
C Janik (Leinster)
L Jansen (Boland Academy, Rush)
T Jaques (scorer)
S Jarayiannis (Instonians)
I Jardine (YMCA)
M Jardine (Ardmore)
Y Jarwal (Old Belvedere)
Jatinder Singh (Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
A Java (Sligo)
M Javed (Dundrum)
S Javed (County Kerry)
Javed Ali (Limerick Raiders)
K Javid (Limerick Raiders)
S Javid (Limerick Raiders)
Z Javid (North West)
M Jawad Mir (County Kerry Second XI)
B Jayakrishnan Prema (YMCA Third XI)
Jayakumar (Dundrum)
T Jayani (scorer)
JdC Short (Dublin University)
Jeff (scorer)
AS Jeffares (Dublin University)
GP Jeffares (Dublin University)
J Jeffery (umpire)
J Jeffery (scorer)
J Jefferys (umpire)
AS Jeffrey (Ireland)
C Jeffrey (Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-23s, Irish Universities, North West Under-19s)
J Jeffrey (umpire)
J Jeffrey (scorer)
J Jeffrey (umpire)
S Jeffrey (North)
J Jeffreys (scorer)
J Jeffreys (scorer)
J Jeffries (umpire)
R Jeggels (Phoenix)
U Jehanger (YMCA)
U Jehangir (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
U Jehangir (Pembroke Second XI, Terenure)
L Jenkinson (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
C Jenks (Lurgan)
T Jenks (Lurgan)
J Jenning (Civil Service, Civil Service Second XI)
J Jennings (Malahide)
J Jennings (Malahide Second XI)
M Jennings (Derriaghy)
S Jennings (scorer)
G Jensen (Thurles)
J Jeoffrey (umpire)
H Jephson (Phoenix)
J Jeremy (umpire)
G Jermyn (Munster)
T Jerram (Dublin University)
A Jerrold (Leinster)
Jervoise (Dublin)
KB Jeshan (scorer)
R Jessa (Irish Schools)
Jibran Khan (Merrion Third XI)
G Jillani (The Hills Second XI)
Jim (scorer)
Jitender (County Clare)
Jitendra Singh (Railway Union)
Jitendra Singh (Railway Union Second XI)
Joe O'Mahony (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
S John (Greystones)
CM Johns (North)
E Johns (YMCA Third XI)
E Johns (scorer)
J Johns (scorer)
N Johns (YMCA Second XI, YMCA Third XI)
W Johns (Belfast Wanderers)
Johnson (North)
A Johnson (Glendermott)
A Johnson (Phoenix)
A Johnson (Dublin University)
C Johnson (Dublin)
C Johnson (Instonians)
C Johnson (Civil Service)
C Johnson (umpire)
C Johnson (Ireland Under-17s Women)
CK Johnson (Dublin University)
D Johnson (Ulster Town Under-19s)
DT Johnson (Phoenix, YMCA)
FF Johnson (Cheltenham College, Dublin University, Military)
GW Johnson (Leinster)
J Johnson (Clontarf)
M Johnson (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
N Johnson (Ulster Town)
P Johnson (Ireland Development XI)
P Johnson (Leinster Development XI)
R Johnson (Instonians, YMCA)
R Johnson (Leinster)
R Johnson (YMCA Second XI)
R Johnson (umpire)
R Johnson (scorer)
RJ Johnson (scorer)
W Johnson (Dublin University)
Johnston (Woodvale)
Johnston (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
A Johnston (Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
A Johnston (Glendermott, Glendermott Second XI)
A Johnston (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XI)
A Johnston (Leinster)
A Johnston (Civil Service North Second XI)
A Johnston (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
A Johnston (Civil Service Second XI)
AD Johnston (Ireland)
AP Johnston (Ulster Schools)
B Johnston (Coleraine Second XI)
B Johnston (North West Under-17s)
BR Johnston (Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s)
C Johnston (umpire)
D Johnston (Ulster Town)
DG Johnston (Irish Schools, Northern Cricket Union Under-23s)
DT Johnston (Ireland, New South Wales)
FF Johnston (Vice Regal Lodge)
J Johnston (Ulster)
JM Johnston (JW Walsh's XI)
M Johnston (North County)
M Johnston (North Leinster Under-19s)
N Johnston (Ulster Town)
P Johnston (Leinster, Leinster Second XI, Leinster Under-13s, Railway Union)
PH Johnston (Cork)
R Johnston (Gentlemen of Ireland)
R Johnston (Eglinton, Eglinton Second XI)
R Johnston (umpire)
R Johnston (King William's College)
RI Johnston (Ireland)
RW Johnston (Phoenix)
S Johnston (Bangor, Lurgan, Woodvale)
T Johnston (YMCA)
TM Johnston (Ulster)
W Johnston (Ireland)
W Johnston (Viscount Massereene's Team)
W Johnston (Dublin University, Dublin University Long Vacation Club)
W Johnston (Dublin University)
WH Johnston (Ireland, Phoenix, United Ireland Eleven)
A Johnstone (Glendermott)
C Johnstone (Dublin University)
M Johnstone (Belfast Under-14s)
P Johnstone (Cork)
R Johnstone (Military)
WL Jolley (Pembroke)
Jolli (County Clare)
J Jolly (Ballymena)
Jonash (Limerick Raiders)
Jones (Dublin University)
C Jones (Phoenix)
C Jones (Imperial Tobacco Company)
C Jones (Leinster Second XI)
CW Jones (Leinster)
CWP Jones (Dublin University, Irish Universities, Leprechauns, South Leinster)
E Jones (Ireland, Leprechauns, Phoenix, South Leinster)
E Jones (JS Pollock's XI)
E Jones (Pembroke)
E Jones (Leinster)
G Jones (Ireland)
IH Jones (Dublin University)
J Jones (Leinster)
J Jones (United Ireland Eleven)
JW Jones (Clontarf)
K Jones (scorer)
K Jones (scorer)
K Jones (Cork Harlequins Third XI)
LR Jones (Leinster)
M Jones (Ireland A)
M Jones (Leinster)
M Jones (scorer)
MA Jones (Ireland Development XI, Irish Schools, Leinster, Leinster Cricket Union Under-19s, Leinster Second XI)
MJ Jones (Clontarf)
MSC Jones (Armagh, Bessbrook)
N Jones (umpire)
N Jones (scorer)
N Jones (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
NG Jones (Ireland)
OW Jones (Clontarf)
P Jones (Ireland Women)
R Jones (Ireland, Leinster, Phoenix)
R Jones (W Allen's XI)
R Jones (Cork Harlequins)
R Jones (Munster Under-15s)
R Jones (North County, North County Second XI)
R Jones (scorer)
R Jones (Terenure)
R Jones (North)
R Jones (YMCA, YMCA Second XI)
R Jones (Civil Service)
R Jones (Munster Development XI)
RP Jones (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s)
S Jones (Cork Harlequins, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
S Jones (Southern Ireland Under-15s)
S Jones (Munster Under-13s)
S Jones (Ireland Under-15s)
SNC Jones (Dublin University)
WD Jones (umpire)
WR Jones (Leinster, Phoenix)
LB Jonker (Old Belvedere)
P Jonker (Greystones)
I Joosub (South Leinster)
DA Jordan (Northern Ireland Universities, Queen's University, Belfast)
J Jordan (Westland)
D Jose (Dundrum)
D Jose (Dundrum)
J Jose (Balbriggan)
A Joseph (Phoenix, Phoenix Second XI)
A Joseph (scorer)
B Joseph (Nenagh)
D Joseph (Dundrum)
D Joseph (Dundrum)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
J Joseph (Nenagh)
S Joseph (Nenagh)
M Joshi (Civil Service)
N Joshi (Civil Service, Civil Service Second XI)
N Joshi (scorer)
S Joshi (Cork County, Munster Reds)
W Josib (Civil Service)
G Joy (Phoenix)
H Joy (Dublin, Phoenix)
J Joy (Pembroke Under-15s)
JM Joy (Ireland)
A Joyce (Ireland)
C Joyce (Merrion Third XI)
CNIM Joyce (Dragons Women, Ireland A Women, Ireland Women)
D Joyce (Ireland Development XI, Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI, Oak Hill)
D Joyce (scorer)
D Joyce (umpire)
D Joyce (Greystones)
DI Joyce (Ireland)
DI Joyce (Leinster Cricket Union)
EC Joyce (England, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Sussex)
I Joyce (Dublin University)
IMHC Joyce (Hobart Hurricanes Women, Ireland A Women, Ireland Women, Scorchers Women, Tasmania Women)
J Joyce (umpire)
J Joyce (Oak Hill)
J Joyce (Ireland Development XI)
J Joyce (scorer)
M Joyce (scorer)
M Joyce (umpire)
C Judd (YMCA)
P Juganew (County Clare Second XI)
M Junaid (County Kerry)
M Junaid Amin (Cork County)
N Junaideen (Dublin University)
MA Jutt (Cork County)





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