Lanehead, Bacup - Five Wickets in an Innings in Lancashire League matches

10-44AG SlaterBacup v Church1921ll4888
10-75R GilchristBacup v Church1962ll12262
9-5G TurnbullNelson v Bacup1904ll2109
9-9AG SlaterBacup v Todmorden1922ll5066
9-21PD SwartHaslingden v Bacup1974ll14447
9-22J SipoczBacup v Lowerhouse2011ll21085
9-23CZ HarrisBacup v Ramsbottom2008ll20624
9-24AG SlaterBacup v Nelson1922ll5043
9-24J UsherBacup v Church1958ll11586
9-28JD SparksLowerhouse v Bacup1971ll13873
9-32K HiggsRishton v Bacup1971ll13979
9-34T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1903ll2095
9-35G TurnbullNelson v Bacup1902ll1920
9-36J OliveRamsbottom v Bacup1942ll8729
9-38ALF de MelBacup v Nelson1985ll16449
9-40R GilchristBacup v Church1960ll11932
9-43G CahillBacup v Lowerhouse1965ll12818
9-47GN HudsonBacup v Accrington1946ll9280
9-52S MossBacup v Accrington1899ll1341
9-72F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1915ll4192
8-4WE HickmottRamsbottom v Bacup1922ll5050
8-10F CottrellHaslingden v Bacup1905ll2436
8-15CZ HarrisRamsbottom v Bacup1997ll18621
8-18A KermodeBacup v Church1913ll3756
8-19W HallTodmorden v Bacup1906ll2648
8-19GH PopeColne v Bacup1945ll9188
8-20ED WeekesBacup v Rishton1956ll11166
8-22BA MatthewsBurnley v Bacup1987ll16829
8-23F HartleyBacup v Enfield1924ll5450
8-24I GallashColne v Bacup1964ll12562
8-24AR GriffithBacup v East Lancashire2005ll20113
8-25AK MallRishton v Bacup2013ll21514
8-28GN HudsonBacup v Haslingden1946ll9304
8-28PD SwartHaslingden v Bacup1975ll14623
8-31KA LordBacup v Church1976ll14882
8-31LL JacksonEnfield v Bacup2011ll21213
8-32JS ManningColne v Bacup1955ll10961
8-32SL StewartEast Lancashire v Bacup2008ll20538
8-33R GilchristBacup v Nelson1962ll12249
8-34K RoscoeBacup v Haslingden1981ll15707
8-34RA HarperBacup v Colne1995ll18320
8-35S MossBacup v Enfield1898ll1035
8-35GN HudsonBacup v Rawtenstall1948ll9730
8-35CL CairnsBacup v East Lancashire2006ll20237
8-35RJ HarrisLowerhouse v Bacup2006ll20287
8-38M van JaarsveldEnfield v Bacup2003ll19783
8-41W HallAccrington v Bacup1903ll2062
8-45EA McDonaldNelson v Bacup1923ll5350
8-45GN HudsonBacup v Rishton1946ll9381
8-46DN OrmerodBacup v Enfield2001ll19440
8-47J UsherBacup v Enfield1892ll92
8-49R GilchristBacup v Todmorden1963ll12391
8-53J LynesBacup v Burnley1905ll2364
8-55R GilchristBacup v Colne1962ll12187
8-55Safdar MinhasLowerhouse v Bacup1966ll12963
8-55DN OrmerodBacup v Todmorden2003ll19713
8-57CD WatsonChurch v Bacup1964ll12610
8-59T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1898ll1035
8-61J LynesBacup v Colne1905ll2340
8-64SPK SandersonBacup v Colne2013ll21617
8-69J NuttallBacup v Rishton1993ll17907
8-79J BrownBacup v Nelson1897ll967
7--1ShawBacup v Haslingden1892ll27
7-3W HallAccrington v Bacup1898ll1015
7-6A KermodeBacup v Church1910ll3362
7-8GW BrookBacup v Church1920ll4666
7-11LN ConstantineNelson v Bacup1937ll7760
7-14N LongworthRamsbottom v Bacup1944ll9011
7-15W WardBacup v Ramsbottom1907ll2721
7-17F HartleyChurch v Bacup1939ll8196
7-18AG SlaterBacup v Ramsbottom1922ll5050
7-18GN HudsonBacup v Todmorden1947ll9533
7-18TM ChappellEast Lancashire v Bacup1977ll15001
7-18DN OrmerodBacup v Lowerhouse1994ll18061
7-19AG SlaterBacup v Church1922ll5099
7-21JT NewsteadRishton v Bacup1915ll4265
7-22FJ ShacklockNelson v Bacup1895ll639
7-22H HarrisonEnfield v Bacup1913ll3909
7-22AL MossTodmorden v Bacup1944ll9026
7-22AA DonaldRishton v Bacup1996ll18460
7-23GN HudsonBacup v Ramsbottom1947ll9514
7-23H MonkhouseRamsbottom v Bacup1959ll11701
7-24S HallBacup v Rishton1949ll9835
7-25F DuerrBacup v Enfield1903ll2095
7-25G CahillBacup v Lowerhouse1959ll11783
7-25R GilchristBacup v East Lancashire1960ll11977
7-25DN OrmerodBacup v Rawtenstall2005ll20051
7-26T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1906ll2543
7-26F DuerrBacup v Todmorden1906ll2648
7-26HM HillsBurnley v Bacup1919ll4644
7-26S AbedEnfield v Bacup1975ll14539
7-26CL CairnsBacup v Rishton2006ll20301
7-27F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1911ll3419
7-27AJ RichardsonBacup v Haslingden1929ll6419
7-27AL MannBacup v Nelson1971ll13937
7-28J LynesBacup v Ramsbottom1905ll2326
7-28A PollardNelson v Bacup1919ll4490
7-28S HallBacup v Accrington1949ll9869
7-28B DoolandEast Lancashire v Bacup1951ll10319
7-28AIC DodemaideEast Lancashire v Bacup1992ll17724
7-29ED WeekesBacup v Colne1952ll10460
7-29S AbedEnfield v Bacup1971ll13860
7-29MD O'NeillBacup v Rawtenstall1977ll15050
7-32A PollardColne v Bacup1911ll3488
7-32CJ HallRamsbottom v Bacup1996ll18510
7-33S MossBacup v Enfield1900ll1485
7-33J ButlerEast Lancashire v Bacup1906ll2568
7-33GW BrookBacup v Rishton1915ll4265
7-33S YoungBacup v Rawtenstall2003ll19768
7-34T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1905ll2291
7-34V BroderickBacup v Colne1940ll8316
7-34S AbedEnfield v Bacup1968ll13342
7-34RA HarperBacup v Enfield1993ll17809
7-35A TurnerBacup v Burnley1919ll4644
7-35GN HudsonBacup v Lowerhouse1948ll9785
7-35JH WardleRishton v Bacup1965ll12838
7-35RA HarperBacup v Ramsbottom1990ll17348
7-36F HartleyBacup v East Lancashire1937ll7850
7-37R HoworthBacup v Enfield1927ll6009
7-37WJ AbelAccrington v Bacup1928ll6251
7-37G WyseRishton v Bacup2012ll21329
7-38T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1892ll92
7-38PJ HutchisonRawtenstall v Bacup1995ll18334
7-38DN OrmerodBacup v Church2002ll19594
7-39F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1913ll3818
7-39A PollardNelson v Bacup1920ll4706
7-39NV RadfordBacup v Lowerhouse1980ll15442
7-40W ThorntonEnfield v Bacup1896ll731
7-41FG BullEast Lancashire v Bacup1907ll2777
7-41GN HudsonBacup v Church1947ll9494
7-41RW DunhamBacup v Haslingden1967ll13180
7-42H RileyColne v Bacup1905ll2340
7-42CH ParkinChurch v Bacup1915ll4147
7-42R SmithRishton v Bacup1975ll14644
7-42AL JohnsonRawtenstall v Bacup1989ll17242
7-42CZ HarrisBacup v Rawtenstall2008ll20603
7-43F HartleyBacup v Accrington1935ll7409
7-44J LynesBacup v Enfield1906ll2543
7-44JH ChadwickEast Lancashire v Bacup1943ll8806
7-44RB StraussEast Lancashire v Bacup1961ll12012
7-45R GilchristBacup v Nelson1963ll12459
7-45J HouldsworthChurch v Bacup1973ll14189
7-45PD SwartHaslingden v Bacup1976ll14742
7-45T JonesBurnley v Bacup1978ll15239
7-45RA HarperBacup v Lowerhouse1991ll17535
7-47T FlowersChurch v Bacup1896ll698
7-47S FletcherHaslingden v Bacup1906ll2602
7-48F HartleyBacup v Rishton1931ll6829
7-48R GilchristBacup v Rishton1960ll11869
7-49W TaylorBacup v Enfield1893ll229
7-49A SmithBury v Bacup1893ll274
7-49F HartleyBacup v Nelson1936ll7577
7-49SE DeardenRamsbottom v Bacup1994ll18145
7-49JC PetersonBacup v Church1997ll18600
7-50A WorsickAccrington v Bacup1970ll13768
7-51JN GillespieRishton v Bacup2000ll19189
7-52J BeaumontBacup v Ramsbottom1971ll13852
7-52RR WynterBacup v Todmorden1981ll15771
7-53CZ HarrisBacup v Accrington2008ll20545
7-54J BaileyAccrington v Bacup1938ll8081
7-54WE AlleyColne v Bacup1948ll9765
7-54AB NieuwoudtBacup v Colne1974ll14384
7-54AC DaleBacup v Ramsbottom2000ll19146
7-55JN MaguireChurch v Bacup1986ll16583
7-55CZ HarrisBacup v Church2007ll20512
7-56DG PhadkarBurnley v Bacup1960ll11809
7-56M HartleyTodmorden v Bacup1990ll17327
7-58J UsherHaslingden v Bacup1900ll1448
7-58J CoulthurstEast Lancashire v Bacup1919ll4623
7-58GE GriffithsAccrington v Bacup1966ll12921
7-59CD WatsonChurch v Bacup1962ll12262
7-60JT BrownBacup v Rishton1902ll1794
7-60F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1912ll3601
7-60GN HudsonBacup v Rishton1948ll9747
7-60F HartleyChurch v Bacup1949ll9865
7-60J NuttallBacup v Enfield1989ll17221
7-62K RoscoeBacup v Ramsbottom1983ll16037
7-64CH ParkinChurch v Bacup1911ll3459
7-64RI LetherbarrowColne v Bacup1973ll14314
7-66HJ RhodesBurnley v Bacup1970ll13790
7-69H TaylorBacup v Haslingden1910ll3314
7-83R GilchristBacup v Burnley1960ll11809
7-87J BrownBacup v Accrington1898ll1015
7-88S MonkhouseRamsbottom v Bacup1989ll17137
7-90T GrimshawBacup v Lowerhouse1903ll1969
7-97SC PopeLowerhouse v Bacup2003ll19797
6-2W HowardEast Lancashire v Bacup1902ll1797
6-5CZ HarrisBacup v Colne2008ll20681
6-7KA LordBacup v Church1966ll13054
6-8CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1915ll4279
6-8RA HarperBacup v Burnley1992ll17781
6-9T HurneyBacup v Accrington1944ll8945
6-10GW BrookBacup v Enfield1920ll4831
6-11T HurneyBacup v Todmorden1945ll9160
6-11Madan LalEnfield v Bacup1977ll14945
6-11RA HarperBacup v Enfield1994ll18139
6-12J RushtonBacup v Lowerhouse1963ll12493
6-13R GilchristBacup v Accrington1962ll12239
6-14H CrabtreeColne v Bacup1914ll3936
6-15T FlowersChurch v Bacup1903ll1941
6-15JE LordBacup v Ramsbottom1906ll2517
6-15JM FieldingRamsbottom v Bacup2013ll21610
6-16W WardBacup v Accrington1908ll2871
6-16B DoolandEast Lancashire v Bacup1949ll9849
6-17T LoweChurch v Bacup1941ll8491
6-17J BeaumontRawtenstall v Bacup1979ll15288
6-17GT RossRawtenstall v Bacup1980ll15491
6-18RJ MeeChurch v Bacup1902ll1903
6-18J LynesBacup v Enfield1905ll2291
6-18S SinfieldRishton v Bacup1906ll2634
6-18JS CurtisRishton v Bacup1922ll5028
6-18TM ChappellEast Lancashire v Bacup1976ll14714
6-18P FellBacup v Lowerhouse1985ll16429
6-19JE LordBacup v Lowerhouse1904ll2203
6-19E VostLowerhouse v Bacup1905ll2304
6-19F HartleyBacup v Ramsbottom1924ll5437
6-20F DuerrBacup v Lowerhouse1905ll2304
6-20J LynesBacup v Church1905ll2385
6-21S MossBacup v Enfield1899ll1232
6-21W McDonoughAccrington v Bacup1932ll6856
6-21B HowellsEnfield v Bacup1948ll9671
6-21ED WeekesBacup v Haslingden1958ll11529
6-21B BulcockColne v Bacup1971ll13923
6-21SMJ RatcliffeRamsbottom v Bacup1988ll16941
6-22A PateLowerhouse v Bacup1902ll1905
6-22W WardBacup v Haslingden1907ll2809
6-22A KermodeBacup v Ramsbottom1913ll3818
6-22J WaddingtonRishton v Bacup1981ll15778
6-22MJ BennettRamsbottom v Bacup1984ll16254
6-22AC DaleBacup v Haslingden2000ll19202
6-22AC DaleBacup v Rawtenstall2000ll19224
6-23JL HuntBacup v Lowerhouse1944ll8966
6-23J GuyBacup v Todmorden1960ll11883
6-23MF MaloneHaslingden v Bacup1979ll15294
6-23JM FieldingRamsbottom v Bacup2010ll21036
6-24RJ MeeAccrington v Bacup1895ll645
6-24W HallAccrington v Bacup1902ll1884
6-24JH BriggsColne v Bacup1903ll2013
6-24W GarveyBacup v Accrington1916ll4300
6-24AJ RichardsonBacup v Enfield1929ll6451
6-24T HurneyBacup v Haslingden1943ll8840
6-25BW TaylorAccrington v Bacup1904ll2269
6-25JJ BowlesEnfield v Bacup1919ll4476
6-25AJ RichardsonBacup v Lowerhouse1930ll6632
6-25KA FlatleyRishton v Bacup1966ll13069
6-25MD O'NeillBacup v Colne1978ll15211
6-25JC PetersonBacup v Rawtenstall1997ll18579
6-25Kamran YounisHaslingden v Bacup2012ll21369
6-26WR CuttellNelson v Bacup1893ll293
6-26W CookBurnley v Bacup1907ll2682
6-26J RushtonBacup v Rishton1954ll10870
6-26PR RobertsLowerhouse v Bacup1963ll12493
6-26DP EvansBacup v Lowerhouse1969ll13495
6-26PJ PlummerBurnley v Bacup1973ll14259
6-26S YoungBacup v Ramsbottom2001ll19419
6-27WR CuttellNelson v Bacup1892ll107
6-27S WadeAccrington v Bacup1893ll221
6-27T HurneyBacup v Accrington1945ll9220
6-28B KeatingRamsbottom v Bacup1968ll13265
6-28J NuttallBacup v Church1994ll18033
6-28DN OrmerodBacup v East Lancashire1999ll18915
6-28N BredenkampChurch v Bacup2008ll20589
6-28S HalsteadNelson v Bacup2011ll21233
6-29JM BlanckenbergNelson v Bacup1926ll5811
6-29R HaworthBacup v Accrington1926ll5904
6-29JM KellyBacup v Accrington1941ll8497
6-29J HouldsworthChurch v Bacup1975ll14553
6-29CW HendersonEast Lancashire v Bacup1999ll18915
6-30F DuerrBacup v Haslingden1905ll2436
6-30T LoweChurch v Bacup1937ll7774
6-30WB HoltLowerhouse v Bacup1957ll11431
6-30J HouldsworthChurch v Bacup1978ll15113
6-30A PayneRawtenstall v Bacup2008ll20603
6-31A KermodeBacup v Accrington1910ll3252
6-31F HartleyBacup v Enfield1935ll7453
6-31GN HudsonBacup v Burnley1946ll9339
6-31CT BenbowLowerhouse v Bacup2004ll19909
6-32S MossBacup v Nelson1898ll1099
6-32F DuerrBacup v Nelson1904ll2109
6-32LS BrownChurch v Bacup1935ll7557
6-32VE JacksonBacup v Nelson1951ll10333
6-32JW GrantRawtenstall v Bacup1967ll13230
6-32LC MayneBurnley v Bacup1969ll13440
6-32H TaylorBacup v Rishton1969ll13615
6-32RJ BrightRamsbottom v Bacup1974ll14405
6-32MP MottRawtenstall v Bacup2001ll19342
6-33A KermodeBacup v Colne1912ll3681
6-33W NewtonBacup v Accrington1936ll7705
6-33L SutcliffeColne v Bacup1947ll9442
6-33NV RadfordBacup v East Lancashire1979ll15421
6-33DN OrmerodBacup v Lowerhouse2000ll19252
6-34W PilkingtonHaslingden v Bacup1944ll8980
6-34SR PatilBacup v Enfield1961ll11998
6-34NJN HawkeNelson v Bacup1970ll13685
6-35J UsherBacup v Church1892ll16
6-35A KermodeBacup v Enfield1914ll4098
6-35A PollardNelson v Bacup1933ll7193
6-35JC PickupBacup v Enfield1962ll12243
6-35EJ BarlowAccrington v Bacup1964ll12682
6-35TM MoodyEast Lancashire v Bacup1988ll17010
6-35CL CairnsBacup v Accrington2006ll20279
6-35DN OrmerodAccrington v Bacup2008ll20545
6-36JT BrownBacup v Ramsbottom1902ll1823
6-36AR SladenRamsbottom v Bacup1906ll2517
6-36AJ RichardsonBacup v Colne1930ll6579
6-36AB NieuwoudtBacup v Accrington1974ll14426
6-36S MetcalfChurch v Bacup1988ll17053
6-36LCR JordaanLowerhouse v Bacup1997ll18635
6-37AJ RichardsonBacup v East Lancashire1929ll6297
6-37T TaylorBacup v Enfield1939ll8185
6-37ERH FullerRamsbottom v Bacup1958ll11466
6-37S YoungBacup v Accrington2003ll19656
6-37CL CairnsBacup v Church2006ll20322
6-37RA BroadBacup v Haslingden2009ll20847
6-38ChildBacup v Bury1894ll386
6-38JT BrownBacup v Accrington1901ll1648
6-38LN ConstantineNelson v Bacup1936ll7577
6-38Fazal MahmoodEast Lancashire v Bacup1957ll11320
6-38J InghamHaslingden v Bacup1958ll11529
6-38KA LordBacup v Enfield1976ll14770
6-38DD SmithAccrington v Bacup1982ll15910
6-38SC WundkeBacup v Ramsbottom1988ll16941
6-38RA HarperBacup v Rishton1994ll18082
6-39J UsherBacup v Nelson1893ll293
6-39RF HargreavesBacup v Burnley1904ll2136
6-39F HartleyBacup v Rishton1936ll7666
6-39A HartleyNelson v Bacup1947ll9596
6-39ED WeekesBacup v Lowerhouse1952ll10353
6-39J BeaumontBacup v Lowerhouse1971ll13873
6-39DS MorganLowerhouse v Bacup1990ll17424
6-39JC ScuderiNelson v Bacup1993ll17955
6-39AN PetersenEnfield v Bacup2005ll20168
6-39CZ HarrisBacup v Rawtenstall2007ll20427
6-40R HoworthBacup v Accrington1927ll5932
6-40AL MannBacup v Nelson1970ll13685
6-40MD O'NeillBacup v Church1977ll14924
6-40AI RideegammanagederaEast Lancashire v Bacup2005ll20113
6-40AJ BentleyChurch v Bacup2009ll20777
6-41T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1899ll1232
6-41W HargreavesHaslingden v Bacup1907ll2809
6-41J MiddletonRawtenstall v Bacup1943ll8883
6-41S HallBacup v Rawtenstall1949ll9904
6-41ED WeekesBacup v East Lancashire1956ll11093
6-41NJN HawkeEast Lancashire v Bacup1971ll13811
6-41KA LordBacup v Enfield1978ll15078
6-41MR PriceRamsbottom v Bacup2003ll19790
6-42N ElahiHaslingden v Bacup1996ll18424
6-43GN HudsonBacup v Accrington1947ll9565
6-43R GilchristBacup v Ramsbottom1963ll12436
6-43DN OrmerodBacup v Accrington2004ll19931
6-44JW DayHaslingden v Bacup1919ll4592
6-44R HoworthBacup v Ramsbottom1928ll6195
6-44EA McDonaldBacup v Church1933ll7098
6-44N SpencerLowerhouse v Bacup1945ll9234
6-44JC PickupBacup v Lowerhouse1961ll12094
6-44RG SharpEast Lancashire v Bacup1962ll12285
6-44G DowneyBurnley v Bacup1976ll14811
6-44KA LordBacup v Haslingden1979ll15294
6-44P UsherBacup v Colne1988ll16927
6-44T JonesBurnley v Bacup1989ll17102
6-44R SwiftBacup v Accrington1991ll17556
6-44DN OrmerodBacup v Burnley2004ll19853
6-45CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1914ll4043
6-45GN HudsonBacup v Accrington1948ll9716
6-45RW OrmistonBacup v Colne1983ll15988
6-46J UsherBacup v Church1893ll243
6-46A KermodeBacup v Ramsbottom1910ll3308
6-46EA McDonaldBacup v Nelson1933ll7193
6-46BM WhiteBacup v Haslingden1998ll18851
6-47S MossBacup v Accrington1900ll1551
6-47F HartleyBacup v Nelson1930ll6551
6-47S AbedEnfield v Bacup1969ll13462
6-47N PhillipColne v Bacup1975ll14693
6-47P FellBacup v Rishton1984ll16191
6-48J LynesBacup v Rawtenstall1905ll2395
6-48CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1912ll3572
6-48H GibbonBacup v Accrington1937ll7888
6-48CD WatsonChurch v Bacup1966ll13054
6-48G HurstRishton v Bacup1985ll16513
6-48M GreenhalghAccrington v Bacup1992ll17710
6-48DN OrmerodBacup v Enfield2002ll19510
6-49HL AlleyneColne v Bacup1990ll17291
6-50JT IkinAccrington v Bacup1939ll8158
6-50C ForbesChurch v Bacup1972ll14161
6-50AR SwanepoelBacup v Todmorden2013ll21535
6-51T LancasterEnfield v Bacup1900ll1485
6-51AJ RichardsonBacup v Accrington1930ll6515
6-51ED WeekesBacup v Accrington1952ll10507
6-53F HartleyBacup v Enfield1937ll7800
6-53ED WeekesBacup v Todmorden1954ll10806
6-53PJ PlummerBurnley v Bacup1974ll14497
6-53PS de VilliersTodmorden v Bacup1987ll16745
6-54T FlowersChurch v Bacup1904ll2210
6-54AG SlaterBacup v Accrington1923ll5372
6-54J RileyEnfield v Bacup1951ll10222
6-54K RoscoeBacup v Colne1982ll15981
6-55H HarrisonEnfield v Bacup1914ll4098
6-55DN OrmerodBacup v Haslingden2004ll19894
6-56AJ RichardsonBacup v Accrington1928ll6251
6-56JH ParksAccrington v Bacup1948ll9716
6-56SD ParkerTodmorden v Bacup1996ll18474
6-57F HartleyBacup v Accrington1933ll7024
6-57R GilchristBacup v Haslingden1963ll12403
6-57P FellBacup v Church1985ll16415
6-57P UsherBacup v Nelson1988ll16982
6-57AJ BentleyChurch v Bacup2004ll19953
6-58RE AdamsNelson v Bacup1898ll1099
6-58BJ TobinRishton v Bacup1935ll7524
6-58AC DaleBacup v Rishton2000ll19189
6-59T HurneyBacup v Haslingden1944ll8980
6-59DW ClarkeAccrington v Bacup2010ll20930
6-60J PollardAccrington v Bacup1920ll4824
6-60DN OrmerodBacup v Nelson1995ll18207
6-60D WarrenBacup v Lowerhouse2010ll20959
6-60JM FieldingRamsbottom v Bacup2012ll21309
6-61ED WeekesBacup v Nelson1956ll11085
6-61T FarryTodmorden v Bacup1989ll17200
6-62ID AustinRawtenstall v Bacup2004ll19880
6-63KA LordBacup v Accrington1976ll14783
6-63TK CanningHaslingden v Bacup2006ll20223
6-64W FenwickRamsbottom v Bacup1903ll2032
6-64GW BrookBacup v Church1915ll4147
6-64AG SlaterBacup v Enfield1921ll4970
6-64RK TyldesleyAccrington v Bacup1934ll7342
6-64GN HudsonBacup v Rawtenstall1947ll9549
6-64ED WeekesBacup v Haslingden1951ll10211
6-64BR FieldingRamsbottom v Bacup1978ll15134
6-64J SipoczBacup v Rishton2010ll21078
6-65G TurnbullEnfield v Bacup1909ll3054
6-65A HopkinsonBacup v Ramsbottom1919ll4504
6-65NV RadfordBacup v Accrington1979ll15357
6-66AK HealLowerhouse v Bacup2010ll20959
6-67EJ HodkinsonBacup v Enfield1982ll15925
6-68T CottamEnfield v Bacup1921ll4970
6-68EJ HodkinsonBacup v Burnley1982ll15855
6-69AB NieuwoudtBacup v Church1974ll14364
6-70AEE VoglerRishton v Bacup1919ll4553
6-70AJ RichardsonBacup v Colne1929ll6444
6-70BM WhiteBacup v Burnley1999ll19028
6-70GB BrentEnfield v Bacup2009ll20855
6-72ED WeekesBacup v Lowerhouse1956ll11121
6-73K WilliamsBurnley v Bacup1961ll12154
6-73SP O'DonnellHaslingden v Bacup1989ll17171
6-74TH EdwardsonEast Lancashire v Bacup1959ll11797
6-75F DuerrBacup v Nelson1903ll1989
6-77F CottrellHaslingden v Bacup1904ll2243
6-77W WardBacup v East Lancashire1908ll2964
6-79Adnan RasoolBurnley v Bacup2012ll21397
6-82AJ BentleyChurch v Bacup2007ll20512
6-83G TurnbullNelson v Bacup1903ll1989
6-85RA HarperBacup v Haslingden1995ll18298
6-89Adnan RasoolBurnley v Bacup2013ll21561
6-91CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1922ll5182
6-94CZ HarrisBacup v Rishton2007ll20413
6-101CG BordeRawtenstall v Bacup1961ll12078
5--1H TaylorBacup v East Lancashire1909ll3194
5-7E RobinsonRamsbottom v Bacup1909ll3133
5-8AL MossTodmorden v Bacup1945ll9160
5-9DN OrmerodBacup v Nelson2001ll19286
5-10AG SlaterBacup v Accrington1922ll5182
5-10J RushtonBacup v Ramsbottom1958ll11466
5-10DN OrmerodBacup v Rawtenstall1999ll18951
5-11H RileyColne v Bacup1904ll2115
5-11C RobertsBacup v Nelson1934ll7214
5-11T HurneyBacup v Todmorden1946ll9330
5-12T LordBacup v Todmorden1997ll18663
5-12T LordBacup v Nelson2007ll20377
5-13W EllisChurch v Bacup1907ll2700
5-13GA HeadleyBacup v Burnley1950ll10149
5-13J SchofieldBurnley v Bacup1963ll12355
5-13DN OrmerodBacup v Ramsbottom1999ll19049
5-13S YoungBacup v Nelson2001ll19286
5-14JW MuskBacup v East Lancashire1924ll5408
5-14J GreenwoodNelson v Bacup1932ll6864
5-14T HurneyBacup v Burnley1947ll9498
5-15H FisherBacup v Church1934ll7254
5-15CD WatsonChurch v Bacup1961ll11984
5-15J UsherBacup v Accrington1968ll13292
5-16DV NorburyEast Lancashire v Bacup1912ll3725
5-16AG SlaterBacup v Enfield1922ll5197
5-16F HartleyBacup v East Lancashire1931ll6674
5-16T HurneyBacup v East Lancashire1945ll9106
5-16PT MarnerTodmorden v Bacup1972ll14063
5-16Mudassar NazarBurnley v Bacup1984ll16212
5-16DC TurnerEast Lancashire v Bacup2010ll21064
5-17H FisherBacup v Enfield1934ll7243
5-17J RobertsBacup v Haslingden1949ll9953
5-18W WardBacup v Todmorden1907ll2801
5-18W WardBacup v Enfield1907ll2830
5-18AE EdmundsonChurch v Bacup1910ll3362
5-18D BuckleyBacup v East Lancashire1912ll3725
5-18SE MossRamsbottom v Bacup1926ll5777
5-18H TaylorBacup v Nelson1926ll5811
5-18AJ RichardsonBacup v Church1931ll6667
5-18T MakinTodmorden v Bacup1983ll16002
5-18GB HuntColne v Bacup1999ll18909
5-19H RileyRishton v Bacup1902ll1794
5-19GH BoddyEast Lancashire v Bacup1903ll2101
5-19H WalkerRamsbottom v Bacup1905ll2326
5-19AJ RichardsonBacup v Haslingden1930ll6500
5-19D RushtonAccrington v Bacup1961ll12113
5-19P CalderbankNelson v Bacup1979ll15385
5-20T FlowersChurch v Bacup1906ll2502
5-20PT MillsEnfield v Bacup1915ll4240
5-20J YatesChurch v Bacup1920ll4666
5-20WE HickmottRamsbottom v Bacup1920ll4680
5-20JM BlanckenbergNelson v Bacup1927ll5953
5-20F HartleyBacup v Church1931ll6667
5-20EA McDonaldBacup v Enfield1932ll6958
5-20JH ParksAccrington v Bacup1946ll9280
5-20J KenyonEast Lancashire v Bacup1969ll13503
5-20AL MannBacup v Church1971ll13964
5-21BW TaylorRawtenstall v Bacup1902ll1779
5-21RF HargreavesBacup v Enfield1907ll2830
5-21WE HickmottRamsbottom v Bacup1922ll5050
5-21AJ RichardsonBacup v East Lancashire1931ll6674
5-21F HartleyBacup v Accrington1932ll6856
5-21S HallBacup v Enfield1953ll10675
5-21P CalderbankNelson v Bacup1978ll15189
5-21DN OrmerodBacup v Haslingden2002ll19537
5-22RF HargreavesBacup v Accrington1902ll1884
5-22T SmithAccrington v Bacup1906ll2549
5-22F BrownColne v Bacup1913ll3916
5-22GW BrookBacup v Nelson1920ll4706
5-22N RichardsonAccrington v Bacup1963ll12500
5-22NV RadfordBacup v Rishton1980ll15456
5-22I HaworthEast Lancashire v Bacup1997ll18592
5-22GB HuntColne v Bacup1998ll18894
5-23A GreenNelson v Bacup1934ll7214
5-23C RobertsBacup v Church1934ll7254
5-23TA MerrickRawtenstall v Bacup1985ll16422
5-23J NuttallBacup v Nelson1997ll18676
5-24A KermodeBacup v Accrington1911ll3382
5-24AG SlaterBacup v Nelson1926ll5811
5-24JL HuntBacup v Lowerhouse1945ll9234
5-24GN HudsonBacup v Burnley1947ll9498
5-24G WestwellBacup v Colne1965ll12880
5-24B BulcockColne v Bacup1965ll12880
5-24SB JoshiRamsbottom v Bacup2007ll20505
5-25H RileyNelson v Bacup1899ll1251
5-25F DuerrBacup v Nelson1902ll1920
5-25GW HargreavesEnfield v Bacup1924ll5450
5-25GN HudsonBacup v Colne1947ll9442
5-25ED WeekesBacup v Burnley1949ll9799
5-25B WhittakerTodmorden v Bacup1966ll12985
5-25P FellBacup v Todmorden1978ll15203
5-25FD StephensonRawtenstall v Bacup1982ll15960
5-25MJG TraceyHaslingden v Bacup1987ll16891
5-25DN OrmerodBacup v Lowerhouse2002ll19573
5-26WT GamblesRishton v Bacup1902ll1794
5-26F DuerrBacup v Todmorden1907ll2801
5-26A KermodeBacup v East Lancashire1912ll3725
5-26DJ ParsonsAccrington v Bacup1977ll15070
5-27S MossBacup v Nelson1899ll1251
5-27WAT GoalanBacup v Accrington1904ll2269
5-27G BoardmanEnfield v Bacup1923ll5271
5-27A RileyNelson v Bacup1941ll8595
5-27JH ParksAccrington v Bacup1947ll9565
5-27Khan MohammadBacup v Burnley1957ll11351
5-27R BanksRawtenstall v Bacup1960ll11855
5-27JC PickupBacup v Rishton1961ll12146
5-27B WhittakerTodmorden v Bacup1968ll13369
5-27MD O'NeillBacup v Church1978ll15113
5-27PJ CockellNelson v Bacup1984ll16281
5-27GE MoretonRamsbottom v Bacup1995ll18250
5-27CP SimpsonBacup v Ramsbottom2004ll19874
5-27MG HaslamRamsbottom v Bacup2009ll20784
5-28J RichardsonBacup v Nelson1895ll639
5-28JT BrownBacup v Nelson1902ll1920
5-28J MidgleyBacup v Enfield1916ll4440
5-28Khan MohammadBacup v Haslingden1957ll11397
5-28TH LeeEast Lancashire v Bacup1964ll12697
5-28NV RadfordBacup v Burnley1980ll15582
5-28P CalderbankNelson v Bacup1989ll17080
5-28RA HarperBacup v Accrington1989ll17150
5-29J HartleyNelson v Bacup1906ll2619
5-29W WardBacup v Burnley1907ll2682
5-29D SmithBacup v Nelson1919ll4490
5-29MH ChappleNelson v Bacup1975ll14658
5-30J LordBacup v Accrington1903ll2062
5-30W WhittakerRishton v Bacup1903ll2079
5-30J PollardAccrington v Bacup1916ll4300
5-30F HartleyBacup v East Lancashire1935ll7425
5-30J InghamHaslingden v Bacup1955ll10935
5-30J BeaumontBacup v Church1971ll13964
5-30MD O'NeillBacup v Lowerhouse1977ll14965
5-30DB ScottTodmorden v Bacup1985ll16463
5-30PR ReiffelEast Lancashire v Bacup1991ll17480
5-31H RileyNelson v Bacup1900ll1491
5-31JT BrownBacup v East Lancashire1902ll1797
5-31HG SmokerColne v Bacup1913ll3916
5-31AG SlaterBacup v Rawtenstall1941ll8575
5-31H TaylorBacup v East Lancashire1953ll10581
5-31R GilchristBacup v Nelson1960ll11955
5-31P FellBacup v Rishton1983ll16142
5-31ALF de MelBacup v Ramsbottom1985ll16380
5-31GB HuntColne v Bacup2001ll19273
5-31DN OrmerodBacup v Colne2002ll19608
5-31JA FinchLowerhouse v Bacup2008ll20695
5-32A RothwellBacup v Nelson1892ll107
5-32W TaylorBacup v Bury1893ll274
5-32BrownAccrington v Bacup1896ll724
5-32A PollardColne v Bacup1916ll4365
5-32JW MuskRawtenstall v Bacup1919ll4566
5-32AJ RichardsonBacup v Ramsbottom1929ll6381
5-32T HurneyBacup v Colne1946ll9401
5-32JD SparksLowerhouse v Bacup1969ll13495
5-32P FellBacup v Todmorden1971ll13895
5-32FA RoseEnfield v Bacup1995ll18348
5-32DS KeggNelson v Bacup1996ll18382
5-32S CroweBacup v Rawtenstall1999ll18951
5-32N WestwellChurch v Bacup2002ll19594
5-33JA MaddenEnfield v Bacup1893ll229
5-33E NeedhamBacup v Nelson1899ll1251
5-33A PateLowerhouse v Bacup1904ll2203
5-33A NashHaslingden v Bacup1911ll3536
5-33C TillotsonRishton v Bacup1938ll8002
5-33V BroderickBacup v Todmorden1940ll8381
5-33Ikram ElahiBacup v Rawtenstall1967ll13230
5-33G WestwellBacup v Church1967ll13236
5-33HA GomesNelson v Bacup1978ll15189
5-33AJ BentleyChurch v Bacup2005ll20002
5-33CZ HarrisBacup v Rishton2008ll20632
5-34JH BriggsColne v Bacup1902ll1837
5-34WT GamblesRishton v Bacup1904ll2163
5-34A HopkinsonBacup v Rishton1919ll4553
5-34E KenyonAccrington v Bacup1946ll9280
5-34R SmithRishton v Bacup1978ll15246
5-34P SpencerBurnley v Bacup1984ll16212
5-34JM FieldingRamsbottom v Bacup2011ll21141
5-35T FlowersChurch v Bacup1894ll381
5-35J MidgleyBacup v Enfield1915ll4240
5-35AJ RichardsonBacup v Lowerhouse1929ll6311
5-35AJ RichardsonBacup v East Lancashire1930ll6492
5-35J UsherBacup v Burnley1958ll11452
5-35R KershawBacup v Burnley1964ll12551
5-35KA LordBacup v Burnley1967ll13083
5-35K RoscoeBacup v Todmorden1984ll16267
5-35RA HarperBacup v Todmorden1989ll17200
5-35RC HaynesChurch v Bacup1992ll17634
5-35P CookBacup v East Lancashire1993ll17885
5-35RA HarperBacup v East Lancashire1994ll18004
5-35S YoungBacup v Accrington2001ll19362
5-35D WarrenBacup v Haslingden2011ll21205
5-36CG LawtonBacup v Nelson1895ll639
5-36W CookLowerhouse v Bacup1919ll4637
5-36F HartleyBacup v East Lancashire1930ll6492
5-36ED WeekesBacup v Enfield1958ll11438
5-36TN MitchellBacup v Rawtenstall1958ll11548
5-36PH CarlsonBacup v Colne1973ll14314
5-36P FellBacup v Ramsbottom1981ll15645
5-36CL KingColne v Bacup1982ll15981
5-36C DeardenTodmorden v Bacup2001ll19377
5-37W FenwickRamsbottom v Bacup1902ll1823
5-37F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1925ll5597
5-37F HartleyBacup v Ramsbottom1925ll5597
5-37F JacksonBacup v Todmorden1929ll6403
5-37F HartleyBacup v Enfield1931ll6748
5-37W NewtonBacup v Church1936ll7634
5-37C RhodesEnfield v Bacup1938ll8036
5-37V BroderickBacup v Rawtenstall1946ll9366
5-37GN HudsonBacup v Church1946ll9422
5-37J SalkeldLowerhouse v Bacup1958ll11593
5-37J BeaumontBacup v Rawtenstall1969ll13594
5-37Shafiq AhmedChurch v Bacup1976ll14882
5-37RA HarperBacup v Todmorden1990ll17327
5-37RA HarperBacup v Church1995ll18243
5-37JE HayhurstAccrington v Bacup2012ll21315
5-38RF HargreavesBacup v Enfield1901ll1641
5-38E CooperBacup v East Lancashire1940ll8337
5-38GN HudsonBacup v Nelson1948ll9779
5-38W WhitworthRamsbottom v Bacup1954ll10787
5-38DN OrmerodBacup v Ramsbottom1992ll17683
5-38JS DaviesRishton v Bacup1999ll18966
5-38DN OrmerodBacup v East Lancashire2001ll19348
5-39SF BarnesChurch v Bacup1905ll2385
5-39F HartleyBacup v Enfield1934ll7243
5-39GN HudsonBacup v Rawtenstall1946ll9366
5-39SP GupteRishton v Bacup1956ll11166
5-39OG SmithBurnley v Bacup1959ll11641
5-39CP SimpsonBacup v Lowerhouse2004ll19909
5-39CP SimpsonBacup v Church2004ll19953
5-39A SpencerBacup v Ramsbottom2009ll20784
5-39JJ McCluskieBacup v Church2011ll21175
5-39M ThompsonBacup v Rawtenstall2013ll21603
5-40AJ RichardsonBacup v Burnley1930ll6478
5-40AJ RichardsonBacup v Enfield1931ll6748
5-40V BroderickBacup v Accrington1938ll8081
5-40J BrierleyHaslingden v Bacup1941ll8533
5-40JH WardleNelson v Bacup1960ll11955
5-40DA RennebergRawtenstall v Bacup1969ll13594
5-40KA LordBacup v Rishton1976ll14826
5-40KA LordBacup v Burnley1977ll15029
5-40RA HarperBacup v Enfield1992ll17802
5-40DN OrmerodBacup v Accrington2002ll19544
5-40JB SeedleRishton v Bacup2009ll20728
5-41EA MartindaleLowerhouse v Bacup1947ll9610
5-41ED WeekesBacup v Enfield1949ll9975
5-41RW DunhamBacup v Lowerhouse1957ll11431
5-41R KershawBacup v Ramsbottom1964ll12575
5-41DP EvansBacup v Church1968ll13313
5-41J BeaumontBacup v Rishton1971ll13979
5-41J BeaumontBacup v Haslingden1976ll14742
5-41ALF de MelBacup v Accrington1985ll16477
5-41R HolmesRawtenstall v Bacup1987ll16787
5-41DN OrmerodBacup v Accrington1996ll18410
5-41CE ShreckBacup v Burnley2006ll20175
5-42A KermodeBacup v Ramsbottom1912ll3601
5-42GA WilsonLowerhouse v Bacup1915ll4173
5-42WL GreenwoodTodmorden v Bacup1922ll5066
5-42H WalshChurch v Bacup1922ll5099
5-42J DrabbleLowerhouse v Bacup1939ll8295
5-42H SnellColne v Bacup1949ll9875
5-42W SavageRamsbottom v Bacup1961ll12131
5-42R KershawBacup v Colne1964ll12562
5-42J BeaumontBacup v Accrington1969ll13474
5-42AB NieuwoudtBacup v Haslingden1974ll14447
5-42RA HarperBacup v Accrington1994ll18095
5-42AR GriffithBacup v Enfield2005ll20168
5-43F DuerrBacup v Church1906ll2502
5-43T CottamEnfield v Bacup1924ll5450
5-43CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1925ll5715
5-43WPA CrawfordEast Lancashire v Bacup1955ll10950
5-43J RushtonBacup v Haslingden1957ll11397
5-43T StewartRamsbottom v Bacup1965ll12712
5-43G CroisdaleRawtenstall v Bacup1972ll14035
5-43PH CarlsonBacup v Enfield1973ll14336
5-43CM RyanEnfield v Bacup1976ll14770
5-43ALF de MelBacup v Todmorden1985ll16463
5-43PV SimmonsHaslingden v Bacup1993ll17864
5-43DN OrmerodBacup v Nelson2000ll19181
5-43DN OrmerodBacup v Church2000ll19231
5-44J RichardsonBacup v Enfield1895ll596
5-44KJ GrievesRawtenstall v Bacup1948ll9730
5-44J AshworthBacup v Ramsbottom1951ll10281
5-44JJ SmithRishton v Bacup1962ll12318
5-44K RoscoeBacup v Nelson1981ll15749
5-44K RoscoeBacup v Lowerhouse1981ll15792
5-44JC PetersonBacup v Nelson1997ll18676
5-44AC DaleBacup v Church2000ll19231
5-44S YoungBacup v Rishton2002ll19559
5-44WGRK AlwisTodmorden v Bacup2013ll21535
5-45RJ MeeAccrington v Bacup1897ll950
5-45WE MerrittEast Lancashire v Bacup1935ll7425
5-45T HurneyBacup v East Lancashire1947ll9456
5-45CA PickettHaslingden v Bacup1957ll11397
5-45P CalderbankNelson v Bacup1983ll16120
5-45REWG HorridgeEast Lancashire v Bacup1984ll16233
5-45HL AlleyneHaslingden v Bacup1987ll16891
5-45RA HarperBacup v East Lancashire1996ll18375
5-45NA RileyRamsbottom v Bacup1998ll18775
5-45S YoungBacup v Todmorden2001ll19377
5-45SC CatterallHaslingden v Bacup2003ll19699
5-46J LynesBacup v Accrington1906ll2549
5-46DG PhadkarNelson v Bacup1954ll10709
5-46P FellBacup v Ramsbottom1980ll15603
5-46RA AustinEnfield v Bacup1982ll15925
5-46J NuttallBacup v Rawtenstall1991ll17516
5-46DN OrmerodBacup v Todmorden1993ll17951
5-46MR PriceRamsbottom v Bacup2002ll19489
5-47AG SlaterBacup v Accrington1925ll5715
5-47F HartleyBacup v Nelson1937ll7760
5-47FAW FreerRishton v Bacup1949ll9835
5-47J BeaumontBacup v Enfield1970ll13740
5-47BJ McArdleRishton v Bacup1980ll15456
5-47P FellBacup v Ramsbottom1985ll16380
5-47J NuttallBacup v Rawtenstall1995ll18334
5-47MG HaslamRamsbottom v Bacup2000ll19146
5-47MA RobertsNelson v Bacup2002ll19523
5-47JS EllisColne v Bacup2010ll20993
5-48F DuerrBacup v Todmorden1902ll1852
5-48F TattersallHaslingden v Bacup1903ll2048
5-48H VerityAccrington v Bacup1927ll5932
5-48J BrierleyHaslingden v Bacup1942ll8686
5-48J AshworthBacup v Rawtenstall1951ll10274
5-48S HollowsTodmorden v Bacup1965ll12764
5-48PH CarlsonBacup v Burnley1973ll14259
5-48M HartleyTodmorden v Bacup1986ll16639
5-48BN CreeveyChurch v Bacup1997ll18600
5-48VC DrakesTodmorden v Bacup1998ll18747
5-48S YoungBacup v East Lancashire2001ll19348
5-48K RoscoeRawtenstall v Bacup2007ll20427
5-48AR SwanepoelBacup v Enfield2013ll21500
5-49T StringerRawtenstall v Bacup1904ll2229
5-49F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1910ll3308
5-49DB SmithBacup v Lowerhouse1975ll14602
5-49DN OrmerodBacup v Haslingden1996ll18424
5-50A BastowBacup v East Lancashire1935ll7425
5-50T HurneyBacup v Church1943ll8932
5-50V BroderickBacup v Rishton1945ll9135
5-50SC WundkeBacup v Rishton1987ll16717
5-50GF LawsonHaslingden v Bacup1988ll16975
5-50RA HarperBacup v Colne1989ll17256
5-51W TaylorEnfield v Bacup1897ll841
5-51F DuerrBacup v Rishton1904ll2163
5-51E RobinsonRamsbottom v Bacup1910ll3308
5-51GW BrookBacup v Colne1915ll4119
5-51S HallBacup v Accrington1953ll10656
5-51JC PickupBacup v Ramsbottom1961ll12131
5-51J HouldsworthChurch v Bacup1976ll14882
5-51SC WundkeBacup v Enfield1988ll17074
5-51CG YorkeTodmorden v Bacup1992ll17662
5-51NC JohnsonAccrington v Bacup1993ll17936
5-51SE DeardenHaslingden v Bacup2008ll20645
5-51A PayneRawtenstall v Bacup2009ll20763
5-51J SipoczBacup v Rishton2012ll21329
5-51S de KockEnfield v Bacup2012ll21442
5-51AJ BentleyChurch v Bacup2013ll21457
5-52CB LlewellynAccrington v Bacup1913ll3864
5-52T LoweChurch v Bacup1951ll10163
5-52ED WeekesBacup v Ramsbottom1953ll10563
5-52Israr AliBacup v Haslingden1959ll11683
5-52B BulcockColne v Bacup1961ll12038
5-52G CahillBacup v Nelson1976ll14840
5-52NV RadfordBacup v Todmorden1979ll15371
5-52J AngelBurnley v Bacup1994ll18012
5-52RA HarperBacup v Haslingden1996ll18424
5-52N WilkinsonBacup v Haslingden2003ll19699
5-52JNH MorganTodmorden v Bacup2006ll20190
5-53F HartleyBacup v Enfield1932ll6958
5-53SD DhanawadeAccrington v Bacup1955ll11014
5-53DN OrmerodBacup v East Lancashire2000ll19089
5-53Saeed AnwarRishton v Bacup2008ll20632
5-54W HuddlestonTodmorden v Bacup1904ll2173
5-54A KermodeBacup v Ramsbottom1914ll3965
5-54J UsherBacup v East Lancashire1959ll11797
5-54R GilchristBacup v Rawtenstall1960ll11855
5-54R GilchristBacup v Lowerhouse1960ll11915
5-54P UsherBacup v Accrington1989ll17150
5-54Ibrar AliTodmorden v Bacup1997ll18663
5-54CZ HarrisBacup v Ramsbottom2007ll20505
5-55LN ConstantineNelson v Bacup1930ll6551
5-55E WilkinsonBacup v Todmorden1940ll8381
5-55S HallBacup v Accrington1950ll10039
5-55JB SeedleEast Lancashire v Bacup1985ll16401
5-55WS AndrewsChurch v Bacup1987ll16759
5-55CJ WilliamsonLowerhouse v Bacup1993ll17921
5-55DN OrmerodBacup v Burnley2002ll19447
5-56A TurnerBacup v Lowerhouse1919ll4637
5-56LS BrownChurch v Bacup1936ll7634
5-56JT CardwellRamsbottom v Bacup1960ll11838
5-56PR RobertsLowerhouse v Bacup1965ll12818
5-56CZ HarrisRishton v Bacup2002ll19559
5-56DN OrmerodBacup v Lowerhouse2005ll20030
5-57T FlowersChurch v Bacup1893ll243
5-57F HartleyBacup v Enfield1925ll5575
5-57SC OliverTodmorden v Bacup1964ll12623
5-57A WorsickAccrington v Bacup1967ll13145
5-57SC WundkeBacup v Enfield1987ll16857
5-57P CookBacup v Haslingden1990ll17395
5-57DN OrmerodBacup v Colne2001ll19273
5-57T LordBacup v Colne2012ll21337
5-58W WardBacup v Colne1908ll2931
5-58D SmithBacup v Todmorden1919ll4547
5-58WE HickmottRamsbottom v Bacup1925ll5597
5-58AJ RichardsonBacup v Enfield1928ll6171
5-58AL MannBacup v Nelson1972ll14077
5-58A SpencerBacup v Rawtenstall2006ll20315
5-59SP GupteRishton v Bacup1955ll11034
5-59AL MannBacup v Ramsbottom1970ll13677
5-59K RoscoeBacup v Rawtenstall1980ll15491
5-59S YoungBacup v Rawtenstall2001ll19342
5-60A TurnerBacup v East Lancashire1919ll4623
5-61S WadeChurch v Bacup1895ll538
5-61RJ MeeChurch v Bacup1901ll1673
5-61B TremlinColne v Bacup1908ll2931
5-61RJ BrightEast Lancashire v Bacup1979ll15421
5-61DN OrmerodBacup v Lowerhouse2003ll19797
5-62W HallAccrington v Bacup1901ll1648
5-62JA BrayshawNelson v Bacup1989ll17080
5-63DW BarrickTodmorden v Bacup1962ll12220
5-63G BushellLowerhouse v Bacup1982ll15834
5-63P UsherBacup v Rishton1987ll16717
5-64JH WardleRishton v Bacup1964ll12630
5-64R RamnaraceColne v Bacup1969ll13559
5-65F DuerrBacup v Haslingden1903ll2048
5-65JH ChadwickEast Lancashire v Bacup1942ll8763
5-65N MouldingColne v Bacup2000ll19245
5-66E CreightonBacup v Todmorden1902ll1852
5-66DR CristofaniAccrington v Bacup1950ll10039
5-66Mudassar NazarBurnley v Bacup1986ll16604
5-66HL AlleyneLowerhouse v Bacup1989ll17214
5-66CZ HarrisBacup v Burnley2008ll20610
5-67J MidgleyBacup v Church1911ll3459
5-67J MidgleyBacup v Lowerhouse1915ll4173
5-67JH WardleNelson v Bacup1959ll11662
5-67JC ScuderiNelson v Bacup1995ll18207
5-68CC GriffithBurnley v Bacup1964ll12551
5-68R WhitakerBurnley v Bacup1990ll17263
5-68RA HarperBacup v Nelson1991ll17577
5-68DN OrmerodBacup v Todmorden2000ll19104
5-68JJ RussellLowerhouse v Bacup2009ll20721
5-69AG SlaterBacup v Todmorden1941ll8554
5-69SC WundkeBacup v Rishton1988ll16948
5-69SK WarneAccrington v Bacup1991ll17556
5-69N WilkinsonBacup v Rishton1991ll17570
5-69DN OrmerodBacup v Todmorden1996ll18474
5-69GRP PeirisChurch v Bacup2006ll20322
5-69J SipoczBacup v Accrington2013ll21553
5-70A KermodeBacup v Colne1914ll3936
5-70P HoltEnfield v Bacup1981ll15638
5-70DJ WatsonAccrington v Bacup2005ll20022
5-71J SampsonHaslingden v Bacup1910ll3314
5-71F DuerrRamsbottom v Bacup1919ll4504
5-72W NewtonBacup v Nelson1935ll7396
5-72R GilchristBacup v Ramsbottom1960ll11838
5-74ED WeekesBacup v Church1956ll11132
5-74RC ShuklaColne v Bacup1979ll15435
5-74RA HarperBacup v Lowerhouse1995ll18271
5-74GK PandeyTodmorden v Bacup2003ll19713
5-75CG PepperBurnley v Bacup1953ll10577
5-75JM AndersonBurnley v Bacup2000ll19083
5-75DN OrmerodBacup v Todmorden2002ll19468
5-75CP SimpsonBacup v Enfield2004ll19812
5-75Babar NaeemBacup v East Lancashire2011ll21259
5-76ALF de MelBacup v Rishton1986ll16625
5-76P UsherBacup v Church1989ll17123
5-77Safdar MinhasLowerhouse v Bacup1956ll11121
5-77DV St HilaireBacup v Rishton1985ll16513
5-78AJ RichardsonBacup v Nelson1929ll6465
5-78RW OrmistonBacup v Burnley1984ll16212
5-79SC WundkeBacup v Todmorden1988ll16906
5-82VN RaymerAccrington v Bacup1951ll10200
5-84R GilchristBacup v Rishton1963ll12468
5-84DN OrmerodBacup v Colne2000ll19245
5-85SC WundkeBacup v Colne1987ll16773
5-86SC WundkeBacup v Lowerhouse1987ll16731
5-89V BroderickBacup v Enfield1940ll8464
5-89ED WeekesBacup v Rishton1953ll10617
5-95WA ShuttBurnley v Bacup1922ll5093
5-111DN OrmerodBacup v Colne2005ll20162





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